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Kyle Braxton: One-Shot Series


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Story Title: Kyle Braxton: One-Shot Series
Type of story: Series of One-Shots
BTTB rating: T
Genre: General (As they are a series of one-shots that fit into different genres) 
Does story include spoilers: I would say yes but also not really
Any warnings: Violence (for the first chapter but not certain about the rest), Death
Summary: A series of One Shots to do with Kyle Braxton. Some ideas will be my own and others from readers on both here and were I post my Home and Away fanfics as well. Rating this as a T but will make sure that i rate a chapter if its an M.


Hello, the author here, this fanfiction is a series of one-shots about Kyle Braxton. If you have any ideas for a new one shot chapter (these can be about anything you want for example maybe you want a chapter about Kyle as a kid or maybe something happens to Kyle) just leave a comment in the review section and I will look at them and write them up as soon as I am able. Also please check out my other fanfiction: The Camping Trip, which is a Kyle centric. Anyway here's the first one shot.

Idea by Braxtonboyzz123 (On Fanfiction.net): I would love to read something to do with Kyle when he was in prison. (Like being targeted by Dave and his gang or something).

Chapter 1 - The Painful Reunion

4 months after Kyle was sent to jail…

Prison - Courtyard

A prison transport van makes its way through the tall green gates of Maitland Jail. As the van comes to a stop a prisoner is led off and paraded past the current inmates. One of the prisoner is Kyle Braxton who was currently serving a thirteen-year sentence for a crime he didn't commit.

The new prisoner had spotted Kyle out the corner of his eye and had instantly recognised him as the guy that ruined his business. He knew that he was in jail but he didn't know which one until a member of his gang had been in contact to tell him, so he called his lawyer who had managed to pull a few strings to get him transferred so he could see his old friend again.

Kyle who was sat at one of the benches thinking about his family and friends was totally unaware of the new prisoner that had just walked past the courtyard.

Four months and still no one but Isla has been to visit. I know that Heath is busy in the city with his family and last I heard Ricky and Casey had joined Brax on the run, but I thought at least Phoebe would have been to see me. I know she is busy with he life but still she's meant to be my friend.

Kyle was broken from his train of thought by the presence of someone sitting down beside him. When he looked up the man sat next to him was the last person he ever expected to see.

"Long time no see." The prisoner said.

Kyle just starred not knowing what to say or do.

"Not going to greet me, that's a shame."

"Wh… what are you doing here?" Kyle asked with a hint of terror in his voice.

"Well Kylie I'm out for revenge and before you think about it no one is going to help you here."

Kyle looked around and noticed that there were only two guards in the courtyard and they were trying to break up the fight going on at the other end of the yard.

"Dave, please I don't need any trouble." Kyle says to him.

"No can do." Dave said as he stood up then slapped Kyle on the face before walking away to watch the fight.

Kyle watched him walk away, knowing that Dave was right there was no one who would be able to help him.

5 hours later…

Kyle's Prison Cell

Kyle was currently sat on one of the bunk beds in his cell knowing that this was probably the only place he would be safe from Dave.

Suddenly a guard entered: "New cellmate for you Braxton, so play nice!"

As the guard walked away Dave was left standing in front of him as the door to the cell slammed shut.

"Did you think you would be safe in your cell, Kylie?" Dave asked with a grin on his face "Me and you are going to have some fun tonight."

Kyle gulped as Dave approached him and forced Kyle to stand up. Once Kyle was on his feet a fist instantly connected with his face.

"That was for not giving me my money on time!" Dave shouted not caring about who heard him.

Then Dave punched Kyle again but this time in the stomach, the force of the punch was hard enough to wind the young Braxton.

"HELP!" Kyle shouted desperately hoping one of the guards would come and rescue him.

"What did I say Kylie about no one going to help you no matter how loud you shout." Dave said as he landed another punch into Kyle's stomach.

The rest of the night continued with Dave beating Kyle up.

Next Day…

Prison - Medical Bay

"Who did this Braxton?" The guard asked.

"No one! As I already said I fell over." Kyle told the guard as the doctor finished stitching him up.

The doctor who felt sorry the inmate spoke: "I want to keep you in the medical bay for a couple of days."

"Why I'm fine doc?"

"Well after reading your medical notes that we have on file I noticed that it mentioned you had a kidney transplant and to be safe I want to keep you in here for rest as the punches to your abdomen may have bruised the kidney."

The guard stood quietly listening to what the doctor was saying and then said: "If he says he fine doc then he is!"

"But all the same officer."

"Look I fell over its no big deal if you don't mind I would rather not stay in here." Kyle with that he stood up and looked at the guard.

2 hours later…

Prison – Courtyard

"Are you sure that is what the old doctor said?" Dave asked.

"Yes the lad had a kidney transplant and from what I gather it was probably related to the damage your thug did last year?" The guard relays the information to the new inmate.

"Well this prison is just the gift that keeps on giving." Dave laughed as he spotted Kyle walking over to the bench.

Kyle sat back down in his usual spot trying to ignore all the stares that came from the other inmates that he passed. Where are my family, when I need them? I can't even call Ricky to let her know what is going on as I don't have a number for her. Oh god how do I explain this to Isla tomorrow when she comes for her weekly visit.

"How you feeling Kylie?" Dave asks as he sits down.

Kyle looks at the man and replies with: "Just peachy!"

"Aww come on Kylie last night was fun after all I got to release some of the anger that I had built up towards you."

"I don't think this was fun!" Kyle exclaimed as he pointed at his face.

