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What do you think of Gina

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What do you think of Gina?  

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Love her. I was happy to hear she was becoming a regular as for so long we only had two older female characters after Clarissa quit the show.

But I understand why it was a while before a replacement for Beth was found as it would be a bit silly for a middle aged women to just turn up out of the blue.

Gina is going to be a great character and think the producer wills make her character become a mainstay with her becoming the princpal.

Many people stay she is similar to Beth but I have to say I think are very different. The only thing they are like is that they are both careing mothers.

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I like her and think it's great they've added an older female to the main cast list. She mixes things up a little and its a change from the constant stream of new teenage cast who don't really add anything new, in my opinion.

However, i don't agree that she was brought in as a replacement for Beth at all. I think Gina is a much better character than Beth and has a lot more potential.

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