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Kyle Braxton: One-Shot Series


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Idea by Guest (fanfiction): Can you please do one with Kyle and all his family having a sister I wish I had got to this on Home and Away

Chapter 8 – Jasmine

Braxton House – Living Room

"JASMINE!" Casey shouted as him and Kyle gathered the school stuff together.

"Casey leave her if she wants to be late for school again then so be it." Kyle said as he finished his juice and put the glass in the sink.

"Yeah and then we will get in trouble with Brax for not making sure she went to school." Casey replied to his brother.

Just as Kyle was about shout for Jasmine, she appeared ready for school.

"We are going to be late if you two don't hurry up!" Jasmine shouted as she went out the door.

Kyle and Casey just looked at each other then grabbed their school bags and headed out the door.

4 hours later…

Summer Bay High – Lockers

"I'm serious Pheebs I'm getting sick of her." Kyle says to his girlfriend as he placed his books in the locker.

"Come on Kyle, she's not that bad." Phoebe says to him.

"Really do I need to remind you about last weekend?"

"Now that was just funny." Phoebe laughed as she remembered what happened.

"Well Brax didn't find it funny! After you left I had to sit and listen to Brax talking about the birds and the bees for 3 hours straight."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes he is Phoebe." Casey said as he joined the two teens.

"Aww and I missed it."

"Don't worry Pheebs I recorded the whole thing on my phone."

"WHAT?!" Kyle shouted.

"I had my phone in my pocket recording the whole conversation." Casey replied.

A group of year 8 girls came walking towards the lockers.

"Hey big brothers!" Jasmine said as she saw Casey and Kyle "Oh hi Phoebe nice to see you."

"Jasmine go away!" Kyle demanded.

"Now now Kyle less of the temper."

"Excuse me?!"

"Now we all know how that temper gets you into trouble."

"Say that again." Kyle said as he pushed her.

"KYLE BRAXTON!" Dan Baker shouted as he saw Kyle push Jasmine. "Principle's office now!"

Kyle picked up his bag and stormed off.

"Get the smirk off your face Jas!" Casey said to his sister as she walked to her next class.

Summer Bay High - Principle's Office

"Kyle you have been told to just ignore her." Bianca says to her brother in law.

"Well Bianca you try and ignore the brat and see how you do because I'm telling you its impossible." Kyle says as he rolls his eyes.

"I'm going to have to tell Brax about what happened."

"Even though she started it."

"Kyle, from what you told me it just sounds like a bit of teasing and showing off in front of her friends. Me and April did it all the time."

"Yes but she keeps doing I would have let it slide if it hadn't been for what happened over the weekend."

"Right ok, I will talk to her at home as it's to late now but just promise me you will try to ignore it."

"Ok I promise. Now can I go to class?" Kyle asks her.

"Sure." Bianca says as she watches the teen leave her office.

6 hours and 52 minutes later…

Braxton House – Garden

Kyle, Casey, Phoebe and Ruby were sat in the garden doing their homework when Jasmine came out of the house.

"What you all up to?" Jasmine asks them.

"Well what does it like?" Casey says to her.


"Spot on Jasmine as per." Kyle says without looking up.

"Out of you all I would expect Kyle to be the only one doing homework considering he is a nerd." Jasmine said to get a reaction from him.

"Can you not give it a break for five minutes?" Ruby asks her.

"I don't know what you are on about Ruby?"

"Yes you do know what she's on about." Phoebe butts in.

"Oh look the princess is sticking up for the nerd, how sweet."

Kyle who had been trying his best to ignore her, shouted: "SHUT UP!"

"Oh, did I hit a nerve?"

"Go away now Jasmine!"

"I don't have to considering I live here."

"Yeah well so do I and you annoying me so go away."

"I'm not going anywhere big brother." Jasmine said as she sat down beside him.

Casey knew instantly let she was doing everything in her power to get Kyle to snap so he would get in even more trouble.

"Jasmine, haven't you got your own homework to be doing?" Casey asks her.

"Well see I do but being out here with you lot is more interesting."

Kyle had gone back to ignoring Jasmine as she continued to annoy him but the final straw came when Jasmine deliberately spilt Kyle's Diet Coke all over his English essay.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Kyle shouted as he quickly stood up and tried to save his essay.

"Whoops, sorry Kyle it was an accident."

"No it wasn't you did that on purpose and now you've ruined my essay which is due in tomorrow!"

"Well it looks like you going to be having a late night to finish it." Jasmine laughed as she pulled her phone out of her pocket.