"Well it was for me. By the way how's the kidney? I didn't injure it did I?"

"I don't know what you are on about?"

"Well a birdy told me that you had to have a kidney transplant last year."

Kyle looked over to the guard who had been stood in the medical bay with him and the doctor, knowing that he was working for Dave as that was the only way Dave could've found out about the transplant.

"If I knew Bambi had injured you that much I would have sent flowers." Dave laughed just as the bell to return back inside for dinner rang out across the yard "Guess we will have to pick this conversation up tonight, Kylie!"

9 hours later…

Kyle and Dave's Prison Cell

It was the middle of the night and Kyle was currently lying on the floor as Dave proceeded to kick him again.

"Let's see how that new kidney of yours handles this." Dave says as he kicks Kyle again.

Kyle quietly and weakly shouts: "Stop please!"

"What was that Kylie? Kick you again? Ok if you say so?"

I can't take much more of this! I'm going to die in here! Kyle thinks to himself as his eyes start to shut up leaving to darkness.

Dave notices Kyle's eyes shut and grins like a Cheshire cat: "I hope you have sweet dream Kylie!"

Next Morning…

Kyle was still on the floor of the cell unconscious, when the cell door opened to reveal a new guard who saw him lying there.

The guard rushed over to him and shouted for help then looked up at the other prisoner and demanded: "What happened in here?!"

"I don't know I've been asleep." Dave says as he makes a fake yawn.

Two more guards come rushing in and immediately agree that they need to get Kyle to the medical bay. Just as the guard who was working for Dave appeared in the doorway.

Looking at Dave the guard says: "What happened?"

"Well according to Morgan, he has no clue." The new guard states.

"Well let's get Braxton to the Doc pronto." He says.

1 hour and 30 minutes later…

Prison - Medical Bay

The doctor was just looking over Kyle's x-rays to see if anything was broken when noticed from the corner of his Kyle starting to wake up.

"Took you long enough." The doctor says to his patient.

"What What happened?" Kyle asks weakly.

"Well we I was hoping you could tell me, as the new officer told me he found you passed out on the floor of your cell and when you got here I checked you over and found quite a few new bruises on your abdomen that weren't there yesterday afternoon."

"I fell over!"

"That excuse again! Well I'm sorry Kyle but I don't believe you, since you have been here you have only been to visit me when you needed your anti-rejections prescription refilled. However, for some reason in the past two days I have had you in here with injuries that suggest you have been beat up."

"I I I ha haven't be been beaten up!" Kyle says as he quickly sits up and then lying back down on the bed again.

Just then the new guard entered the medical bay: "How's he looking doc?"

"Well Officer Williams I think Mr Braxton here is going to need to take a trip to the hospital as from the look of the bruises I'm worried that his kidney may have been damaged in what was clearly not just him falling over no matter what he tells us."

"Ok doc we will arrange that. Also Braxton all you need to do for this to stop is tell us who did it and we will make keep you safe."

Kyle looked at the doctor and the guard whose name was Williams and knew he wasn't going to be able to get away with just falling over this time especially when he gets to the hospital, so he tells them: "It was Dave. He did it for revenge."

"Why did he do it for revenge?"

"He is in jail because of what he did to me and then what he did to my friend!"

"I had a feeling that guy was dodging when I saw that fake yawn. Don't worry Braxton, I'm going to help you if it's the last thing I do." Officer Williams says and then walks away again to arrange the transfer to hospital.

35 minutes later…

Prison – Ambulance

Kyle is getting loaded into the ambulance as he sees Dave in the courtyard just as he is dragged inside by the guards.

Hopefully that's the last I will see of him! Kyle thought to himself as the ambulance doors shut and the vehicle starts moving back through the tall prison gates of Maitland Jail.

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Great start to this series of One-shots.

Wonder what Dave did to Kyle and his friend.

I wouldn't mind a one shot/flashback to Kyle as a teenager/little kid.

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17 minutes ago, Kristen said:

Great start to this series of One-shots.

Wonder what Dave did to Kyle and his friend.

I wouldn't mind a one shot/flashback to Kyle as a teenager/little kid.

Hi thank you for comment.

i should have put in. But Dave is the guy that sent Isla to get the money from Kyle after he couldn't pay the debt he had from the poker match. 

Yeah I can do you want it set in particular place or does it not matter???

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12 minutes ago, AtlantaG1912 said:

Hi thank you for comment.

i should have put in. But Dave is the guy that sent Isla to get the money from Kyle after he couldn't pay the debt he had from the poker match. 

Yeah I can do you want it set in particular place or does it not matter???

It does not matter it can be set anywhere.

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Great chapter, I love it! Poor Kyle, Dave is a nasty piece of work and Kyle is just lucky that it was only him and not Bambi as well, however, i'm glad that's its over now, things still have got very ugly if Dave had got to Kyle a couple more times. 

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4 hours ago, j.laur5 said:

Wonderful Chapter!.

But I thought jail was in Parramatta?.

Hi I couldn't remember where it was or the name so I just went with the name of the jail they actually filmed

3 hours ago, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

Loved the start to the Kyle Braxton One-shot series :) 

Thank you if you ever want to request something just let me know

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God, Kyle didn't make the most sensible decision in going back to the cell with Dave. He could have lost his kidney! Glad he told in the end, so hopefully it'll get sorted out. Enjoyed this. 

Maybe you could do one about his time in the hospital before the kidney transplant. How he felt about things and looking back on his life (thinking he was going to die).

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