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  1. I'm in love with this couple and haaaaaaate that they split them AGAIN..... it's just Ruby. Grrrrr I think that Ruby and Romeo are in real life a couple is the reason why they split them... I bet the actress of Ruby is just jealous of the actress of Indi. I was so in love with this couple from the beginning, but I think the writers didn't know where to go with them since the wedding. I hope they will find their way back together. And I don't blame her or him... it's just the age, I think. And I can't stand Ruby. First she has feelings for Romeo then for Casey and now again for Romeo? Oh come on ^^
  2. Heath is the coolest guy in town and a very WIN for this soap. he is good looking and an complex and interesting character. i realy like his bad boy style (reminds me of myself sometimes) and than he has some soft sides. realy interesting and i'm looking forward to more of him
  3. They are HOT AS HELL. I'm a Liam and Bianca shipper since their first run and the whole season finale stuff with the wedding. AWESOME - but the writter didn't know where to go with them and I was bored. But damn HEATH came and Bianca was more interesting than ever. They have such a hot chemistry and so many good stuff together and awesome scenes. Love this shipping - I hope Bianca learns the truth about April and Heath and than... BOOOM xDDD love it.
  4. Sometimes I really enjoy her comic stuff, but damn. This woman get on my nerves. Sorry but I don't want her in Summer Bay anymore. I hope she will going to ... whatever, but she isn't that funny, that she was years before and this annoying stuff with Elijah this season was the point of me, to really dislike her.
  5. the writting of this show is realy realy bad. ou i have never seen such an crap show like this ( oh maybe shortland street in the 2006 season xD) but back to EE: Roxy is the best thing that ever happened to this soap. i would wish she is coming to Home and Away ;) ^^ she is pretty and is talented. but her soap sister is ruined by an hollyoaks writter. shame on you ^^ can't believe that the baby switch story make EE to the BEST SOAP on the british soap awards
  6. The Current Dex is THE BEST and THE DEX. What it gives an other Dex ? (Just Kidding ;) ) Dex is just Hilarious and Funny and brings me to laugh every Single Time. And Dex Friendship with April is the best thing that the Writter ever did in an Teen-Story after a long Time of Crap-Teen-Storys.
  7. That cuts both ways though.Marilyn could see that Nicole had feelings for her baby and was bonding with him and did everything she could to put a stop to it.She knew right from the start that Nicole could change her mind, she had a go at Sid when he asked Nicole some very pertinent questions that both Marilyn and Nicole were trying to ignore and was worried Nicole wouldn't let them have the baby anymore.She tried to keep Angus and Roo away from Nicole because she knew they thought the arrangement was a bad idea, she tried to keep Nicole away from George when she caught her breast feeding him because she could tell that she loved him.She didn't care about hurting Nicole, she just cared about getting what she wanted.And Nicole could take George back any time, whether it was after seven weeks or after two or three years when she'd got herself sorted, much like a proper foster case, so it was never going to work out. And really, what did Marilyn have to offer George that Nicole didn't?No job, no savings and a disintegrating relationship?She isn't even more grown up than Nicole despite their respective ages.All she had to offer was love and Nicole could offer that too. Marylin deserves a baby after all what happened in her Life. And i don't want to say that Nicole isn't a Bad Mom and she deserves a baby too, but for me is Nicole the Young Girly was had an relationship with Geoff and Aden in the last few years and now a Baby ? I think Nicole is to Young for a Baby. I mean Tessa played the Pregnant Teenage Mom realy great and the Storyline fits Home and Away this year more than anyone elses storylines and fits more than Neighbours. it's just unfair for Marylin,who want realy a baby. yeah of course and maybe everyones right about Nicole was shocked and need time to realise that she want that baby, but than don't make this with Marylin. She had never a real Win Win Situation in this Soap and was everytime hurt. Thats realy sad to watch that Marylin will never find her own happiness. It's not Nicole fault at all and realy great watchable Story and Nic/Angelo are okay together. Angelo is not an Character that i like (so is Liam), and he is so boring and im glad he is gone and find an happyend with nic, but i feel realy sorry for Marylin and hope she will have an baby one day.
  8. That's not really how it was though. She didn't make a false promise. They made an arrangement. Even once they returned, Nicole had the doubts about whether it would work out, particularly given Sid's initial reaction, and Marilyn kept insisting it's fine. The longer that carried on, the longer Nicole probably felt quite uncertain, yet she was still the one that was carrying the baby. As for Marilyn deserving the baby more, may I ask why you think that? Is it because Marilyn's sadly lost a child before? That's hardly a reason for somebody to "deserve" a child more than somebody else. Nicole can't help the fact Marilyn has been through that. As for Nicole never wanting the baby, that's not entirely true. She didn't want the baby to begin with (and I agree with Miranda, that may well have been just the initital reaction to the out-of-the-blue, unexpected, shock turn her life took with pretty much no warning.) but, at the very least, that may have only been a few weeks. We don't know exactly how long before Nicole made the confession to Angelo she realised herself she wanted to keep it. It may have been that she'd known for a while she felt something, but she didn't want to say anything until she knew for certain how she felt (and she sounded pretty certain when she told Angelo.) I understand Nicole's shock in the first time and how she try to handle it was really great entertaining, but than she was seeing how Marilyn was in love with her baby and she was doing everything for it. Marilyn told her so many times, that it's her last time to get an baby. I know she can try a real adoption, but Nicole know how she feel and hurt her so much. And yeah it's because she lost a child and because she is a mother. Little bit childish but such a lovely woman and my biggest wish is a child for her. I know it's just an soap opera and not real, but I feel so sorry for Marilyn. And Nicole isn't that ready for an baby I think. I don't want to say that she isn't a good mother but she is not ready.
  9. i'm glad they are gone and i hope they will never come back. can't stand this bit... Nicole. she make false promises to Marylin and then that. nicole can go to hell. hate her i feel so sorry for marylin. she deserves a baby more than nicole. can't stand nicole. she never want that baby and now this ? Unbelievable.
  10. i was annoyed by April and Xavier. Xavier deserves a better one. but with dex ohoho. april is relaxed and funny. let them stay as friends. it would be better than lovestory
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