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H&A vs Neighbours?



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That's probably because Home and Away has remained on Channel 7 and before the analog signal was turned off everyone could get access to Channel 7 regardless if they had analog or digital television.

Neighbours was on Channel 10 since 1986 until it was switched to Channel ELEVEN and only digital TV users could get access to the channel as opposed to analog users. You'd be surprised by how many who kept having analog TV thought that Neighbours was no longer on until I told them that it was on one of the new digital channels that had been introduced in the last few years. If Neighbours returned to Channel 10 I could see the popularity of the show inevitably increasing again.

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If Neighbours did move back to Channel 10 does anyone think that would it start being a fierce contender in the ratings with H&A again or would it still be behind but not by much in Australia?

I still think it would be behind but the gap between the two shows in terms of ratings would be narrowed though.

If Neighbours was to become like the glory days of 2003-2005 it could easily match Home and Away with its ratings.

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Im sure many would love to see another Kylie come onto the series and help bring it to that level of popularity of the late 80s!

Casting a Miley like teen might help.

My advice is to.

1. Bring the Kennedys back together

2. try to have a BIG anniversary planned for the shows 2015 season.

3. cast actors who are willing and able to commit to more than 1-2 contracts

I think that might bring the show needed support.

Personally Im not impressed at the moment even though I have fond past feelings and support for others.

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I cannot see either show being axed for a long while. I often wonder which one of the two will go first though. Hard to say.

H&A has a much richer history than Neighbours even if it is slightly younger as said due to H&A never being stuck in the same street and stories have moved faster and there have been more characters in H&A, a very colourful soap it is. Locations have changed a lot due to fires, revamps the lot. While in its Melbourne sibling, Ramsay St looks virtually the same as it did in 1985, same for Lassiters.

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I am talking about popular and iconic rather than favourite though.

I dont know which of the two is more popular outside Australia though. Both shows do well overseas.

In the Uk in the 1990s H&A and Neighbours used to beat each other in the ratings before the move to 5 which since then H&A has suffered. But as said H&A is like the Coronation Street of Oz, the most iconic and watched soap.

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On the subject of Neighbours I have completed a wiki of stub articles of every episode ever made from March 1985 to January 2014, which is where we are now. It took a while to make pages for every episode ever made and to have a link to prev episode and next episode but it is finally done.

I think the 7000th episode will be towards the end of the year and then it is the shows 30th anniversary. But I still think H&A will outlive Neighbours even if both have several years in them yet.

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