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  1. You sound like you actually know these people. We have no clue who these people are better suited with, they're all adults, and are allowed to make their own choices about their dating life. As long as their dating doesn't affect their work, then it shouldn't be anyone else's business.
  2. ^^ I like it too, but it's a two way street. She sort of wants the protection from the Braxtons but doesn't want to do her part to solve problems and chip in. She is quick to judge, but isn't willing to find solutions.
  3. If like to see her a bit more caring about the Braxtons though, or at least Ricky. Ricky has been awesome support and friend to her, listening her out, and it can easily get really one sided. She is living with the Braxtons, at some point I want to see a little worry from Phoebe toward them too. Not just eye rolling and talking back to them.
  4. Him hitting on Tamara so casually was a big confusing moment for me. I don't know if the writers intended it as such a blatant flirting moment, but it did make him look like a player the way he has been wanting to get with Denny for a while.
  5. I think Marilyn and John make a great couple. Initially I was against it because I loved him with Gina, but now I adore them together. Marilyn is one of the best characters, she is personable and relatable.
  6. I think Sasha and Spencer did have a good start, but then they started to change all characters to fit the plot point, and all characters became unrecognisable as episodes went by. As for Matt and Sasha, I like the build up, because Sasha is being written as the character I know, and she is in her "natural habitat", school events. Matt has been written as a multilayered character from the start, and I don't see any plot point whiplash moments, at least not yet. I have been under the impression that Matt at some point has dropped out of school before, and is supposed to be a few years older than the rest. I could be wrong, but with the way he was with Mrs M in the beginning, these thoughts did pop up to my mind. And his recent situation strengthens this opinion for me.
  7. Charlotte's last the was Adams and the actress (Stephanie Jacobsen) can be seen in Revenge at the moment. Anyway getting back to Nate I knew this would happen as soon as Brax came back but I don't think Ricky should've treated Nate that way. Usually I like Ricky but I just hope Nate find someone who won't screw with his feelings. I don't think Ricky did anything wrong. She was honest with Nate, didn't lead him on. She never thought Brax would come back, and really she has done nothing wrong in this situation.
  8. I think Nate is a great character on his own. He is growing a community spirit, is starting to get good friendships, and is a doctor. I also don't mind him being good looking, the opening theme of the show is of women and men in their swim wear, the town is a beach town, there are always shirtless scenes. I don't mind Nate shirtless scenes, and they are in appropriate scenes.
  9. I like how under the "jokester" is actually a really responsible and caring young man who has to carry more weight on his shoulders than at his age he should. I like his friendship with Sasha, he is gaining a very good person to his side, and I have no doing Matt will return the loyalty if need be.
  10. Her segment on the show was really nice. She seems as nice irl as she is talented as an actress.
  11. I'm not gonna complain, she needs to interact with other teens/young adults, and all of them are in school.
  12. It's actually quite normal, rebounding after a big heart break. No one is saying she is in love with Nate, but it is quite normal for her to develop feelings for Nate, the way he has been supporting her.
  13. All what I am saying, is that Ricky and Nate progress seems really natural, even if if is happening fast. For him to develop feelings for her is not hard to imagine, she would be the kind of girl he would go for. She is loyal, sometimes too loyal, she is smart, caring, and willing to risk herself for those she cares about. And she is gorgeous too. Nate has similar qualities. At the same time I have bought her and Brax being soul mates, they also fit perfectly. I am really interested in seeing where this sl takes Ricky, I am really feeling her atm. Her sl is really realistic IMO.
  14. I don't see how they wouldn't fit. Both seem to be really caring and loyal, they can think quick on their feet, and have no problem with the grey area if need be. I do think that Ricky and Brax are it for each other, but she suits Nate well also.
  15. I think Nate is a nice guy, but maybe a bit too pushy with Ricky
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