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I really don't see why anyone would want these two back together.Especially them.They're just too toxic.Lives have been wrecked because they decided to sleep with pretty much everyone apart from each other, notably Ruby's and Dexter's, and having them walk hand in hand from the train wreck they've created with idiot smiles on their faces just feels like a massive injustice.Remember when Romeo broke up with Ruby and practically demanded Indi should take him back?She rightly told him where to go, yet a few weeks later she falls back into the arms of the jerkiest version of Romeo ever (quite an achievement in itself)when absolutely nothing has changed because of a few pat "I love you"s.It just completely devalues everything and leaves me thinking if she was going to do that she should have done it in the first place, so Ruby could have happily gone off to the city, Dexter could have shacked up with April in their love nest and they could have got on with ruining their own lives instead of other people.

People talk about Bianca and Heath not working out because they come from different social groups but that's just as true of these two:Why is a doctor's daughter working hard to put herself through college married to a high school dropout who gives up on work at the first sign of trouble?They tried everything to make their marriage work:Her putting aside her reservations and letting him pursue his dreams, him taking a job he didn't like to support them...They pay lip service to "what went wrong before" but their plan basically seems to be "Do what we did before and hope it works this time."Even down to using a wedding as a quick fix.We've seen too much of how ugly and selfish Romeo is deep down for me to accept his nice guy act and Indi just acts like an airhead around him. Giving them a bunch of forced cute scenes doesn't make them any more appealing.They're not a young couple just starting out, they're a failed marriage that doesn't know when to lie down and die.

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^^^ I'm afraid I must disagree. Sure their relationship has cause some others harm but in the end I feel as though they've had the perfect soap opera relationship. That being one with lots of drama and in the end they still love, care and need each other. Now from spoilers that I've seen I know that something's coming year that will probably change everything.

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