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Kyle Braxton: One-Shot Series


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Just now, Ludub said:

Aw, poor Kyle :( That was something that kind of annoyed me about this storyline. I know Heath could be a bit selfish but surely if your brother was dying you'd make the trip from the 'city' to see him. They could have got around Dan Ewing not being available for filming by just talking about Heath being there. Ricky could have walked into Kyle's hospital room and said 'I just saw Heath on his way to the canteen'. Simples! Anyway very sad for Kyle to feel that he's been abandoned by the brother who's still alive, and desperately missing the one he thinks is dead. Also heartbreaking for him to imagine his baby growing up without him. I don't blame him for crying. I'd cry a river!

I like Pembie's idea to have Brax secretly donate a kidney! That could be your next story! :P

I'm glad you liked it as for some reason i found it hard to write this one but that might have something to do with me still thinking about my holiday haha. 

I've actually included that in the list i created that has all the ideas people have suggested and i think it will be about chapter 20


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Hello the author here, I just wanted to thank you for comments the last chapter and I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

Please can you all make sure that before you read this chapter you have read Chapter 2 – Support is the Best Medicine. Otherwise you won't understand what this chapter is going on about as it is a follow up.

Idea by Bonnie Sveen Fan ( fanfiction ): Could you maybe do one where she actually start treatment and Kyle gives her support?

Chapter 6 – A Little TLC (Follow up to: Support is the Best Medicine)

Hospital – Outpatient Cancer Ward

Ricky was sat in the corner of the room connected to all the equipment that was helping to save her life when Kyle approached her.

"Hey, how's it going?" Kyle asks her.

"It's going ok but aren't you meant to be somewhere?" Ricky replies with a question.

"Not that I know of."

"So you aren't forgetting about someone?" Ricky says with her eyebrows slightly raised.

Kyle looked at her and then it clicked: "Crap, I forgot about Casey!"

"Eventually he catches on." Ricky laughs.

"But I can't go and pick Casey up then come back for you?"

Just as Ricky was about to reply Nate appeared out of nowhere: "Don't worry mate, you go pick up Casey and I'll take Ricky home when she's done."

"Nate you don't have to do that." Ricky replies.

"I don't mind and besides when your finished the treatment for the day, I will be finishing my shift so it makes sense."

"Are you sure Nate because I will come back if I have to?" Kyle asks.

"Yeah go pick up the little man and we will see you later." Nate says.

Kyle thanks Nate and leaves to pick up Casey.

45 minutes later…

The Diner

Kyle came running through the door and nearly sent Olivia flying.

"WATCH IT!" Olivia shouted at him.

"Sorry Olivia I didn't mean to it's just I'm in a rush that's all." Kyle shouted back as the teen walked away with her friends.

"Are you ok love?" Irene asks him as she comes out the kitchen.

"Yeah I'm fine Irene just I forgot about Casey until Ricky had reminded me that I needed to pick him up." Kyle responded.

Irene looked at Kyle and pointed to a table in the middle of the room: "if it helps love I don't think Marilyn minds that you forgot by accident."

Kyle laughed when he looked at Marilyn giving Casey a cuddle: "Your probably right anyway I better let you get those plates to a customer."

Kyle walked over to the table and sat down.

"Oh Kyle you look like you've been running." Marilyn says when she looks at his face.

"Well I have kinda Maz anyway how's Casey been?" Kyle says.

"No bother as per usual. How's Ricky doing?"

"Ok I think I was just there but had to leave to come and collect Casey. So Nate is going to drop her off at the house that way I can take this little one straight home and starts dinner."

"That's nice of Nate to help by dropping her off."

"Yeah it is I guess it might have something to do with that he still likes her."

"Is that so?" Marilyn says curiously as she hands Casey to Kyle.

"Don't even think about Marilyn Ricky already has so much on her plate that she doesn't need to throw a relationship into the mix." Kyle tells the woman "Anyway I don't suppose I can grab some mud cake for dessert could I?"

"Sure I will box some up." Marilyn replies as she heads off to get some mud cake for Kyle.

2 Hours and 12 minutes later…

Braxton House – Living Room

Kyle and Ricky were currently sat around the table eating dinner while talking about how the rest of her treatment went once Kyle had left.

"So when do you need to go back?" Kyle asks as he stands up and takes the plates over to the kitchen sink.

"Same time next week and Kyle you can leave the dishes; I'll do them tomorrow while you're at work." Ricky tells him.

"Not happening as tomorrow you will be resting and spending time with Casey. Besides I was going to eat dessert before I cleaned everything." Kyle laughed as he put the cake on two plates and sat back down.

"Don't wrap me up in cotton wool Kyle!"

"I'm not, I just want you to look after yourself is that so much to ask for."

"Well Kyle I'm fine so just stop it!" Ricky said as she placed a fork full of cake in her a mouth.

As she swallowed the cake Ricky started to feel sick, Kyle noticed how pale she had suddenly gone: "Ricky?"

As she was about to say something she quickly put her hand to her mouth and then ran off to the bathroom.

10 minutes later…

After feeling like she was no longer going to be sick Ricky returned to the living room to find Kyle watching the footie.

"Sorry about that." Ricky says to him.

"There's no need to be sorry as it's not your fault you felt sick." He explains to her.

"No not that although I'm sorry about that too but I meant I was sorry about snapping at you when all your trying to do I look after me."

"I guess I did over step the mark and I was kind of wrapping you in cotton wool."

"Yeah but you were only doing it to protect me and I get that."

"Look Ricky if you want I will back off and stop being so over protective?"

"No don't, it makes me know that you care and that you are then whenever I need you."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. You have been so supportive throughout this whole situation that I couldn't stand it if you backed off and left me alone."

