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  1. "Open your eyes Case", what an emotional scene.Casey has never been my favourite but it was so sad to watch him go like that and I think Lincoln ' s last piece of work was just phenomenon to say the least . If there is one thing I have appreciated about the Braxtons it's their brotherly bond and love, in spite of all that's happened they do love each other.
  2. Very complex character, he has many flows but also has many admirable qualities
  3. I am loving this Sasha , I prefer this than the endless girl ,boy dramas which we can all agree haven't been going so well in home and away. Sasha is a stronger character than she was last year and bravo to the writers for how they are writing her.
  4. Ruby a victim, that made me laugh, anyways its good that we have different opinions it makes it enjoyable.
  5. Red, thats how i see it What really has Romeo offererd Indi for her to be away from her family, he has been failing and failing and maybe some of it is not his fault but still. I keep saying this i am team Indi all the way, she might have sometimes come off as a nagging wife but honestly half the time she has been right, whilst its good for Romeo to follow his dreams but honestly its been one dream after another with him and he really needs to man up and face responsibilities he is a married man. Anyways i have enjoyed their story and was actually rooting for their marriage to work, its a shame it doesnt look like its gonna.
  6. I have to admit i capital L like these 2, well as for the cheating thats the drama of it all, i watch the show for drama and am loving every bit of it. Xavier being cheated is not the first time i guess eventually he will get his match . Dex and April though completed different from Aden and Belle they are giving me the Adelle kinda feeling i used to get like i cant wait to watch home and away and see what happens. DEX AND APRIL ALL THE WAY
  7. ^ agreed, i just hope there is more depth with this Marylin sl, i normally like to reserve my judgement till the very end so i will wait and see. I am loving this character one minute he is so irritating and the next he is adorable, i am up for something different its better than bad boy turning good which by the way i am so over those sl.
  8. Miles has fast become one of my favourite characters in the show, his humour is just incredible and he works well with everyone. As mentioned by some he is better single, i am starting to think that he will be better suited with Leah but then i fear for his life so maybe no. Miles is a keeper i hope they keep him for a long time.
  9. I dont get why people say the Sid storyline was not Nicole, thats the real Nicole and its gets worse coz she didnt even learn anything out of it, shallow little girl. This whole Liam thing would have made more sense if it was a couple months later and i dont get the whole she is going through whatever, it doesnt justify anything. Her character is not growing according to me and this sex thing which i wont comment much about just makes me not to care about this character
  10. i love belle and i think she has made so much mistakes before which i can defend and justify but i am best not getting into that. i think her character has been well written and jess portrays it wonderfully yes she has had a fair amount of drama, thats it in the soap world which i think some people forget and end uptaking things personally. as for adelle, they ae exciting to watch, never had a perfect relationship but they do love each other hopefully they get thier chance.
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