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Shadow of the Day

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This fic is still VERY ……..elusive and coooooooooooooooooool !!!!! REALLY enjoying it, especially ......

 That girl had been right; the pill really had been amazing. Ruby had tried other stuff before but no other party drug compared to the euphoria she’d experienced.

 Probably out at some party or other as usual doing god knew what but he didn’t ask. ‘How’s the head?’

Ruby rolled her eyes. ‘Why do you keep asking me that every morning?’

‘If I don’t you’ll just complain about your hang over any way so…’ She’d changed so much Xavier sometimes found it hard to believe she was really the same Ruby Buckton that he’d fallen for in high school. She’d only been back for a week and the difference was startling but once in a while the quintessential Ruby would break through the hard exterior.

‘Well, at least I’m not wasting my time on video games and surfing 24/7. I don’t remember Casey being so damn lazy; he doesn’t even pretend to earn a living.’ Ruby grumbled light heartedly. ‘Knowing his type he probably does “business on the side”, you might want to look into that.’

‘I don’t have to look into anything.’ Slight annoyance crept into Xavier at the constant criticising towards Casey. ‘Rubes, he’s just finished university, got a job teaching next year at Summer Bay High. It’s the holidays. Maybe you should stop criticizing him and actually talk to the guy for once.’

‘Alright, alright, I was just saying,’ Ruby leaned against the head board seated up under the sheets

 Bianca sat on the familiar patient’s bed, waiting for the doctor to return with her three hundred dollar hormone shot. Who would’ve thought making a baby could be so expensive? It seemed the days when conceiving considered of pure no fuss sex- something that cost no money at all- were over.

 ‘I missed my period last week. I made the sad mistake of taking a pregnancy test.’ Bianca quietly admitted. ‘Turned out I was just a little late. Should’ve known,’

‘Bianca, you can’t beat yourself up every time like this. You know, stress can make this process a little difficult. Maybe you should try some relaxation methods. Or skipping a cycle; be yourself for a while.’ Rachel suggested. ‘Who knows, some women find that spontaneity and a little break helps relieve the pressure.’

Spontaneity seemed like a life time ago. Everything in Bianca’s life at the moment was run on a strict schedule. She and Liam only ever had sex according to a schedule, arranged around her body clock. Hormone shots every day at four, this part of the day had to remain clear. They rarely went out, in case they lost the window. It all felt pointless.

‘I don’t think so.’ There was no way Bianca would miss a cycle. What if she missed her chance? No.

 The WHOLE Chax bathroom sequence !!!!!!

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Just to clarify: no time jumps. Thanks for the comments.


‘Ruby, is that you?’ Charlie looked to the door in the hospital room and stared at the grown woman beside her. For a woman who’d lost seven years of her life, the wonder at her maturity was immeasurable.

‘Why are you always staring at me?’ This had happened about two weeks since Charlie’s rescue from Jake and the woman was just about to be discharged.

‘Sorry, I keep thinking you’re still eleven. It’s weird to see my little sister all grown up.’ Charlie turned back to the mirror and examined her new self. The last she remembered, she had been twenty five so seeing her thirty two year old self staring back at her was an experience.

Ruby gulped. She hadn’t had the courage to tell Charlie she knew the truth about her parentage. But she’d have to be told eventually. Just like Ruby had to inform Charlie that both Charlie’s parents were dead, that she wasn’t a police officer anymore, that Chuck, Charlie’s husky when she’d been twenty five, had died in a hit and run five years prior, Ruby would have to tell her this.

‘Charlie, can we talk about something?’ Ruby asked solemnly. Charlie turned and nodded. They took a seat on the hospital bed, side by side. ‘I know…I…two years ago, you told me the truth. I know you’re my mum.’

Charlie gulped in shock. How could she possibly know? ‘You do?’

