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I couldn't find a thread for the discussion of this relationship/marriage. If someone can set me straight I'll be happy to merge.

I just have a different view of this relationship and it's difficulties.

Indi is seen by many as the responsible one in the relationship with "responsible" being seen as conservative, low risk etc. I don't see it like that.

I see Indi as "safe". Not being able to function away from her family, not being able to contemplate life away from the safety and security of her well off life with her father generally providing a steady, more than adequate income and able to provide her with all the fashionable clothes and trinkets that she has been accustomed to up to this point. She finds it hard to contemplate a life where earning an income can come from sources other than the white collar, conservative lifestyle she grew up with.

Romeo on the other hand has grown up with none of that. His family has struggled against life's challenges. He is used to struggling in challenging circumstances without "safe" financial backup from parents and family. Because of this he sees earning a living as a surfer as an acceptable, challenging contributing to the financial support of himself and his wife. All of his attempts at business ventures have been risk taking ones. He didn't fail at his charter business because he didn't stick at it. He failed because Harvey sabotaged him in an underhand way. His Surf School didn't fail because of a lack of committment on his part. It failed ( or faded away ) because Indi couldn't get her head around Romeo wanting to earn a living in any other way but the "safe", white collar occupations she had been used to.

Perhaps these are reasons why they should never have married in the first place. Perhaps they explain the difficulties which appear to be besetting Indi in the upcoming spoilers.

Either way I hope that some how this relationship survives. I think it would have had a better chance if Indi had accepted the challenge of committing herself to joining the battle with Romeo away from her family rather than demanding that Romeo try to survive in her world.

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I think that's extremely hard on Indi.Yes, she comes from a well off background, even if her parents' marriage was less than happy.And yes, she did choose to move back in with her family, partly because she missed the familiarity, which is further evidence she wasn't ready for marriage.But portraying Romeo as some sort of working class hero struggling to survive his background is giving him too much credit.He turned up in town, having left his foster family, because some guy he knew years ago lived there and somehow ended up living with his extended family rent free.Hardly someone who's never had a family group to rely on, he's likely as inexperienced at living alone and the reality of having to provide for himself as Indi is.However abusive his background might have been, for his mother to be left with an inheritance that allowed her to survive for years without any apparent income they can't have been breadline.

Some have said that Indi knew what Romeo was like when she married him but it feels more like he made a lot of promises he hasn't kept.He rightly said he was going to provide for them and they were going to stand on their own two feet but it wasn't long before he was going to Sid for help paying bills.As Indi pointed out a while back, he claimed that running a charter business was his dream and how he was going to make a living and she supported him wholeheartedly over it, yet now that's gone and he's saying exactly the same thing about surfing.The business might have failed largely due to Harvey's sabotage but he was struggling to make it work right from the start, to the point of acting as a drugs courier to make ends meet, and hasn't shown any interest in going back to it now that Harvey's out of the picture.He had nearly a year to make his surfing school work but never managed to turn a profit, then lost Indi's good will by giving what little savings they had to his sister, which underlines his inability to change now they're married and makes you wonder what his priorities would be if they had children.For all her being seen by some as a nagging wife stopping Romeo doing what he wants, it seems most of the time she's the one who backs down and goes along with his ideas, mainly because he doesn't give her any choice.It's slowly becoming obvious she's married to a wideboy, always insisting that his latest idea is the one that's going to set them up for life but always quitting once it gets too hard, right from the moment he first appeared:Quitting his job at the surf club because of a row with John, failing his exams to impress Indi and then dropping out of school because he was in a bad mood.

Still, I think the show needs to be commended for showing the trials of a young marriage and how sometimes the person you're in love with when you're eighteen isn't someone you can easily be married to.I think their relationship just about worked when they were at school but since they've left it's been clear that they're just too different in their outlook and on what they want out of life.I don't know whether they'll stay together or not but it makes for interesting viewing.

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Red, thats how i see it

What really has Romeo offererd Indi for her to be away from her family, he has been failing and failing and maybe some of it is not his fault but still.

I keep saying this i am team Indi all the way, she might have sometimes come off as a nagging wife but honestly half the time she has been right, whilst its good for Romeo to follow his dreams but honestly its been one dream after another with him and he really needs to man up and face responsibilities he is a married man.

Anyways i have enjoyed their story and was actually rooting for their marriage to work, its a shame it doesnt look like its gonna.