Kyle who was now angry noticed the phone and grabbed it out of her hands, he then went over to the shed with Jasmine hot on his tail and grabbed the hammer and smashed the phone.

"WHAT YOU DO THAT FOR?!" Jasmine shouted as Kyle handed her back the phone and walked back to the table.

Brax and Ricky heard the shouting as they got out the car and raced into the garden just as Casey was trying to hold Jasmine back and Phoebe and Ruby were trying to stop calm Kyle down.

"What's going on?" Brax demanded to know.

All the teens stopped and looked at him.

"Well I'm waiting!"

"Kyle just smashed my phone with a hammer." Jasmine said as she started to cry and ran over to Ricky.

"Stop with the crying your 12 going on 13 not month not 3!" Kyle shouted at her.

"He's been mean to me all day Brax." Jasmine said to him.

"I've been mean what about you? All day you've have annoyed me to get me in trouble."

"I haven't Brax I swear."

"She's lying Brax!" The four teens shouted at the same time.

Brax sighed and looked at Ricky, he was starting to get sick of the bickering between Kyle and Jasmine: "Jasmine you are grounded!"

"Why am I grounded? I haven't done anything wrong!" She demanded to know as she let go off Ricky.

"Bianca told us what happen at school that's why." Ricky says as she recalled the conversation at the diner.

"I didn't do anything at school he just pushed me for no reason."

"That's another lie right there." Kyle shouted.

"Kyle shut up, as you're in trouble for smashing your sister's phone." Brax told him.

For the rest of the night Jasmine spent her time in her room after getting told off and Kyle and Casey went back to doing their homework, which Kyle had to rewrite all over again.

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Oh I thought Kyle was quite the whiner here I quite liked Jasmine :lol:

And your other story Very sad that Kyle lost his Mother But he was very lucky that cop Martins took him and he didn't have to go into froster care Haha a Braxton being cared for by a cop that's kinda funny

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48 minutes ago, pembie said:

Oh I thought Kyle was quite the whiner here I quite liked Jasmine :lol:

And your other story Very sad that Kyle lost his Mother But he was very lucky that cop Martins took him and he didn't have to go into froster care Haha a Braxton being cared for by a cop that's kinda funny

I kind of liked jasmine as well she was quite funny.

Yeah that's was i was trying to get at because its not something you'd expect

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Idea by Braxtonboyzz123 (fanfiction): I was wondering if you could do one with when Kyle's babies died but Heath comes back. I was always so angry that he didn't when they did die, especially since he has lost a child as well, also with him standing up for Kyle with Phoebe, by telling her just how much she has hurt him. Set when Kyle is breaking the cot and instead of Ricky walking in he does. I love brotherly bonding and I think that Heath would have been a great person to have around when this is happening just so Kyle can be comforted and told that it was alright.

Chapter 9 – The Loss of a Child

Braxton House – Living Room

Kyle had just returned home after leaving work early due to be upset over the loss of his and Phoebe's baby. He placed his bag on the sofa and turned round, when he noticed the cot sat beside the door.

He picked up the tool box beside the bookshelf and walked over to the cot and picked a screwdriver out of the box, it didn't fit the crews so he tried another one and it still didn't work. So he threw the screwdriver back into the box and started to pull at the cot.

Once he pulled at it and the cot still didn't come apart he stood up and kicked it which eventually snapped the side of the cot enough to the point where Kyle was able to pick up the cot and through which broke more of it. He then went into the hallway and picked up the cricket bat and headed back to finish breaking the cot.

Braxton House – Outside on the Street

Unbeknown to Kyle, a car had just pulled into the street and parked outside the house.

A man stepped out of the driver's side of the car and shut the door. He turned to look at the house and had a strange feeling cross over him as he remembered the last time he had sat foot in the house was over a year ago when he was leaving to join his wife in the city.

As the man made his way towards the house he heard the sound of something breaking and someone yelling, he then continued at run the rest of the way to the house.

Braxton House – Living Room

As the man approached the door he saw Kyle smashing a cot to pieces and yelling.

"KYLE!" he yells "STOP KYLE!"

Kyle ignores the man and continues to smash the cot to bits then he suddenly stops and collapses to the floor, sobbing.

The man runs over to him and hugs him: "It's okay Kyle, I'm here."

The man continues to hug the only brother he has left for the rest of the night while thinking about how Brax had done the same to him when his son Rocco past away.

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Sorry, only catching up. Jasmine is a very annoying little sister and I can't blame Kyle for smashing her phone. She brought that on herself. I liked that Brax and Ricky didn't fall for her lies completely.

Aw, nice scene little between Heath and Kyle in the second one. 

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