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  1. After The Lunch with The Trio Ben's Boards "Hey Zig". Ben says seeing his daughter walking down the stairs. "Hi". Ziggy says upset. "You ok". Ben asks her as she comes over. "I will be I just need some time to think some things over". Ziggy tells her father. "Oh whys that". Ben asks Ziggy. "I just had lunch with Dean ...... Amber and Jai ....... their son". Ziggy informs him. "How was that". Ben asks her. "Hard thats why I need time to think I might go for a surf". Ziggy replies. "If you need to talk call me or come by". Ben tells his daughter. "Thanks Dad I will". Ziggy replies and Ben passes her surfboard from behind the counter to her.
  2. Its funny because after I wrote that one and only line I realise Ben said it to Ziggy on the show and quite ironic. I love their interactions hence this story - so glad you are enjoying . Thanks for reading . Updating daily Thank you
  3. After Dean Tells Ziggy About Jai Salt Ben walks into and grabs his order but before he heads out sees Ziggy on the balcony. "Hey Zig". Ben says to his daughter who is staring into space. "Hey I thought you were working". Ziggy enquires. "Yeah but I need food if I'm going to keep working. How did the talk with Dean go?". Ben tells and asks her. "Um interesting he told me that he just found out that he's a Dad". Ziggy informs her father. "Woah what". Ben questions. "Oh yeah and I don't like the child's mother". Ziggy tells Ben. "Whose the mother and how to you feel about this". Ben asks his daughter. "Amber and I don't know what to feel". Ziggy informs him. "Amber as in Palmers carer". Ben questions. "The one and only". Ziggy replies.
  4. Ok here is my list this is from 2010 up Characters Ziggy Ben Brody Tori Oscar Evie Indi Romeo Bianca Heath April Maddy Ruby Casey Brax Ricky Kyle Phoebe As for relationships Brody and Ziggy Heath and Bianca Dex and April Ben and Maggie - as much as I preferred him with Gemma or Karen Romeo and Indi Casey and Ruby Brax and Ricky Kyle and Phoebe Ash and Tori Oscar and Maddy Spencer and Maddy Josh and Evie
  5. yeah we had some family things yesterday will be up later today
  6. yeah but I get why she may jump the gun. i do find him boring too as for comparing him to a drawer the show did this but I changed scene and dialogue so it was zig and ben instead of willow and ben. as for the respect thing i get why she may not hold much respect for him after all she has gone through in the past with Brody and Jarrod. thank you for reading thanks so much you will have to wait and see thank you so much that is how they wrote it so i rolled with it you will just have to wait and see very soon i will update very soon i plan on updating daily
  7. When Dean Is Meant To Be Gone To Find Bella Ben's Boards "Come on you stupid drawer". Ziggy says yelling at the drawer not aware that Ben has walked in. "Zig". Ben says trying to get his daughters attention. "Come on one more time now". Ziggy says yelling at the drawer. "You ok Zig you're talking to a drawer". Ben asks his daughter walking next to her. "Oh Dad in my head its Dean not a drawer". Ziggy informs her father. "Things still distant between you two". Ben enquires. "Yeah so distant that he left to find Bella this morning and didn't even bother to say goodbye to me". Ziggy fills her father in. "Oh sweetheart I'm sorry". Ben tells his daughter pulling her in for a hug. "Hi". Dean says walking in. "I thought you left". Ziggy replies Ben putting his hand on her shoulder. "I did I need to talk to Willow then to you". Dean tells her as he walks away. "Ah ok". Ziggy replies giving Ben a look
  8. Thank you oh yeah something I wish hadn't happened in the show. They sure are and things are only going to get worse. Just about to update
  9. oh really you guys are only at that point from now on may contain spoilers then sorry and I'm glad you are looking forward to more - more will be up soon ok yes that would be a plot twist two things though I am going off the current storyline on the show and I dont think that ben is a killer yes he may not forgive her but he wouldn't kill her. as for zig trusting dean I think she finds it hard due to his past and I dont blame her. thank you for reading more will be up soon
  10. After Ross's Body is Found Beach Ben is getting out of the water and sees Ziggy sitting on the sand so he walks over to her. "Zig". He says trying to get her attention as he gets closer to her. "Oh Dad hi". Ziggy says looking up at her father inviting him to sit down. "You ok". Ben asks his daughter. "Dean's being distant thats all". Ziggy tells her father. "Why how long this being happening". Ben asks his daughter overly protective. Since Bella's dads body was found last night". Ziggy fills Ben in on the happenings. "Oh my gosh hows Bella". Ben enquires after the teenager. "Not good". Ziggy says to him giving him a look. "What don't tell me you think he has something to do with this". Ben questions his daughter. "I dont know what to think honestly". Ziggy replies.
  11. oh I should of clarified the bottle of wine was already opened thanks so much for reading and yeah I thought it would be interesting since they are close and I felt like Ziggy is going to need her Dad right now and Ben should of stick around. More will be up very soon as I have since clarified the wine bottle was already open. Thanks for reading
  12. Story Title: Not Forgiven and New Beginnings Type of story: Not sure how long this fanfiction is going to be Main Characters: Ziggy and Ben Background Characters Dean,Willow,Amber,Jai,Roo,Alf - most of 2020 cast BTTB rating: G/A Genre: Romance/Drama/Family Does story include spoilers: No unless you have not watched any episode before August 2020 Any warnings: Not at the moment Summary: What if Ben and Ziggy didn't forgive Maggie for sleeping with Marco and he stayed in the bay. Scenes that they share after Maggie leaves based on current happenings. After Maggie's Left The Bay Farmhouse Ben is sitting on the couch with a glass of wine when he hears a knock on the door. "Yeah it's open". Ben yells from the couch. "Hey Dad". Ziggy says to her father as she walks in. "Hey you want one". Ben asks Ziggy referring to if she wants a glass of wine. "Uh yeah thanks". Ziggy says as Ben gets up and pours a glass for her. "So did you see your Mum before she left". Ben asks his daughter. "Yeah she stopped by Dean's place to say goodbye but I told her I didn't want to hear it. What about you?". Ziggy tells her father. "Yeah she stopped by here too I wished her well thats all I could do its not like I can forgive her for what she did". Ben tells his daughter as they sit down on the couch. "I totally get that I don't forgive either". Ziggy informs her father. "Its just you and me now hey". Ben tells Ziggy wrapping his arm around her. "Yep and I'm going to be here for you". Ziggy tells her father as she puts her head in his chest.
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