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Shadow of the Day

Guest mizziette

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Story Title: Shadow of the day

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Ruby, Brax, Bianca, Charlie, Leah, Xavier

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Not sure yet

Summary: It's been five years since Jake got his revenge on Charlie and three years since their lives were changed forever. Ruby is Summer Bay's number one party girl. Brax is left wondering what went wrong in his relationship. Bianca has her own problems. Leah is taking things day by day. And Charlie wishes it had all gone a lot differently.


‘Did you miss me? I know, it’s late and a little out of the blue but I just had to come back. I was staying with this mate in the city and she was awesome, at least until she went mental on me and threw me out. In the middle of the night too. I thought of finding something in the city, and I thought of coming here. You know, and visit her for a little while. What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy to see me?’ She turned on her heel to find Xavier still holding the door open, half in shock, half still asleep.

Xavier shook his head and yawned as he shut the front door. ‘Of course I am, it’s just that I wasn’t quite expecting anyone at two in the morning.’

‘I know I’m sorry. What can I say? I’m a night person. You think your mum would mind if I stayed here? It’s late and the caravan park’s closed and…’

‘My mum doesn’t live here anymore.’ The house was still enveloped in darkness, the only light emanating from the full moon, creating shadows. ‘She and John took up residence on a farm just outside town.’

‘Oh, so it’s just you?’ The leather duffel bag fell from her hand with a thud onto the hardwood flooring as she spun around. ‘God, this house hasn’t changed a bit, has it? I’m so tired.’

‘You can take Hugo’s old room.’ Xavier yawned. ‘Talk later.’

‘Great,’ Halfway to the hallway, she turned around to face him. ‘Xavier?’


‘How is she?’ The voice sounded considerably softer and mellow than the fun vivacious girl who’d banged mercilessly on the door at two in the morning. ‘I mean, she’s alright? I haven’t seen her in forever.’

‘She’s doing fine, at least to the best of my knowledge. I know she’s my neighbour and everything but it’s not like we spend hours chatting away, is it?

‘She’s fine? That’s good.’ A little waver in the voice was quickly recovered with a forced smile and a chirp. ‘Well, I’m going to hit the sack then. We’ll catch up in the morning. Good night Xav. Thanks for this.’

‘Anything for an old friend,’ another smile but his was filled with genuine happiness. ‘It’s good to have you back.’

‘Only for a little while,’ the voice grew fainter with each step away from the living area. ‘Only for a little while and only to see her,’

‘Only for a little while,’ she repeated again under her breath when she reached her room and leaned against the inside of the closed door. The minute she’d entered the privacy of the bedroom, it was like her mask had been pulled off. The smile instantly faded and revealed the nervous unsure girl behind it. Summer Bay unnerved her. It had never been the same since. ‘Only for a little while and then I’m gone,’

Brax sat at the bar gliding his finger absentmindedly around the rim of his glass. He wasn’t in Angelo’s, but an obscure little country pub that rarely received more than five patrons at a time. Everything was wooden, from the walls to the bar to the tables and chairs. A juke box sat against the far wall softly playing Linkin Park’s ‘Shadow of the day.’ Currently, Darryl Braxton was owner Bree Ridgley’s only customer.

‘How about a top up love?’ Brax nodded as Bree, a cheerful frumpy middle aged woman with olive skin and monotone clothing, the only colour on her being the gold on her simple wedding band, a token from her late husband, dead ten years prior.

The second Bree poured the bourbon; Brax grabbed the glass and held it in front of his face for a second before downing every drop of it. Placing the glass back on its napkin, he gestured for a refill.

‘Let me guess, women troubles?’ Bree did as he asked, but this time, there was no move to get the alcohol. He simply continued to absentmindedly glide his finger along the rim of his glass, round and round.

‘Am I that obvious?’ Brax sighed and gave a half smile.

‘No, women are generally the usual culprit that brings men in here in the evenings. That or family trouble or a death. Depends.’ Bree shrugged sympathetically. This joint isn’t exactly Angelo’s you know. We’re pretty small and a fair way out of town. Nearly every one that comes in through that door is escaping something. Casual drinking is saved for the bigger joints.’