‘You got hurt in car accident and I saw your C-section scar, and it just went on from there. Things were rocky for a while, but we’re stronger than ever. A real mother and daughter,’ Ruby nodded and took her mother’s hand in hers. There were tears in Charlie’s eyes. That was the extent of what Ruby was willing to reveal. The stuff that happened afterwards with Grant, if Charlie never remembered that again, that would suit them all fine. But of course, four months after her discharge, Charlie had remembered every single detail.

Charlie shrugged as she whispered into Brax’ back. ‘You never know, maybe it’ll happen for Bianca when she least expects it.’

‘I hope so.’ Turning to face her in the kitchen, Brax took the wisps of hair from her face and tucked them behind her ear. ‘She wants a kid so badly. So does Liam. They’re good people. It’ll work out, right?’

‘That’s right,’ Charlie kissed him lightly as the music passed through the air. ‘Our daughter sounds amazing.’

‘Yeah, she does. Nothing like you,’ Brax leaned in cheekily until their noses touched.

Charlie laughed and playfully hit in his arm. ‘Watch it mister. I’m not that musically inept. I had a part in a musical when I was eight. In “Annie”,’

‘Really, what part did you have?’ Brax teased as he rubbed his arm. The girl could hit.

Charlie looked down sheepishly. ‘Well, I played Sandy.’

‘You played the dog?’ Brax laughed and shook his head.

‘I was great at it too,’ Charlie pouted defensively. ‘Just ask Georgie, she’ll tell you.’

‘Did you have to wear a dog suit? And where a nose and have whiskers and a tail?’ Brax grinned. ‘Are there photos? Because if there are…’

‘I’ll have you know I got a standing applause for my performance,’

‘Yeah, I bet you barked your pretty little mouth off to perfection.’

Charlie pouted. ‘I don’t see you having any musical talent. I’ve heard you singing in the shower,’

‘I’m kidding, I’m sure you rocked it eh. I’m glad you’re here,’ Brax held her face tenderly and kissed the pout away gently. In the background, they could hear the faint sound of the piano.

Ruby took the short stroll next door and heard the unmistakable sound of music through the open front door. There was an instant smile on her face when she heard the youthful melody of her sister’s voice against the piano. For a four year old, she could play and sing exceptionally well.

Inside, the living area was empty. ‘Hello?’

‘Ruby,’ Brax whispered from the kitchen and a second later, he stepped out in view. His daughter’s music could be heard faintly from her room in the background. ‘Hey, Jade’s just practising her piano.’

‘She sounds amazing.’ Ruby admitted and Brax couldn’t help but notice that her words mirrored Charlie’s to the letter. The Bucktons; they all reflected each other in some way.

‘She gets it from her big sister,’ Brax turned to look at Charlie touching him lightly as she came up from behind him.

‘She’s a little Ruby, that one,’ Brax agreed and smiled at Ruby who of course, didn’t return the gesture.

‘Well, I should probably go say hi,’ and with that she disappeared into the hallway. Jade’s door was ajar and she silently walked in and smiled when she saw the young girl facing away from her at her fingers working slowly on her little keyboard.

‘Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,

That saved a wretch like me…

I once was lost, but now I’m found,’

Was blind…’ Ruby joined her in harmony and a startled Jade stopped playing. Shyly turning to the door, she blushed at having an audience. Ruby smiled. ‘It’s okay, you’re really incredible. Go on.’

Jade looked hesitantly at her sister and bit her lip shyly before placing her fingers back on the keys.

‘T’was Grace that taught…

My heart to fear,

And Grace, my fears relieved.’

As the two sisters sang together, their voices mixed to create a gentle harmonious tune. Ruby slowly walked over as they sang and took a seat next to Jade on the bench. Watching the young girl manoeuvre the keyboard with her swift delicate hand, her voice sweet as an angel, Ruby couldn’t be more in love. Music filled the air and covered the distance between the estranged sisters, enmeshing their voices together until they weren’t a pocket of air between their souls.

‘How precious did that Grace appear,

The hour I first believed.’

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