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  1. I agree with you, I couldn't stand her when she came in as the bully but as you say she's being developed nicely i really like her character now, there does seem to be a certain vulnerability to her character and I think Brittany portrays that quite well when it has been touched on you really get a sense that she's maybe a little lost and vulnerable, quite clearly something has happened to her in the past which Im looking forward to the writers exploring.
  2. I see a lot of articles like that where people are quoted as wanting to be on the show for a long time with no plans to leave then they announce there leaving, I think she show misses a Chris like character at the minute someone that can provide a little light relief every now and then, he was a very underused character imo possibly only really brought in to help develop more of the back story for Spencer, It's a shame because I kinder liked him when he first came in and his relationship with Indi, he seemed to arrive in the show as a completely different character to who they turned him into I seem to remember his early scenes being in the gym and walking around with his shirt off and it were like the writers completly changed their mind and made him into a bit of a laughing stock of the bay.
  3. We've just seen her in the uk, I think she has potential for the future but I agree with the bit about kidnapping Buddy.
  4. I think it was a shame for Cassie that most of the story lines were pointless for the character I saw potential for the character the relationship with Andy got a little bit boring for me. The injuries for the bus crash had real potential I'd of loved for the character to have been confined to a wheel chair in the same way we saw Julie Gibson in the early years I really felt we could of gone on a journey with the character in coming to turns with this realising she will never walk ect and coming to turns with life in a chair but then we blinked and over night as if by magic she could walk again that kinda killed the last part of any decent story lines for me then it was back to the same old.
  5. I like tori but got to agree about the storylines dragging out I do think her and ash would be good together just wish they would take her in a different direction and some different stories.
  6. This character totally grates on me I really can't stand him, the way he swans around the bay falling out with every body I was really hoping he would come into the bay and get along with people maybe that's all to come in time and he may mellow over time but the overprotectiveness reaches new levels I would guess that something's happened in the past that has made him that way which is why he always goes over the top with it.
  7. Raffy is amazing a real breath of fresh air for the show away from all the drama and drugs that's going on, Olivia plays the role fantastically well, I love her relationship with Justin hopefully she'll be a character that stays in the show for a long time to come will be interesting to see where they take the character.
  8. It could actually fit in well if they did do that especially for Olivia they could take her down the road of self harming to cope with her mum suddenly being alive and being confused about it.
  9. Just watched the first 2 episode's with the family must say I kinda like them, Ziggy has the Ricky (Sharpe) look about her, looking forward to seeing what they bring to the show it will be nice to have a proper family mum dad and kids on the show for the first time in forever, I kind of think the dad is based on Brad Willis from Neighbours for some reason, looking forward to seeing what the family offer hopefully they get some good story lines.
  10. I've just purchased the ebook not started reading it yet but It's available on amazon for £0.99
  11. Such a great character with bags of potential I must admit watching the early years back she's certainly attractive, It's a shame we've not seen more of her in the years since she left especially with Irene still being a prominent character in the bay, I have to agree with the previous posts very under used in her time on the show I seem to remember her relationship with Hayden when he was scamming Pippa and Michael due to his gambling addiction other than that I barely remember story lines for her, other than the scuba diving accident with Blake from about 92/93 I believe.
  12. It was a shame he never made a return for Gina's funeral.
  13. It was a shame that Tank left when he did I would of liked to see him stay longer and for us to see more of the hostility he was facing from the locals I don't think we saw enough, It was nice to see him start to come good but again we never saw it long enough before he left, his relationship with Skye was great another character that left too soon IMO, I was hoping that with his Dad in the bay they were there for longer with his Dad taking on more of a Don Fisher roll.
  14. Really not fussed with her at the minute seems a little bit boring and pointless, she's clearly got a bit of a bad back story that were going to find out, with the people she hung around with and the way she seems to do what she want's, borrowing people's things.
  15. Love Raffy so far, would love to see her strike up a friendship with Elly I think they could be good for each other, hopefully she sticks around for the long term, she seems a great actress and a character that could have potentail.
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