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i completely diagree i blame Indi, she's done nothing but complain and tried to make Romeo out to look like the bad guy and then wonders why he keeps things from her and she's all about money. And also doesn't mind hoppong into bed with other guys espicially after the way she carried on about Romeo and Ruby sharing a hotel room

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I agree with Red's post. I see posts all the time saying that Indi is a horibble wife who only nags etc, but I just don't see that at all. Of course she has some choice words at times, but it isn't without a reason. Also, Romeo has been going after one dream after another, and has not been able to stick to one for a very long time. Also, it has been pointed out, that Indi shouldn't have married a surfer boy if she wanted a husband who would be near home. It can be turned around: Indi isn't hard to read, she isn't a dreamer, she wants a husband/partner/boyfriend who is actually there for her, she isn't a girl, who would follow a surfer around on tours, and never claimed to be. Regardless of this all, Romeo wanted to marry her, it was his idea, and he promised her the life she wanted.

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As I indicated in the Spoiler section, I'm kind of on Indi's side with regard money and getting a job and on Romeo's side with regards seeing other people.Indi has every right to be upset about Romeo's continued refusal to contribute to the household, she's held down a less than glamorous job for some time to support herself and it's probably not what she wants to do but she doesn't want to rely on handouts from others.Romeo has always been portrayed as fairly lazy, it was a trait that the likes of Miles and John commented on long before Indi did, inclined to give up when things gets too difficult and then mope around the house or the beach until he finds something else he wants to do, which isn't something you can really do if you're a married man with responsibilities.

On the other hand, although Romeo's been less than honest on a few occasions and does have history, he's always known where the line is in his friendship with Ruby and stayed on the right side of it while he and Indi were together.He did seem to regard sharing a room with her as completely platonic whereas Indi, after kicking up a fuss about it, promptly went out for dinner with someone who she knew was attracted to her and who she was attracted to in turn and spent a good couple of seconds contemplating cheating on Romeo with him, despite having only just met him, before hooking up with him five minutes after she and Romeo separated.That said, I don't think her interest in Logan is to do with his money or even, well, him, I think she's just enjoying the attention and having him appreciate her in a way that she hasn't really had with Romeo for a while.

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I'm pleased, in a drama/ storytelling way, that Ruby still seems to like Romeo and be jealous of he and Indi. I can't see the chemistry between Romeo and Indi, he has more with Ruby, for obvious reasons! I can see why Rebecca and Luke don't want to be a couple on the show as well as off it, but the love triangle seems to only have one ending in my eyes: Romeo and Ruby. Maybe if Rebecca and Luke decided to leave the show at the same time, Romeo and Ruby will go off together, I hope so.

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I'm in love with this couple and haaaaaaate that they split them AGAIN..... it's just Ruby. Grrrrr I think that Ruby and Romeo are in real life a couple is the reason why they split them... I bet the actress of Ruby is just jealous of the actress of Indi. :D

I was so in love with this couple from the beginning, but I think the writers didn't know where to go with them since the wedding. I hope they will find their way back together. :(

And I don't blame her or him... it's just the age, I think.

And I can't stand Ruby. First she has feelings for Romeo then for Casey and now again for Romeo? Oh come on ^^

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This storyline does drive me crazy, because I love Romeo and Indi together, but I do like that the show is trying to portray the struggles of a young married couple. They're only what 18/19? That's so young to be married, both of them are not mature enough to know what it really means to be married, and how to deal with the problems that come up everyday. I think the producers are doing a pretty good job at portraying that. I had friends who married around the same age that Romeo and Indi are supposed to be, and they had the same problems, and they too separated for a little while to work out if they really were meant to be together, they worked through their issues and are back together now.

That's what I would like to see this story come out to, Romeo and Indi working through their issues, and learning that yes, love isn't enough to keep a marriage going, but seeing them learn to communicate with one another would be good.

I don't see a happy ending for Ruby in this though, I really don't. She's about to get her heart broken all over again, but I don't feel sorry for her. That's what you get when you try to break up a marriage.

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Hmm.As some people have said elsewhere, they've possibly gone too far with this storyline.It does feel like history repeating itself a bit, as at the beginning of last year they seemed to be exploring the difficulties of maintaining a relationship when you've left school(or one of you's left school)and your lives are moving in different directions which instead turned into a story about infidelity and acting badly to get a reaction...and they still got back together and had a fairytale wedding.Now, in the second half of last year, and at the beginning of this year, they did a good job of portraying the difficulties facing a young couple:having to adjust to a new set of priorities, the financial problems that ensued, the fact that many young married couples can't afford their own place, the fact that you have to take another person into consideration and can't necessarily pursue the life you would if you were single.Then...they broke up, they started seeing other people and frankly it's reached the point where them getting back together would almost feel like a cheat.And while many Romeo/Indi fans might want to accuse Ruby of breaking up their marriage, from where I'm sitting they did that all by themselves and Romeo made the first move, so if he has just been toying with her feelings while he makes his mind up whether he wants Indi or not, then that makes her the real victim in all this.

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