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  3. Never gonna let Maz near my head of hair. I can imagine her with an evil grin too. Ugh. Beth seemed relatively calm though, no?
  4. Hah Buddy! It's almost as if you wrote the story my fic's Raffy couldn't Mason's still weird and obsessive. Justin's still Justin. Scarlett's still sassy as hell. Excited for the next chapter.
  5. Oh you killed Brody?! How could you? I absolutely loved Phoebe explaining why she thought Brody was gay on first impressions, and she isn't wrong. I'm glad that she was honest with him though, even if it was the last conversation he ever had. She'll live with that on her conscience for the rest of her pretend little life.
  6. Oooooooh straight on in for the kill. I wonder if you've actually killed the whole bay Go on Brody lad! We could all use someone who can talk about his feelings!
  7. I'm intrigued to see how you're going to stop at 3 chapters love it though! Very realistic - although how did Brody end up on top on Phoebe in the first place?
  8. Hahaha Scarlett's "part time this part time that" I could actually imagine her saying something like that! And the fact that she's married to Justin makes me very happy! Love the useless police officers of Summer Bay, but at least they're not trying to kid themselves and they know that they're useless. Having lots of fun with this fic!
  9. Brody continuing to be creepy as hell. Beth has taken an interesting turn, love that you've included her! You made Ash a part time police officer too? I actually reckon he'd do a better job than Kat with his criminal past.
  10. So we've gone into a parallel universe where Alf is younger than Brody? Loved the inclusion of "poo poo head" that's my life. Every day. Great chapter! Keen for more.
  11. Took the words right out of my mouth! Honestly Pembie, the way you incorporate all these little niggles from the show in your stories but in a completely different way is so clever. I don't know if it's mostly my love for Brody, but I'm really enjoying this already!
  12. Yay! You have no idea how excited this makes me. It's made my weekend and it's not even Friday yet! Absolutely love that we're getting an insight into the teenage years. And such a fun job for Brody to have. And moody Phoebe (had she walked off calling him a poo poo head she'd be just like the girls I look after!)
  13. I've just read the last 3 chapters, sorry I'm so behind, it's been a stressful and tiring week I was almost convinced at the start of the penultimate chapter you were going to say Brody had dreamed it all! But I'm glad you didn't! I'm assuming Mason and Tori's scene was based on Thursday nights episode? Chris and Matt naming their babies Johnny and Alec was a great idea! And that last line....well done. I'm so sad it's over!
  14. I dread to think how long that would have been if you hadn't split it into two sad we're close to the end though You brought them all back to life to kill them again? That was very mean! Is VJ and Billie being dead giving Chris and Matt a chance to raise a baby (Luc)? Also loved the last paragraph, the monsters of their nightmares crash down to earth. Looking forward to it.
  15. All the bird names - genius. Chris doing Blind Date and the questions not being about bearing children but still about dating was funny! I just can't get over the craziness....But I love it.
  16. And when I didn't think this story could get any weirder! You continue to surprise me. Great history lesson, really appreciated that. Also love that Matt is single handedly bringing up this baby that Chris wanted good job Evie is there to help! 4th wall breaks hilarious yet again. Just can't wait to see what's next.
  17. Black work trousers Black work shoes Personalised Christmas card for my dad and step mum (so I can sign it and send it to my brothers to sign and give them before they leave for Australia on Xmas day)
  18. It may have been because my laptop was so bright in a dark room, I'm not sure. But it felt really strange.
  19. Hahaha Brody's erect snake....You definitely needed the 4th wall break after that because my mind was certainly in the gutter Totally agree with Ludub about you breaking the 4th wall, I think it truly makes it. I did find this chapter extremely long though, my eyes started zoning in on my laptop and I felt really far away from my legs - Yep you're having some kind of affect on me too!
  20. Honestly it did at the start (not bothering as such, but I was fully aware of), but I've got over it
  21. I want this story to go on forever because it just doesn't fail in making me laugh!
  22. First section was awesome! Poor people being left for 2 chapters, how dare we?!
  23. SO MANY PUNS. Oh my God you're a genius. "that fireball whisky has well and truly gone to his bald and shiny head." must have been my favourite line, as well as everything Chris believes.
  24. Slow down Ludub, I've got to finish Caged first
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