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Duncan Stewart - Lewis Devaney & Brendan McKensy & Benedict Wall

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Recently during a conversation Alf mentioned his son, Duncan , Roo's younger brother . Duncan's mother Ailsa was a great character and the original diner owner . When Ailsa died of a heart attack, Duncan's behavior spiralled out of control.  A teenager with no Mum , eventually he moved to USA to stay with Roo in 2005 . Alf did visit him in 2009 , when Duncan got married and he seems to be doing ok . Would be nice to see Duncan back in the Bay. He would be 26 now !!! Father and son together again ! 

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i haved watch home and away since 2005 when i was kid but,  there is no point for duncan stewart  to come back to home and away,  cause all most all of the cast  he would of knew has left and moved on to bigger things.

unless home and away does a    anniversary with all the old fictional characters to come back  then maybe .


ken smith 1998-2000

william smith 1998-2002 

Nick smith 1998-2003

Hayley smith 1998-2005

rhys sutherland 2000-2004

shelley sutherland 2000-2009

Dani sutherland 2000-2004

brodie hanson  200-2004

kirsty sutherland 2000-2009

Jade sutherland 2000-2004

Max sutherland 2002-2004

Noah lawson 2000-2004

seb miler 2001-2003

Kane phillips 2001-2009

Duncan stewart 1989-2005





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I agree, who cares that a bunch of people he barely spoke to have left? Would you not visit your father because you didn't know his neighbours? As long as Alf and/or Roo are around, it seems like there's a perfect opening for Duncan to come back.(Not that I particular want him to, but he could.)

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I couldn't stand Brendan McKenzie as an actor; He made my stomach turn.


But the addition of Benedict Wall might make him into somewhat of an intriguing character. We'll see. Time will tell, I guess.

Mod Edit: Please continue any discussion of the character's return in this thread in the Spoiler section


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