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Donna Bishop/Rob Storey (1994-1995)

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I know Donna gets some criticism for being a forgettable character in the show but I see that as personal opinion and in my personal opinion I quite liked her. And Rob Storey, one of the best characters of the sitcom year 1994. 1994 was more like Only Fools And Horses than Home And Away lol.

I met Nicola Quilter just over 2 weeks ago at the stall in Camden and am pleased to meet a former Home And Away star at last. Her character Donna's most major story was her domestic abuse storyline with Andrew Warren.

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I liked Donna. The actress was OK as far as I remember and she was a likeable person. The creation of her character was interesting in that she was (apparently) and old Summer Bay resident who went to school with the original Fletcher kids. I think being around for a short time and only having one decent story, doesn't make her a bad character, but I understand how she could be called forgettable.

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I've just been re-watching 1995 and both characters did get rushed exits. 

Rob just vanished. Then not too long after, Donna's left rather suddenly too. In the space of one episode, the storyline with her brother was abruptly wrapped up and she told Don she was leaving with unrealistically no notice. Even her getting together with Travis happened only a few episodes before they decide to leave together. She didn't even get a proper farewell scene. 

I wonder if something went on behind-the-scenes at the time? Especially with how abruptly the Gus story ended too


I didn't dislike Donna, but I wouldn't call her one of my favourite characters either. The Andrew story was great though

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