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Shadow of the Day

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Thanks for commenting. things will start to come together, promise.


The beginnings of life were truly beautiful. To watch a child grow, flourish and discover would be the greatest gift Bianca could hope for. So when she saw Brax walking down the beach hand in hand with little Jade, her heart whimpered in a mixture of love and grief.

‘Hey Bee, hey Liam, look I got ice cream,’ and so Jade held up her ice cream cone as proof. ‘Leah gave me it.’

‘Lucky you, Bianca smiled down with adoration.

‘Yeah,’ Liam put his arm around her waist. ‘Where are you two off to?’

‘Just heading out,’ Brax shrugged. ‘Jade’s pre-school in a bit.’

‘Oh yeah, pre-school, bye Bee, I gotta go,’ Jade waved with her free hand and smiled.

‘We’re not in a rush,’ Brax found the excitement amusing. In a few years, he knew he’d hear nothing but complaints at the mere mention of school.

They weren’t in any rush, but apparently Jade was. Not long after, Bianca and Liam were back at the beach house.

Liam stared at Bianca who had walked in in front of him. ‘Do you want something to eat?’

‘No thanks,’ the reply was half hearted at best. Bianca sat her purse down and sat on the couch.

‘You know, it’s going to happen, babe,’ Liam sat in front of her on the coffee table, leaning forward. ‘You just wait.’

‘Oh for god’s sake, Liam, don’t give me that,’ Bianca snapped and stood up to walk off. ‘I am so sick of that glass half full crap.’

Liam sighed. The first few days after a negative result were always the hardest and it had only been three days. He knew the routine. She’d cheer up in a few days. But the next time, the anger would return. This was supposed to be a happy fun period in their lives full of anticipation and hope. Unfortunately too much anticipation is dangerous for the mind, especially when all of it keeps constantly leading to nothing.

Banging the door shut to her bedroom upstairs, Bianca breathed in deeply. She was so sick of menstruation and ovulation and the frustration that came with it all when it came down to nothing. What was the point of it all? She remembered Jade’s cheerful face and she knew.

‘Daddy, Rissa’s here,’ Jade shouted as she peaked through the curtain at the young beautiful woman. She ran up to meet her as Brax opened the door and waved. ‘Hello,’

‘Hello, how are we today?’ Ms Gold was a tall chirpy blonde ex-ballet dancer with a heart of gold. Brax let her in and they sat together on the couch with the little girl between them.

‘I had ice cream today,’ Jade declared sweetly. ‘Chocolate, it was tasty.’’

‘That sounds delicious,’ Marissa Gold smiled down at her.

‘We too went to pre-school and it’s the last day cause Santa’s coming soon.’

‘Have you been good?’ Marissa asked. Jade nodded. ‘That’s good. Listen, why don’t you go in your room for a bit and I’ll come and play with you in a minute okay?’

Jade nodded and skipped away so the adults were alone. Brax smiled at her. ‘Would you like something to drink?’

‘No I’m fine thanks,’ Dressed in semi-casual business attire, she sat up straight and elegantly. ‘How are things with you?’

‘Alright, I guess.’ Brax shrugged. ‘Ruby came back, Charlie’s other daughter, and we don’t really get along but...’

Marissa sympathised. After months of knowing him, she had grown to like the man. There was something quite vulnerable about him. ‘Ruby, I met her before. She and Jade have been seeing each other then I take it?’

‘No,’ Brax elaborated. ‘Well, she’s coming over tomorrow to hang out with her. Ruby hasn’t got around to it yet.’

‘That should be good for Jade. Reconnecting with her sister.’

‘Yeah, I just hope Ruby’s feelings for me don’t get in the way of that.’ Brax sighed. ‘I know my past isn’t exactly wholesome but I really want this. I want us to be a real family. I just wish she could see it too. I wouldn’t be considering adoption otherwise.’

‘Adoption, that’s a big step. We’ll be seeing a lot more of each other in that case.’ Marissa smiled at the thought. ‘For now why don’t we stick to today?’

‘Sure, I guess this is the part where you go check out Jade’s room and talk to her?’ Brax knew the procedure too well, having been accustomed to these regular home visits. He hated them but Marissa was nice and that made up for it. If he had his way however, the social worker wouldn’t be there, even if she was the sweetest thing in the world.

The first thing VJ always did when he entered his house was flick the lock on the door and turns the key into the secondary lock so it was double secured. This was the only way his mother would feel safe. And even then, she’d still have her nervous moments. There was a door chain as well but that was saved for the nights when no one came in and out.

Leah smiled with relief when she looked up from the accounting on the dining table to see her son walk through the house. ‘How was your friend’s house?’

‘Yeah, it was good,’ VJ replied turning around to face his mum. Leah couldn’t help but notice that he was standing in the exact spot Charlie had been standing when she’d told her about the baby.

‘You know I really want a boy this time.’ Charlie had smiled that October night and bit her lip happily. ‘A little Darryl Braxton, I’d love that. This is my chance for a do-over. I love my family with all my heart and wouldn’t take it back for anything but; I have the opportunity to have a normal pregnancy. No drama for the first time in my life, you know?’

‘Yes, I know.’ Leah had replied. Unfortunately, drama had followed. And it was a real pity too.

When VJ was gone, Leah hadn’t even realised she was still staring. Shaking her head to clear it, Leah scolded herself for day dreaming and returned to her work.

