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Paul O'Brien "I wasn't proud of Home and Away"

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Paul O’Brien got his big break as cop Jack Holden in Home And Away, but now that he’s scored a gig in telemovie Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here, he’s lashed out at his former employers.

“H&A was an amazing experience but, as an actor, I was like, ‘What am I doing?’” Paul tells TV WEEK. “I can’t say I felt proud of the work I did.” Despite this, Paul says fans still ask him to reprise the role – even though Jack was killed off in 2009.

“I get asked every day, ‘When are you going back?’” the 32-year-old says. “But it’s never going to happen. Ever. If you paid me one million dollars, I’d still say no, because I want to act in stuff that I’m proud of – and, unfortunately, I wasn’t proud of H&A.”

Paul has relocated to Melbourne since leaving Summer Bay, and he couldn’t be happier to be far from the soap that put his name on the map.

“I’ve never even watched H&A,” he admits. “I didn’t want to watch it because I’d know we did a scene in one take because we ran out of time. You’re spelling everything out to the audience, and that’s not what acting is about. It’s about subtext and what’s not being said. It’s a different genre of acting and I’ll never go back.”

Credit to TV Week

Not sure how to take that really, it seems a bit distasteful and a bit of a criticism of all his ex colleagues who are working on the show and as far as I can see it; acting amazingly and producing really good work (most of them anyway.) He's coming across as one of 'those' actors who went to Hollywood for a bit and starts getting ahead of himself - I'm quite surprised to hear this from him.

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I can understand it must be frustrating to do scenes at such a fast pace and without much rehearsal, but he probably should have clarified that he isn't proud of his acting on Home and Away, not the show...or maybe he did mean the show, I know I didn't rate him much as an actor when he was there.

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Talk about being ungrateful!! If it wasn't for Home and Away people still wouldn't know who Paul O'Brien was and he'd still be doing odd jobs trying to catch his big acting break.

And it's not like he can choose to be picky. I mean has he done anything since leaving the Bay two years ago?? I know it's frustrating when people still see the actor as the character they played but what does he expect, he'd played Jack for 3-4 years.

But that is not an excuse speak the way he did. Many actors off of Home and Away are still associated with their charcters but still mangae to find more work. Just look at Todd Lasance and Jessica Tovey. Everyone still sees them as Aden and Belle but thats hasn't hindered their credibilty as actors.

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I'm not sure how to take this.He's entitled not to be proud of his own work,but the way he comes across is disrespectful to other people involved with the show.He wouldn't be anybody without it and I think to many people forget the foot in the door HAA gives them.

I'm actually quite surprised.I've met him a few times and he's always come across as a really nice guy.

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