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Two More Home and Away Specials On The Way


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WITH last year’s Home and Away telemovie An Eye For An Eye having been a runaway success for streaming service Presto, speculation was rife that they would collaborate again with Seven for another spin-off.

Today we can reveal that not one, but two Home and Away “special events” will be produced in the coming months and will once again be available to stream on Presto exclusively.

While casting is still being locked down, Channel 7’s head of drama Julie McGauran has confirmed that both returning and existing cast will feature in both specials.

“We’ve been working on it for some time with our friends at Presto and I’m sure our fans will love (the specials)” she said. “They’re going to be very unique ... and very epic.”

When asked if that meant that different characters would feature in each special, McGauran hedged her answer saying “it’s all up for grabs”.

“We have big plans for the specials and we’re a little bit away from announcing anything but suffice it to say that they will have a different flavour but be just as exciting as the last.”

She also said that a prequel to the long-running drama was “absolutely” a possibility in the future.

With Home and Away: An Eye For An Eye having broken all day one streaming records on Presto and won new fans for the long-running drama, the same crew will once again work on both specials which are slated to have their world premiere in late 2016.


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6 minutes ago, Bobby Forever Missed said:

let me guess Braxtons and Barretts?

It's sad it isn't? This was my first thought too. Although the Braxton clones the Morgans are also a possibility.

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Mass jail break. Andy could get the plans of the prison tattooed on his body and then confess to Jake's murder to get himself inside in order to break Josh and Kyle out to join Brax and Ricky in an exciting life on the run......oh, wait. That sounds a bit familiar.

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Yeah I thought the same with the Braxton's maybe ties in with Ricky leaving, it does say in the description it has a different flavour to the last but who know's I just hope it does actually tie in with story lines in the actual bay unlike the Eye for an eye that just happened but had nothing to do with the show as no character has mentioned it since or anything like that like it was just a dream.

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It doesn't surprise me, or won't surprise me at all if it's not about Ricky/Brax/Casey's life on the run, or Josh being in prison and stuff... I just... 

I'm not a fan of much of the Braxton's so I wish that it's about something else, something new. :)

I liked Brax, but the storyline of him being dead went on a little too long, I think everyone needed to be out of the dark way before they were. Ash was wrong in keeping his secret.

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