Brax turned his head to look at the door to his right she’d momentarily pointed to and returned his gaze to her. At the mention of Angelo’s he’d smiled but decided against telling her the restaurant was his. He finally took a little sip and placed his glass down.

‘So this woman has a name?’ Bree leant her hands against the bar as she inquired, a tea towel hanging out of her right hand.

‘Charlie,’ Brax nodded and shook his head. ‘Her name’s Charlie.’

‘Things aren’t going so well?’

Brax shook his head and kept his eyes down at his hands lightly wrapped around the glass. ‘Things were going great, until…’

Bree waited patiently. It was part of her job description to listen. The broken man finally continued. ‘Until she left me. Just like that. Not even a goodbye.’

‘It was my fault.’ After a half minute, he started again. Now, he was staring at the liquid in his glass as he held it in his right hand, elbow propped up on the bar. ‘I brought him into our lives and he stole her.’

Bree thought she knew the tale. Girl meets boy. Girl gets bored. Girl finds another boy and leaves the first one to drink his sorrows away at the Ridgeley Pub. She had seen it happen all too many times in her twenty five years behind the bar. ‘You couldn’t have seen it coming.’

Brax sighed and looked up in front of him at the mirror behind the bottles to find a worn face staring back. Looking to Bree scrubbing down the bar to his far left, he knew she’d misinterpreted his words but didn’t correct her. Brax took a deep breath before pressing the rim of his glass to his lips and pouring the bourbon into his throat.

‘No, I didn’t see it coming. No one did.’ The words echoed in the empty room.

Ruby Buckton was not looking forward to getting out of bed the day following her unexpected return. Reunions were always full of questions and pleasantries, something the young woman could certainly do without, but in a town as small as Summer Bay, running into a familiar face had to be expected.

She knew the deal. Ruby and Xavier had caught up in the early hours of the morning before his morning shift. Renewing their acquaintance over coffee had given her a glimpse of what to expect. Ruby, so good to see you. How are you doing? Lousy. What brings you back to town? I wish I knew. And her personal favourite; what have you been up to these last three years? Absolutely nothing.

And worst of all, she’d know that deep in their minds they were all wondering one thing. And not one person would ever dare mention it aloud. Charlie.


Ruby turned around from her position by the kitchen window, snapped out of her day dream. She had been refilling her cup of coffee. Her face went sullen with annoyance. ‘You,’

‘Yes, me. You’re back.’ Way to state the obvious.

‘What’re you doing here?’ Ruby had her defences up high. Of all the people she could have run into first, it had to be him.

‘I could ask you the same thing,’ Casey replied, moving along towards the fridge and taking a juice carton out. As he drank it straight from the carton in that way boys do, Ruby cringed.

‘Xavier let me stay with him.’

‘He did?’ Casey raised his eyebrows and only received a stare. Right, none of his business. After a pause, he replied to her inquiry. ‘I live here now.’

‘You live here?’ This surprised her. So Casey was Xavier’s roommate. Funny that, a Braxton living with a cop.

‘Is that a problem?’ Casey asked. Ruby just rolled her eyes as she took a sip. Yes. Yes it was.

‘Just stay out of my way and we’ll be fine.’ Ruby lied. She looked away.

Casey looked at his ex-girlfriend through the awkward silence. What were you supposed to say in this situation? ‘So how are you?’

‘Like you care.’ So he was going for civility. Ruby downed the rest of her coffee as she turned towards the sink.

‘If that’s how you want to play it,’ Casey sighed and put the juice carton back in the fridge. He wasn’t going to try if she wasn’t willing. It was like nothing’s changed.

‘See you around,’ Ruby walked past him to go to the bedroom, nearly bumping into a yawning Dex in plaid pyjamas.

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VERY intereesting start :D!!

A bit confused as to who Ruby was asking Xavier about at the beginning (maybe Leah??), but I'm guessing that will be explained as the story progresses.

Feel sorry for Brax :(!! He's still not over Charlie!!!

Very intrigued as to what sort of a part Charlie will play in this :)!!

Love your stories so much :)!!

More soon please :D

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