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  1. I tend to disagree with this statement. In fact, I think the best thing they could've done was to skip over the mourning and the grief. It's honestly the most boring thing to watch when it's all the time and as you noted, it would've been at least a third of the cast... And really, by skipping it all, it allowed for them to go back into normal storytelling as opposed to having to wait it out...
  2. As inferred by the article, it’s an official Seven podcast. Apologies if it was vague.
  3. Hi Greg, There is a VW Kombi in the episode. Below is a screen cap from 4015. The scene from which this cap is taken is between Sally, Flynn, Leah and Dan as they head on a camping trip together. I've blurred out the number plate, on the off-chance it's the same. Hope this helps!
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  5. It's anything from between 1988 and now! Would love for you to be involved! Definitely get in contact. As for recording, it's just a matter of syncing schedules but shouldn't be hard - it'll be something to be sorted out
  6. From our interview with Dan Bennett: Marilyn Chambers received an electric shock and fell into a coma. When she eventually awoke, it was discovered she had amnesia, and under the impression it was 1996, believed she was still married to Donald Fisher. Just before the accident, Alf conveniently went to visit Donald. Was the idea to bring him back ever toyed with? Yep. We had a huge Fisher story planned. I hope it plays out one day.
  7. Do you consider yourself to be one of Home and Away‘s biggest fans – not just a regular fan but a “superfan”? Do you have theories, ideas and opinions that you would like to get out into the world? If you answered yes to the above, how do you fancy getting involved in Seven’s official Home and Away podcast, which is launching later this year. We’re looking for contributors to take part, voicing their opinions on the show’s storylines and discussing them with other fans from all around the world. If you’re interested, we’d love you to record a 1 to 2 minute voice memo, telling us the following: who you are; where you are in the world; who you love on the show and why? And, if you have time to spare, tell us anything you think we should know about you! Back to the Bay will have all the information on the launch of the new podcast soon!
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  11. I'd say it'd be part of the contractual agreement that Seven has made with Five.
  12. Well interestingly, the decision to marry Rhys and Beth was made by then-Script Producer, Coral Drouyn. She left the series halfway through the 2004 season and was replaced by Bevan Lee. Of Bevan's decision to write out Rhys (and Max), he said in a 2004 BTTB interview: "I preferred to lose Rhys and Max through a very human story of a man falling in love with his first wife again." Of Coral's opinion on Rhy's departure, she said in a 2007 BTTB interview: "I would not have got rid of Rhys – at least not for some time. I think Beth was made into a victim…and I haven’t watched the show this year so I don’t know where’s she’s going now. I had planned a pregnancy for them, which threw the whole family into disarray (Kirsty and Beth pregnant together) and then …because of her age…. The baby has problems – will be disabled…and she has to make the decision whether or not to go full term. She decides to terminate – for the baby’s sake….Rhys is outraged and leaves her. Kirsty and even Kit turns against her….you killed a baby….they can’t understand her dilemma…. that she felt it not fair to bring a really disabled baby into the world. Hopefully it would have played with the same intensity as the Rhys infidelity and the Kirsty/Kane story."
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