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    love watching home and away..been watching it since 1988

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  1. Nice to see Roo has found love again in the Bay !! Could he be the one !! Was good to see that fun side to her again , sneaking around like a teenager and enjoying herself !
  2. Recently during a conversation Alf mentioned his son, Duncan , Roo's younger brother . Duncan's mother Ailsa was a great character and the original diner owner . When Ailsa died of a heart attack, Duncan's behavior spiralled out of control. A teenager with no Mum , eventually he moved to USA to stay with Roo in 2005 . Alf did visit him in 2009 , when Duncan got married and he seems to be doing ok . Would be nice to see Duncan back in the Bay. He would be 26 now !!! Father and son together again !
  3. Hey I have added you as a friend seeing you have added me. How you doing?

  4. With Colleen gone and Alf on his way home , a Martha return would be perfect:)
  5. A Brett / Martha return Can start to see Roo and Harvey's relationship starting to blossom, but wouldn't it be interesting to see Martha's Dad , Brett return and ruin things for them, leading to a possible Martha return ??
  6. WOW! My wish came true! Absolutely delighted to see Roo back in the bay. She SEEMS to have grown up, turned over a new leaf... OR HAS SHE ??? Will be interesting to see what storylines are ahead for Roo
  7. would love to see Alf's daughter, Roo come back to the Bay. She has a lot of ties to the bay at the moment being Martha's mother and used to get on very well with Morag. She is currently living in New York, working as a secretary but used to have an evil streak to her, getting pregnant with Brett Macklin's child but tricking Frank into believing Martha was his. She later put her up for adoption but martha found her years later and spent time with her in New York. Justine Clarke was a great actress. Would be nice to see her back.
  8. Hey Jack,

    Cheers for putting up the episodes for us al. I'm sure everyone is as grateful as I am and appreciates the time and effort involved. After all it is not a service you provide and everyone should respect you do this in your own spre time. Very much appreciated .

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