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  1. Yes agreed it strengthened the bond for sure
  2. Fave - VJ Patterson or Pippa Ross Worst - Natalie Nash or Hayley Smith
  3. Heres my list Tori - Christian or Ash Justin - Leah Willow - Dean or Alex Colby - Jasmine Dean - Willow Ziggy - Brody Roo - Frank Ryder - Coco or Raffy also him and Bella Bella - Nikau but dont like them but only choice love her and Ryder Nikau - Bella Mackenzie - Colby Ari - Mackenzie dont like them but only choice would love him and Maz Tane - not sure yet but maybe zig Jasmine - Robbo John - Gina Marilyn - Donald Irene - Ken Alf - Alisa Leah - Vinnie
  4. This is the father daughter relationship that drew me back in to the show on hearing of his departure and I went back and rewatched their moments from previous years as I had enjoyed the relationship when they first came in. What were you thoughts and fave moments - vote on poll and comment below. Mine definitely their father daughter dance at her wedding and her going to him about Brody's affair I also enjoyed their reunion in 2020 after his surf trip.
  5. Out of these 3 Ari as I loved him in 800 Words and love his stuff with Maz but I did enjoy Gemma as well - so wish her and ben got together. I do like tane keen to see him and zig
  6. I think these people have Ash Ziggy - as much as I hate to say it Bianca Ruby Kyle Nate
  7. Heath and Bianca Love Story Rocco's Death Braxton's in London Charlie's Death Ruby/Romeo Fake Pregnancy Ruby/Romeo/Indi love triangle Maddy and Spencer Arrive Maddy's Cancer
  8. Currently my fave is Ziggy and Alf Least Fave Amber and John mind you Angelo and Colby are annoying me too
  9. Ziggy is the character that drew me back in to the show after stopping watching after phoebe left then I drew back in again right before Ben left and it made me decide to go down the Ziggy and Ben father daughter journey again I do have to admit 2017 Ziggy is my fave Ziggy
  10. After Ziggy Tells Dean She's Moving Out Farmhouse Ben is rewatching Endless Summer yet again when he hears a knock on the door. "Door's open". Ben yells and turns around to see Ziggy with bags. "Guessing thinking things over didn't go well". Ben asks his daughter assuming her and Dean were over. "No we are still together I just moved out because I think he needs to have time to connect with his son and this way we can have time to decide if this is what we really want". Ziggy tells her father.as she joins him on the couch. "Right ok I get that'. Ben tells his d
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