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Shadow of the Day

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Hey, thank you so much for the lovely comments. I've been really motivated to writing lately for some reason. Hope you like this next one. I hope it's not too confusing.


‘Ruby, you’re back,’ Ruby sighed as she received the fifth hug of the morning. She’d only been out for an hour and already people were reaching forward with niceties and sickening affection. Why had she ever left the city? That was right; she had nowhere else to go.

‘Leah, it’s so good to see you,’ Ruby put on a smile and hugged her back. Really, it wasn’t that hard to be happy to see her; she was one of the few people she’d actually missed. So of course, she’d make the house call.

‘I can’t believe you’re really here,’ Leah leaned back to look at the young woman before her. ‘You’re all grown up. Gosh, you must be what, twenty three now?’

‘Yeah, twenty three,’ Ruby found that statement hard to believe. In her mind, she hadn’t grown up at all. It felt like she was in limbo.

‘Come in, come in,’ Leah walked back into the house and gestured for her to follow. Ruby stood at the door, suddenly feeling a cold chill. She brushed the thought away; it was the middle of summer. With a sigh, she stepped in.

‘I went to see mum this morning,’ with her arms crossed against the non-existent chill, Ruby whispered the words aloud to no one in particular. It was that time of year again. Time to visit one’s mother.

‘That’s nice,’ Leah smiled sympathetically. Of course she understood. There was an awkward silence and she spoke after a while. ‘You should’ve told me you were coming. I’d have cleared up your old room for you. It’s all full of boxes of god knows what in there. We’ve been using it for storage.’

‘That’s okay, I’m staying with Xavier,’ And Casey. Ruby added silently. Casey Braxton, always ruining everything. ‘Do you mind if I use the bathroom? I forgot to go at Xav’s.’

‘No, go right ahead.’

Ruby walked into the familiar hallway. The house hasn’t changed. Nothing’s changed yet everything’s so very different. How can life be so contradicting? She opened her old bedroom door and opened it curiously. Full of boxes. And then Charlie’s door next to it. It took a second to gain the courage to touch that handle and turn it.

Not a budge. Locked. Ruby sighed with relief and continued on her way.

Brax sat in the same spot he’d sat the previous day. It was nearing sunset and Ridgeley Pub was quiet and dusty as usual, but for an elderly man passed out in a corner chair. A jar of beer sat in front of him, frothing.

‘Brax, right? Bourbon?’ Bree smiled affectionately as he nodded and sat at the bar. The drink was set in front of him almost immediately. ‘How are you?’

Talk about a loaded question. Brax smiled. He was feeling a little lighter today. ‘How much time do you have?’

Bree understood the feeling. She was quite fond of this customer, even though he didn’t speak much. He reminded her of her husband at that age, before he passed. Similar in demeanour, large in presence, a little rough around the edges. She went to the back when she was sure everything was alright on the floor to work on inventory.

Brax was left alone with the old sleeping man drooling onto the wooden table. He shook his head and turned away from him to enjoy his drink. It was that time of year again. The time to forget one’s self with alcohol.

‘You look like you could use a drink,’ Brax nearly had a heart attack when he heard the voice. He hadn’t even heard the front door opening. Turning his head, he thought he was staring at the face of an angel.

‘Charlie?’ The name barely croaked out of his throat, which was drier than ever before.

‘It’s been a while.’ Charlie looked at him with a smile.

There was a glisten in her eyes, Brax noticed. Immediately, it catapulted him to those days a while after Jake had hurt her. Charlie would have the same glisten in her eyes, the same shine to her like she was glowing. She’d smile proudly and look at him with those doe eyes, giggle without a care in the world and say, ‘I remember,’ and then she’d bite her lip. So innocent and pure,

‘Penny for your thoughts?’ The voice brought Brax back to reality. He was still staring at Charlie in the pub. It was all there. The smile, the glistening eyes, even the way her lips parted slightly, invitingly.

‘I was just thinking about you,’ Brax finally coaxed out.

Charlie giggled vivaciously. ‘Were you now?’

How could she be here so happy? After everything. ‘You can’t be here.’

‘Can’t I?’ She was being teasing.

Brax was still a little surprised and couldn’t believe she was really there. More than surprised, he was confused. Shocked, happy, scared. ‘Are you really here?’

‘Hush,’ Charlie placed a finger on his lips to stop the incoherent words. ‘You decide.’

