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  1. Omg I'm not the only one who likes sasha and casey together! Woo but I wanted to say I adore your Fic :D ~ Jess xxx

  2. I haven't been on much lately but I've just caught up and read the chapter's I've missed. (: You have an incredible gift for writting Danni, honestly! The way you write and describe everything so good is incredible. Your last update was a bit sad but I loved the chapter! I feel really sorry for Ruby! I look forward to reading more as always, hehe! (:♥
  3. The Nat/Brax icons are SO BEAUTIFUL! Thankyou so much. *saves them* They are amazing, I love the picture's you picked and the colouring. Thankyou so much, They are amazing♥
  4. OH MY GOSH! I love EVERY SINGLE one of those, I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. They are all so beautiful Jen! STUNNING colouring as always♥
  5. Your icon's are honestly PERFECTION. Beautiful colouring, cropping, facial expressions and nice choice of photo's. Honestly, your icons are flawless, they are so beautiful♥
  6. Haha I'm also with everyone, thought it was funny that Charlie got payed out about her cooking. Haha poor Charlie! Romeo and Ruby are so adorable. Romeo look's after Ruby so well and is so good to her. Ohh I didnt expect that! I can't believe Heath walked out, I wonder what's going to happen next. I LOVED this chapter! I always look forward to your update's Danni, your a fantastic writter, please update soon♥
  7. WOW! Great chapter. Now we know a little bit more about the girl's past's. I wonder what is going to happen next. Can't wait to read more!♥
  8. In the start were Romeo & Ruby were sitting over the water I could actually see the scene in my head as I was reading. The way you write and describe everything is amazing. You have a serious gift for writting! Haha the bit where Ruby said to Romeo about the proposal bit made me laugh! I wonder for the future hey if he will ever pop the question? I thought he was going to then and there, haha. They are so adorable together♥ Aw poor Charlie having problems making Ruby's cake! I absolutely LOVED this first chapter. I cannot wait for more. Fabulous writting as always Danni, so glad you've got another story going and by the sounds of this already it is going to be a REALLY REALLY good one♥
  9. She's good in that show. So different to Annie. Agree! She plays her character Cheryl so well. It's so different watching her on Puberty Blues compared to Home and Away, haha.
  10. Aw poor Casey might not be able to walk or surf again. Great update! Can't wait for the next one♥
  11. AWWW Apex had a baby girl. Hollie is a lovely name, love it! This is a fantastic chapter, I loved it♥
  12. Great chapter! Keen to read more! (:♥
  13. Aw I could see thing's getting better between Bianca & Liam. Wonder what's going to happen next. I can't wait for April to have bub! Excellent writting Danni, as always, I can't wait to read the next one♥♥
  14. I think this sound's really good Danni. Can't wait to read!♥
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