Never again. Never again would a person be wrongfully harmed in her home. There was too much pain within the four walls, from Dan to Charlie to even Peter for a while, and Leah’s unborn child, it was all too much. The security craze had started the time Jake had broken in; yet it had happened again after that. As far as she was concerned that kind of thing wouldn’t happen again in this house.

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Thanks, here's the next one.


‘Hey Sarge, do you have the…’ Xavier stopped speaking as he entered the office to find there was no one there. He needed the paper work for Alan Henderson- charged with battery again, this time on his wife. Looking over at the desk, he saw some files on Watson’s desk and decided to see if he could find it. Instead of the Henderson file though, the open file on top caught his attention.

‘Charlie Buckton…’ Looking back at the door, he curiously picked up the file and glanced through it. November First 2011. Xavier read through the report. Weakened by a chloroform cloth to her mouth, she had difficulty fighting back. It accounted in detail how Jake Pirovic had trespassed through the front door, drugged her from behind and carried her unconscious to his car. One month, she’d been gone, and found barely conscious driving Jake’s car down the road, bruised with a severe concussion, cuts, a broken rib, and burns…Xavier couldn’t read anymore and skimmed down.

Down to the memory loss and how Charlie had suffered the after effects. The lack of evidence due to a victim testimony hadn’t damaged the investigation. The physical evidence was more than sufficient. Xavier could remember that time well. When she’d finally remembered, it was like her whole world had fallen apart. Again,

‘Xavier, what are you doing with that?’ Georgina’s voice alerted him to her presence. She walked over and grabbed the file from him. ‘Don’t you have the Alan Henderson report to do?’

‘Yeah, I was just looking for…’ Xavier spotted the Henderson file on the table and lifted it up. ‘For the file, sorry,’

Georgie pursed her lips as the junior officer left quickly. She wasn’t supposed to have been looking at the Buckton file either but she couldn’t help herself. From time to time, she needed to read it. It was her way of remembering. And in a way, it felt like reading that horrific account of her friend’s life and feeling that hurt herself would take some of the pain and burden away from a woman who had done nothing to deserve such grief.

‘Wow, I have big sister!’’ Ruby nodded nervously and Jade’s eyes lit up. It was the fifth time she’d asked. ‘We play all the time, okay?’

Jade held the older girl’s hand and dragged her faster along the beach. ‘Come on, we gotta go.’

‘Honey, the ocean’s not going anywhere.’ Ruby laughed, relieved that the girl was okay with her. Running slowly, she grabbed Jade and flung her around making her giggle. In her white patterned two piece swimsuit, she was every bit the beach girl.

It surprised Ruby that Jade could already boogie board. At four, it wasn’t something most kids her age were skilled with. All it did was remind Ruby that her sister was being raised by a Braxton; a river boy with a love for water. Of course Brax would teach her to ride a wave.

‘Do you know mummy?’ Jade asked as they bobbed up and down in the ocean. The question hit Ruby like a bullet. Did she know mummy?

‘Yes. We have the same mummy you know.’ It had been questions all day. What’s your favourite colour? Where do you live? Why is your hair curly? Why is mine straight? Do you like Sponge Bob? It was an endless monologue of childish banter, accompanied by an endless abundance of energy.

‘Cool. I love mummy.’ Jade declared with a smile identical to Charlie’s. Ruby wondered why she had stayed away for so long.

‘Yeah,’ her voice had a hint of a smile to it. ‘I love mummy too.’

That night in an old ware house outside Yabee Creek, there was a Christmas party. The youth of the area had all gathered to celebrate the holiday in style. Empty plastic cups adorned the floor, the tables, the seats, anywhere but the non-existent bin and the bar was never empty. Packed to the brim and smelling of pot, there was hardly any room to breathe.

It was just how Ruby liked it. The music blaring, people dancing, it was how a real party was supposed to be. In her five inch heels, she grabbed the nearest person to her and danced with him without a care in the world. Drunk, the boy pulled her in close so their bodies touched on every crevice. ‘You’re really hot.’

The hot air from him whispering in her ear startled Ruby. It was too early in the night for that, but maybe later if he was lucky, ‘Thanks. I need a drink.’

‘I’ll get you one.’ Ruby shook her head. She wasn’t stupid, she’d pour her own. This she’d learnt from experience. Ruby had been lucky that time, but she wouldn’t take any more chances. Walking over to the make-shift bar, she took a plastic cup and filled it up with beer. A hand touched hers and placed something small into it. Ruby looked up.

‘It’s amazing, trust me.’ The girl turned and smiled before going on her way.

Ruby shrugged and popped the pill in her mouth with a bit of beer before heading back onto the dance floor. It wasn’t like it was a big deal. After all, life was all about trying new things wasn’t it?

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Still very intrigued at Miss Charlie Buckton's status....dead or alive?? After reading this update, I'm feeling a bit more like she may still be alive somehow.....but then again it does appear....oh I just dont know! Jade is cute and liked her banter with Ruby. Not sure about Ruby at the end though.....could be trouble.

Update soon :)

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Yes I'm still abit confused about Charlie it would seem after that chapter she might be alive but I still think Brax saw her as a ghost in the bar. or maybe he was just going abit bonkers :lol:

I liked that Jade had been firing questions at Ruby all day. That was amusing do you like spongebob. :lol:

Could there be trouble for Ruby after taking that pill at the end?

Look forward to your next update.

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