Brax gulped as Charlie brushed her finger down his chin and onto the out of his forearm. When she removed her hand, Brax could feel the burning warmth she had left replaced by the cold air conditioned air inside the pub and he whispered. ‘Will you come home with me?’

Charlie sighed and brushed her hand over his cheek. She shook her head sympathetically.

It always seemed to Bianca that time slowed down considerably whenever she anticipated something. That was the case now as she leaned nervously against the bathroom sink, desperately trying not to chew her fingernails. Her eyes remained focused on her wrist watch, watching the second hand tick ever so slowly.

‘Bianca. How long does it take?’ April was just as nervous outside the bathroom door, pacing back and forth.

Irene shook her head. ‘Would you stop your pacing girly, you’re making me dizzy.’

‘Wait, five more seconds,’ Bianca felt her heart pump faster. Would this really happen? She looked away from the watch face for the first time in five minutes and now stared at the pregnancy test on the sink. Taking a deep breath, she took it in her hand, and placed it back almost immediately.

‘Well?’ April was anxious for the results.

‘I can’t look, can you do it?’ Bianca covered her eyes while her little sister rolled hers. The bathroom door opened and the room received another occupant.

‘I’m not touching that thing,’ April pointed at the test. ‘Hold it up for me.’

Bianca sighed and did as she told with both hands. As she waited expectantly for the verdict, her hands felt sweaty and were shaking from nerves. The look on April’s face was unreadable and every second she was silent made her all the more agitated. ‘Say something.’

April still didn’t speak. Finally, she looked up at her older sister with regret in her eyes and slowly shook her head. Bianca gulped back a tear and threw the pregnancy test in the sink, walking straight past April and past Irene towards her bedroom.

Irene looked back at April. ‘Well? What did it say?’

April shook her head again solemnly. ‘Negative.’

‘So, what does a young hot girl do on Friday night in Summer Bay? Refresh my memory,’ This was the first thing Ruby said when she walked back into the Austin house after spending the day reconnecting with the people she’d left behind and reminding herself of the beauty of the area.

Xavier stood with his police uniform untucked after a long day at work checking the mail on the table. ‘Hey Rubes,’

‘Well?’ Ruby jumped onto the sofa and curled her legs under her leaning back to look at him.

‘Well, Angelo’s is really the only…’

‘No thanks.’ The answer was immediate. Not Angelo’s, never again. Ruby changed her tone of voice back to its original chirp. ‘Doesn’t matter, I’ll find something to keep me occupied tonight. I always do.’

‘Maybe we could hang out,’ Xavier suggested which earned a smile.

‘You’ll go out with me?’ Ruby lightened up and smiled at his appearance. ‘You can’t go like that though. We’ll never be able to have any fun.’

‘I was thinking more staying in.’ He looked down at his uniform and grinned defensively. ‘I’ll have you know mum thinks I look very smart in my uniform.’

‘And I completely agree with her. But I don’t do staying in. It makes me feel old,’ the response was flattering. ‘You know, I quite like the sound of Constable Austin though. Has a sexy ring to it.’

‘Sexy?’ Before Ruby could answer, the door opened and in came Dex with bags marked by the Pier Diner logo. ‘Hey man, look who’s here.’

‘Ruby, yeah, I saw her this morning.’ Dex placed the take away bags on the table and turned around. ‘Rubes, I hope you missed the diner food. Cause I brought plenty. I’m going to take a shower.’

‘I did, you have no idea,’ Ruby eyed the spread eagerly as she bounced up from the couch. A few minutes later, the sound of the shower turning on could be heard while Ruby and Xav sat unpacking the food. ‘You forgot to mention your roommates this morning before you left.’

‘Yeah, sorry about that,’ Xav glanced at her sheepishly. ‘That must’ve been a little awkward, huh?’

‘A little,’ they were referring to Casey’s presence. ‘Not exactly the best view first thing in the morning.’

‘I know you and Case didn’t exactly break things off on a great note but maybe this is a chance to patch things up.’

An immediate and vigorous shake of the head ensured from Ruby. ‘I don’t think so. Could you pass me a spoon?’

Xavier sighed and handed her the silverware knowing it was a hopeless cause.

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Wow really enjoying this fic I wasn't sure if Charlie was alive at the start of this story but It seems Jake killed her because I think Brax was seeing her ghost in the bar that was a really spine tingling scene.

More soon.

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