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Duncan Stewart - Lewis Devaney & Brendan McKensy & Benedict Wall

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I really liked the return of Duncan this year, definitely one of my personal highlights because I never got to see Duncan at all and his character interested me a lot purely because I have always been a fan of the Stewarts. I really hope that he can return full-time one day, maybe what could happen is if they wanted him to have a realistic occupation for Summer Bay, they could have it that he got involved in another plane crash in the states and decided to give up piloting so moved to the bay to run the Bait Shop? Just an idea, but could be tempting by the producers for Alf and Duncan to have a good relationship again because I enjoyed that this year

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On 21/09/2018 at 15:03, project90 said:

They're making it sound like Caroline is not well. Would anyone else like to see Duncan and Bryce return as regulars when she eventually passes.

Yes and they can boot Leah out of Summer Bay house so it can be Roo and the 4 males, Alf, Ryder, Bryce and Duncan

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Lewis played Duncan as a child.  Lewis had an accident when he fell down a ravine or something and was unseen in hospital for a while.  I'm not sure of the exact time but I think Lewis was still playing the role in 1997 and when Christopher was still around which was till 1998.  When Duncan returned from hospital...

Brendan took over the role of Duncan when he was about 12.  Brendan last appeared in the role when Duncan appeared at Alf's 60th birthday party.  That was the last we saw we saw of Duncan until...

Benedict took over the role in 2016 (I think.)

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Is it just me or was Duncan portrayed as being fairly normal in 2000 after he'd made a bomb (hidden under the disguise of a school science project) in 1999 and then returned to being awful in 2001 after Ailsa died?  I can't imagine Rhys and Shelley allowing Jade to date Duncan if he had been that like that in 2000, nor would Jade have wanted to date him.

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