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SPOILERS - Neighbours 30th Anniversary Returnees


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I have no idea how they are going to bring all these characters back since at least one of them is dead, but Neighbours is certainly looking to celebrate the milestone by bringing back some well-loved and long ago characters.

List so far:

Harold and Madge to reunite for Neighbours 30th

Delta Goodrem returns for Neighbours 30th Anniversary

From the Neighbours Twitter

  • Original cast member Paul Keane (Des Clarke) will be returning to #Neighbours for the 30th Anniversary!
  • Alongside Des - we'll also be seeing the return of Vanessa, played by Alin Sumarwata! #Neighbours
  • And enjoying Vanessa's cupcakes will be @scottmaj - making a special return as Lucas for #Neighbours 30th!
  • Lucas can catch up Tom Ramsay on the state of number 24 - Gary Files will be returning for #Neighbours 30th too!
  • Andrew Williams will be returning as Lou's son, Guy Carpenter for the #Neighbours 30th
  • Watch out @dendale, Aunt Hilary is coming to visit! Anne Scott-Pendlebury to make special return for #Neighbours 30th
  • Melissa Bell will be making a return as Lucy Robinson for #Neighbours 30th next year! @bellmelissa778
  • Stephanie McIntosh (Sky Mangel) will be joining Harold onscreen in next year's #Neighbours 30th eps! @stephmcintosh
  • JANELLE! Nell Feeney will be returning as Australia's most outspoken mum in next year's #Neighbours 30th! #Timmins

TEN Neighbours 30 Years:

A special on Ten's main channel, airing in March, to celebrate the 30th birthday of the globally successful soap. Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Guy Pearce will all participate. It will feature many other former stars, favourite scenes, anecdotes and even tackle some myths — such as the belief it became an instant hit after moving from to Ten from Channel Seven in the mid-1980s. It took about a year to become a ratings smash, boosted by a house and land package viewer competition, Ten's drama chief Rick Maier said.

The special will even include an "affectionate nod to Bouncer", Ramsay Street's long-departed pet pooch.

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Looking forward to all of them especially with the returns of Sky and Janelle who were a part of my favourite era of Neighbours personally.

I love how Neighbours pays tribute to its show in anniversary years so well. It did the same for its 20th anniversary in 2005 bringing back many old favourites in that year!

It should be fantastic and I can't wait for March next year! :)

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Very interesting. I can't wait to see how they explain all these people parading through the streets from yesteryear.
I'm actually quite liking the news of Janelle coming back, and Sky. They were more my "vintage" of watching so I quite enjoyed their characters :)

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Yes many Blokes I talked to recently are pleased with this news.

That being said I unlike other fans have a disappointment at how the show been run for the past few years. I accept many characters and actors have moved on to bigger things, unable to return or do not want to!

I heard former guests and regulars have appeared on other series.

So its nice to wish for things to happen yet reality says differently.

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I'm really looking forward to this, but it's such a shame Channel 10 is doing so little to promote the show and the 30th anniversary. I haven't even seen a single ad for the special and it's meant to be in March. I just don't understand why they can't show ads on the main channel like 7 and 9 do for their digital channels and given it is the 30th anniversary, they should be going all out. What about little short snippets from throughout the history of the show appearing during the ad breaks? Anything really to promote it, because it's fading in the ratings quickly. Could be just because of the tennis, but something needs to be done.

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