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  1. I honestly haven't liked Ruby's character, ever. So that probably is my bias showing, with having no sympathy for her. Romeo and Indi did obviously have issues before Ruby showed up in the picture again, but you can't deny that Ruby was a factor that lead to their ultimate separation. Whether it was just Indi being jealous because of Romeo's history where he did cheat on her with Ruby, or if it was Ruby intentionally interfering in order to serve her ultimate goal of being with Romeo, I don't know, but her being in the picture did contribute to Indi's increasing feeling of neglect by Romeo, which then lead to Logan and her liking all the attention he showered on her. While I don't agree with her actions to sleep with Logan, while still together with Romeo, they weren't separated at that point, I guess I understand slightly why she was drawn to Logan. He was intently focused on her, while her husband was off surfing with another girl. She was lonely, and stressed, and Romeo didn't listen to her when she tried to bring up how she was feeling. Romeo and Indi's main problem is that they didn't listen to one another, they didn't communicate effectively. I think this break is good for them as it gives them time to reflect, and also seeing as they both dated other people, to see how they felt being with someone different and whether they were happier or not. I think they are both coming to the realization that they do miss one another, they still love each other, and if they can move past all the issues they currently have and learn to communicate with one another, they can have a reconciliation and a happy life together.
  2. I disagree, Ruby has been worming her way in wherever she could, mainly with the surfing thing, I mean on Indi's sister's day of trial, she had the nerve to go up to Indi and tell her to let Romeo go to the surf comp. They were still together then. It's little things like that where Ruby purposely tried to start things between them. And she's been doing it since last year when she slept with Romeo. She is doing the same things she did back then, trying to undermine the relationship between Romeo and Indi. I do agree, it's not all Ruby, obviously Romeo and Indi had their problems, but I think the Ruby thing definitely helped inflate things, Indi got jealous, slept with Logan, Romeo hit back, etc. etc. I don't think Romeo and Indi getting back together would be a cheat. It's been obvious from the start that Romeo does not have the same feelings as Ruby. Painfully obvious. He is very clearly still in love with Indi. He feels hurt and rejected by Indi though, and Ruby was just waiting there to pick up the pieces, so he did what the easiest thing was and got together with her. But I think over the next few weeks we will see how much he does care for Indi, and I think in the long run, they will get back together.
  3. This storyline does drive me crazy, because I love Romeo and Indi together, but I do like that the show is trying to portray the struggles of a young married couple. They're only what 18/19? That's so young to be married, both of them are not mature enough to know what it really means to be married, and how to deal with the problems that come up everyday. I think the producers are doing a pretty good job at portraying that. I had friends who married around the same age that Romeo and Indi are supposed to be, and they had the same problems, and they too separated for a little while to work out if they really were meant to be together, they worked through their issues and are back together now. That's what I would like to see this story come out to, Romeo and Indi working through their issues, and learning that yes, love isn't enough to keep a marriage going, but seeing them learn to communicate with one another would be good. I don't see a happy ending for Ruby in this though, I really don't. She's about to get her heart broken all over again, but I don't feel sorry for her. That's what you get when you try to break up a marriage.
  4. Do we know how long she's going to be on the show because I'm LOVING her and loving Adrien and Dex together. It would be awesome if she was made a regular character.
  5. We just got the second season premiere over here in the US, and I don't wanna spoil it for anyone, but you guys are gonna LOVE this new episode. SO AMAZING.
  6. She's older, she said "come and give your big sis a kiss" when she first saw Romeo. And I'm loving her. I think she's hilarious, and she's like Romeo in that she's up for a laugh and a good time, but you can definitely see that he is a bit more mature, even though he's the younger one. I think he's learned a bit more from his life experiences than she has. Then again, her whole jokey facade could be a complete cover, like Romeo's was when he first showed up.
  7. Now we're finally getting to the part when this show becomes a real soap. I sort of see Roo's pregnancy as a turning point for the show, based on what happened so far, and from what I know of the storylines that come after, this is when things started to get really juicy. I can't wait to see how it all plays out.
  8. Xavier was "fun" when he first showed up in the Bay on his Schoolies, but that was probably cause he was drunk/stoned at the time. When he moved there for good he wasn't really fun anymore as the Freya drama came pretty much right away, and then he took up with Ruby.
  9. Annie & Romeo is the worse storyline/pairing ever for a start. and I also remember when Xavier was " fun compared to the other teen boys" and look where hes at now , I swear the writers are annoying me on purpose with Annie & Romeo I do think he can be redeemed by his backstory , I guess it depends on what it is. Disagree about Romeo/Annie completely. I have no doubt there have been way worse pairings on the show. Geoff and Claudia anyone?
  10. I hate that everyone bases their dislike on how they look. Who cares about that? Shouldn't it matter more about how their characters complement one another and how they act together? If we're basing it on that then they do suit each other as they're both similar and they can bring out the best in one another. WE're already seeing Romeo bring Annie out of her shell, I can't wait to see what she will bring out of him.
  11. Indigo had the most potential to have good character growth, and Samara was a good actress. If they brought anyone from the Walker family back then I hope they bring Indigo back. She could live with Nicole now that Nic owns Roman's house, it could be a lot of fun.
  12. Looooooooooooove them! He actually gets Annie to act like a normal teenage girl. It's shocking to see her flirting! I love it! I think she's gonna come back from Japan more mature and ready to jump into a real relationship with him.
  13. Woah, some people are a bit harsh. Poor old Romeo. I think it's hard to judge a character's depth based on just a few weeks of episodes, he hasn't really done much yet other than pine after Annie (which I fully approve of). I think he's a total hottie, and after only being on the show for a month or so, he's quickly become my favorite male character. He's just so fun compared to the other teen boys who are so serious! They need someone to lighten them up, and thank goodness for Romeo, he manages to inject some fun in. I'm really excited to get to see his backstory and learn more about him, and of course for Annie to come back so her and Romeo can get together.
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