"Ok then but if I start to annoy you just let me know."

"I will, now come here and give me a hug." Ricky says as she opens her arms to receive a hug from Kyle.

As Kyle pulled away from there hug he looks at Ricky.

"What is it Kyle?" She says to him when she notices the look on his face.

"Well I don't want to worry you but I think Marilyn might be about to try and set you and Nate up." Kyle says to her.

"WHAT?!" Ricky shouts.

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Idea by Suzza101 (backtothebay): As a suggestion I was thinking of maybe one of Kyle coming home from school and finding out that his mum had passed away, he was only a kid when it happened and I can imagine it being pretty traumatising.

Chapter 7 – Loss Can Be Traumatising

School Gates

It was the end of the school day and eight-year-old Kyle came running out of the school gates expecting to see his mum waiting for him but he couldn't see her.

Kyle decided to wait for five minutes just in case she was stuck in traffic and that was why she was late, however once those five minutes were ok she still wasn't there and he was the only person still stood outside the school so he headed off in the direction of home.

25 minutes later…

Kyle's Street

As Kyle rounded the corner onto his street he immediately noticed how busy it was. Kyle thought to himself that it was unusual as the street is never busy at this time of the day.

As he approached his house he suddenly became aware of the police car parked outside, Kyle quickly ran inside.

Kyle's House

As Kyle entered the house he saw two policemen sat on his sofa with a woman he had never seen before.

Officer Martin turned his head and noticed the young boy stood in the doorway: "Hello, you must be Kyle."

"Ye Yeah." Kyle stammered "Who a are y yo you?"

"I'm Office Martin, this is my partner Office Hall and this lovely lady is called Claire."

"Hello Kyle." Claire said to him.

"Wh why are you in m my hou house?"

"Sweetheart I need you to come and sit down as we have something to tell you."

Kyle looked at the three adults and started to worry as he didn't understand why they were in his house but his mum was nowhere to be seen. He then walked over to the sofa and sat down.

"Kyle, what I'm about to tell you is going to make you sad for a while."

"Then why are you going to tell me?" Kyle asked

"Because I have to sweetheart and I wish I didn't have to."

"Well, can you not wait until my mam gets here because she will have to know as well?"

Officer Martin and his partner looked at Claire as soon as Kyle had mentioned his mum.

"What is it? Why are you all looking at each other like that?" Kyle quizzed them.

Claire sighed as she thought to herself how at time she hated her job: "Kyle, we can't wait for your mum to get here."

"Why not? I'm sure she wouldn't be long?"

"Kyle unfortunately your mum passed away this afternoon while you were at school."

"What do you mean by passed away?"

"What Claire is trying to say Kyle is that your mum has gone away to a better place." Officer Martin tries to help the woman.

"Why does she need to go to a better place without me?"

Claire could tell she was going to have her hands full with Kyle: "Kyle your mum died this afternoon and the better place that Officer Martin mentioned is called heaven."

Kyle looked at her and tried to process what she had just said: "Your lying my mum hasn't died."

Office Martin could see the hurt in Kyle's eyes and instantly felt sorry for the kid, as he had looked around the house earlier he could tell that Kyle had no one but his mum which meant that Claire was going to have to place him with a foster family.

"I'm not Kyle, I'm so sorry." Claire says apologetically.

"YOU ARE LYING!" Kyle shouts and then runs to his bedroom.

The three adults just sit there and watch him run off.

"What is going to happen to him?" Officer Martin asks.

"Well he will be placed with a temporary foster family until we can find him somewhere more permanent." Claire explains.

"Will that still be here so he can stay at his school?"

"I can't be certain as it all depends on who would be able to care for Kyle the best. So that could mean he could end up having to go to another school."

"So his whole world is going to be turned upside down?"

"Unfortunately yes as I can't know if there is a foster family here in this district that could look after Kyle. Now if you will excuse me I am going to check on Kyle." Claire said as she got up and left the room.

Office Martin told his partner to go and contact the station to let them know they will be back as soon as possible.

While he did that Office Martin pulled out his phone and called his wife and explained the situation and how he thinks they should help Kyle so he doesn't have to move schools and lose all of his friends in the same week he had just lost his mum.

25 minutes later…

Claire and Kyle reappeared with all of his stuff that he would need and sat back down on the sofa.

"Claire could I possibly talk to you for a minute?" Office Martin asked.

"Sure. Kyle can you just stay here please." Claire said to the young boy.

The two of them went into the kitchen and talked about how him and his wife were foster carers and they would like to help Kyle so that why he didn't have to leave his school and friends. Claire explained to him that the situation is a difficult one and she can't guarantee that they could look after Kyle and Office Martin asked her to try as they really wanted to help him.

"Ok I will talk to my boss but for now Kyle will have to go to a temporary foster home." Claire said then walked back into the main area of the house to get Kyle.

As they were leaving Office Martin said: "Bye Kyle and I will see you soon mate."

"Bye Officer Martin." Kyle said as tears continued to stain his face.

Kyle walked out of the house and got into Claire's car where he just burst out crying as he silently said goodbye to his own home.

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5 minutes ago, Kristen said:

Great two chapters

liked how Ricky and Kyle argued then made up.

Poor Kyle it was nice of Officer Martin to offer to foster Kyle.

Update again soon :)

Don't worry the next one shot will be up in hopefully the next 10 -15 minutes once i've finished writing it

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Support is the Best Medicine

Its cool that Ricky's getting the treatment that she needs and has Kyle there for her at least she's gotten that sorted thats all good

But the prospect of dating Nate Cancer can be killed but Nate can send you around the twist :lol:

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