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  1. Yeah I feel that is the case, I’ve been more about the kind of character they are to what they look like. my all time favourite character is Flynn (Joel’s Flynn) because of the kind of character he was.
  2. I'm a ditz, I forget people to mention.... though I've currently been hunting down a lot of the old episodes of H&A with Sally and Flynn to watch... Not a lot out there but found a good chunk. Anyway, thank you for the support. Chapter Four: What Are You Still Doing In My Home? Flynn was laying with Sally trying to process the fact that Rocco stabbed Sally, "Are you one hundred percent certain?" asked Flynn, wanting to make sure it actually was true before he goes and deals with the kid. After all, he and Sally gave him a home a place to stay, even if Flynn did not agree t
  3. Haha! Yes! Omg, I knew I was forgetting a few people to mention. I am currently about to write the next chapter and they're in it.
  4. Oooh it was too... alternative way? I didn’t think of that. But I got plans. thanks for the support guys.
  5. Again, thanks for all the support. Chapter Three: Your Arms, They Keep Me Safe. It had been a few days since Sally had woken from her surgery, recovering slowly. Flynn had brought Pippa in to see her, he had gone off for his routinely scan to make sure he was still in remission. Things like this made him feel lucky to have caught his cancer early and managed to be able to remove it, because if he wasn't here, who would be sitting here supporting Sally now? Brad? It was completely obvious to Flynn that Brad was more than just a concerned friend, but he knew very well it was only one-s
  6. Absolutely right, Brad shouldn't be there! Don't worry I have plans with the Brad thing. There's all a reason to do so. I have a few ideas to what i wanna do with the storyline. I am very happy to hear you're enjoying it.
  7. I do not watch Home and Away anymore, but still enjoy the older classic home and away so stories, one shots are my muse. 

    Lots of Sally & Flynn stuff coming up. 

    Currently writing a one shot.

  8. Thank you! I'll be updating again later most likely.
  9. Chapter Two: How am I supposed to live without her? Seeing Sally be rushed down into the theatre was the straw that broke Flynn into pieces, he couldn't help how he broke down into tears. Alf rushing over to try and catch him as he crumbled, "Let's go sit down." He tried to get Flynn to sit, which was easier than he thought. Brad sitting over with Ric and Cassie, watching over at Flynn and Alf. "I can't lose her, Alf. How am I supposed to do any of this without her?" He whispered, "Our baby... needs her. Where is she?" "Martha has her, with Colleen," assured Alf, he rubbed Flyn
  10. Thanks guys for the reply. Well, I really miss Flynn and Sally, and a friend and I were discussing if Flynn was around through all of this what would happen. I don't remember a lot of what went down so this is my take. I just really hope I do it justice, and that over time my writing improves. I was really impressed with my Zac/Leah stories want this to be just as good.
  11. So I've been watching a lot of the OLD Home and Away; Where Sam, Jack, Flynn, Sally etc are all around. And I've come up with an idea, and been thinking it's a perfect way to come back with a story! Story Title: She Has To Pull Through Type of story: Undecided Main Characters: Sally Fletcher, Flynn Saunders, Rocco Cooper, Brad Armstrong, others. BTTB rating: T Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Does story include spoilers: No, absolutely not! Any warnings: Sexual content, blood, angst. Summary: In this there was cancer but Flynn overcame it, Flynn and Sally are still happy. Sall
  12. I’m so bad at this, I have some ideas. 

  13. I've been gone. I've moved home, and stuff but I'm back with all new Zac/Leah content. I MISS THEM SO MUCH.

  14. How do you get this out of the vault?
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