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Evelyn "Evie" MacGuire - Philippa Northeast


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I honestly think Evie and Oscar are two of the annoying characters home and away have ever had! Not keen on Denny or the aunt tbh.

I actually really like Denny. I agree though, Evie and Hannah are not great and Oscar is just a bit 'meh.'

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She's only been on screen for a couple of weeks in the UK but I like Denny as well.The others I'm up and down with.I started off liking Hannah but I've gone off her somewhat in recent weeks.Oscar I started off liking, now I'm hot and cold with him.Evie, kind of the other way round.I hated her at the start when she was part of the cult, then I switched round and started to really like her when she befriended Spencer and did her best to help him.This year, I've found her to be something of a conundrum.There are times when she's warm and kind-hearted, then there are other times when she's petulant and self-absorbed.Much like most of us in real life, I guess.

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