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  1. I've been gone. I've moved home, and stuff but I'm back with all new Zac/Leah content. I MISS THEM SO MUCH.

  2. How do you get this out of the vault?
  3. I’m sorry I havent been able to post, I’ve been without a laptop for ages and I’m trying to get one soon. Im looking for one currently, and if I have spare cash will grab one. I’m really interested in continuing this.
  4. Sorryyyyyyy. A busy year. Getting a laptop soon. Haven’t watch H&A since my mum passed away — we watched together so it’s been hard. But yeah, I’m coming back soon. I’m working too so it’s slow return. 

  5. I’m alive. I’m around. Hi. 

  6. This is the father of Ziggy and Coco? He doesn't remind me of Zac. He seems like a joke, control freak who has to have everything his way and never takes responsibility and blames everyone else. I don't like him.
  7. I know they shouldn't have moved him... sometimes panic takes over and they do things they shouldn't do. Haha. It's gonna be extremely slow and short chapters which sucks it's making it look rushed.
  8. Zac and Leah will always be OTP. Even if I don't like him much right now. 

  9. Chapter Four: No Help. We're on Our Own. Evie rushed around eagerly trying to find help, her heart thumped hard against her chest, sweat mingled on her head. She felt the world spin as she made her way back to the car, "I can't find service, we need to get out of here. But your leg... We can't move the tree out of your leg." She whimpered. "Go without me," said Zac, "Just... Just promise me something. Tell Leah, I love her so much and I always will." He said looking at Evie. A finger on his wedding ring. "Leah.." He looked down. She would have no idea that they had crashed. Evie looked as Hunter awoke and kicked the door open as they all got out, "We can't leave you behind dad!" He hissed holding his side in a lot of pain. VJ was dragged out by Matt still highly unconscious. "Break the tree splint that is in his leg!" They begged. _----- Leah was at home, with Roo and Nate. "Where is Zac?" She asked, "The kids!" She frowned. Nate looked to her, with a frown. "I'm sure they're just taking their time getting home, just relax." He spoke softly. "I can't lose any of them Nate, not my son, not my husband... I've already lost enough. I can't lose him Nate. What if something has happened?" She asked. Leah was besides herself with worry, this was a big storm and Zac said he would be home an hour and a half ago. She knew, deep within her gut something was wrong with them. But she didn't dare voice that worry, Nate was trying his hardest to reassure her. Going to the window, she put her hand over her heart as tears formed in her eyes, "Where are you?" She whispered. She couldn't lose her son, or the man she loved. --- Zac knew time was of essense, getting a pocket knife out with struggle he sawed away at the branch that was in his leg crying with pain as it broke, focing himself out of the car with Matt and Evie's help, "We can go up the road. Our house isn't far away. Is VJ awake yet?" He asked. "Yes, but he's barely conscious." Matt spoke, VJ was being held up by Hunter and himself, while Zac hopped along with Evie's help now. "How far do you think we are?" "About an hour.." Frowned Evie, "Maybe less, but the storm it's going to take us awhile!" She spoke. So rusty! I am sorry this has taken me so long to respond. Computer is broken. Thought I'd do a quick update at the library. And will do so once a week (minus next week) Short chapters as only have 30 minutes per session. It's probably going to be a crap story. But I want to complete it to maybe do a one-shot after.
  10. Oh wow. What a bumpy, bumpy ride. Fantastic, funny, quizzical and right on point with peoples reactions! Evie was a bit over dramatic for the first few chapters until Josh realized his sexuality. I really love how you captured the heartbreak to Oscar returning and losing the Evie, Josh fell in love with. I must be tired, but I thought it was Josh and Oscar's wedding until things clicked in. That's my own mistake, it's just past midnight here. And Zac's reaction to Josh, ugh. That's all I'll say. But, I did love the little moment they had in their bedroom while he dressed for the wedding. Kind of reminded my why I like them (as a couple) thank you. (We all know I don't like them atm. Spoilers reasons.) xD Really loved how you ended the story, glad it was a happy one too!
  11. Hunter's awake! Oh right no, he isn't I must've deleted that part. Must have ideas! I have plans for VJ - when I started on this idea, in the show VJ was annoying me (I like him now, such a great man...) but yeah. I wanna kinda keep that idea. You'll see! You are the best, thank you for your support x!
  12. Zac is pretty hurt, we will see what happens. I do have plans...!
  13. Chapter Three: Full Force and Broken Bones. Evie was the first to wake with a gasp, her hands immediately outstretched to touch the board of the car, wet, and prickly. The glass had obviously smashed open. It covered everywhere. Her breathing increased as she started to stretch for her seatbelt that felt all too tight. "Zac? VJ? Hunter? Matt?" She called out, hearing a groan from the back that sounded like Matt and VJ. She knew something was up for Hunter and Zac. Evie whined as she turned her head in the direction of Zac, "Zac!" She yelled. A tree branch was struck through his leg, the middle of his thigh. Blood covered his face also, obviously glass shards had impaled his face, just like she was sure they were on her too. She knew now they couldn't move Zac, even though the risk of the car going up in flames was highly possible. -------- Leah had been at home with Alf, "The storms hit, I wonder when Zac and the rest are going to get home." Alf sighed, "They may not...." He spoke sadly, "The road here has already had trees down, I'm sending out a party to check that road incase any cars have crashed." He spoke. Reaching for his bright orange SAS jacket before opening the door and closing it with a loud thud behind him. Leah sat at home, now worried for Zac and the kids. How could it have just appeared like that? She had thought they had another hour or two before it hit full force. The winds shook the house with force, she didn't like being in this house alone. Especially in something like this, the last cyclone was when Oscar was missing. Now Oscar had died, this was not going to be repeat. ------- Zac gasped as he came too, immediately trying to sort out the pain. "You lot okay?" Evie nodded, "I am but you aren't. Your leg! There's a tree in your leg!" She panicked. "Stay still! I am trying to find my phone, trying to find help to get Nate or someone out here!" She was in shock and in full panic mode, her eyes closing. Zac fumbled in his pocket of the free leg pulling his half charged phone out, handing it over to her. "Is there service?" He asked. His eyes looked down to leg and he moved, growling. "Stay still!" insisted Evie. "I'm going to try and get out and find reception, remain still. And try and wake VJ up you two." Evie forced the door open cracking against the tree as she lifted the phone in the air, starting to walk painfully - yeah she had definitely broken a rib, trying to not do much damage. She found a little reception and tried calling Alf. "Come on.... answer." Will they find help in time? Sorry these chapters are short, I promise they will get better over time. I'm back now, (again), my computer needed a repair (And it's brand new. xD Thankfully the kind tech guy didn't charge me for it, since it apparently didn't cover warranty :P)
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