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SPOILERS - Neighbours 30th Anniversary Returnees


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I'm really looking forward to this, but it's such a shame Channel 10 is doing so little to promote the show and the 30th anniversary. I haven't even seen a single ad for the special and it's meant to be in March. I just don't understand why they can't show ads on the main channel like 7 and 9 do for their digital channels and given it is the 30th anniversary, they should be going all out. What about little short snippets from throughout the history of the show appearing during the ad breaks? Anything really to promote it, because it's fading in the ratings quickly. Could be just because of the tennis, but something needs to be done.

I agree the promotion of the anniversary year has been severely lacking!

I hope we see a bigger build up as we approach March! After all this could be the catalyst to entice old viewers who have stopped watching to get back into the show from now on if they like what they see these days.

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A lot of things would have to change to win me back as a fan. Im not pleased at the moment. I wish all fans could enjoy not only Ramsey street yet other shows.

I am upset at the rudeness of some fans and I heard from other PM that "Were not into fan cards" and consider themselves a "different" class of fans! That bothers me.

My friend In Sydney made a comment that Neighbours fans are (well no name calling from me) and I understand the image some fans have. Yet as I pointed out in debates the devoted UK and other fans have help keep many actors working and if it wasn't for that the show might NOT be having a party this year . I don't like what happen to a UK fan and I personally have some issues as well yet most of those connected to N I find to be good people. As a BLUE HEELERS fan told me for every bad Aussie star they are 10 good ones.

My last complaint I find a lot of talent wasted and there a lot of blame to go around. The show could write better and they could cast people who are willing to commit to the show and not get mad at the fans. I accept actors have lives and should be treated as you would any other person. Yet they shouldn't get mad at being called a "Hottie" online and not doing fan mail which is going to far as a UK fan once told me.

The lack of support for a anniversary is in my eyes is an insult! That's for any show that has a devoted fan base.

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