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Art of Love

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Story title: Art of Love

Type of story: Short fiction

Main characters: Adelle & Changelo

BTTB rating: A (L SC)

Genre: Romance/Friendship/Drama

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Possible.

Summary: Charlie and Angelo are still trying to learn the art of love. Will they be able to keep pleasure out of the business side of life? Belle and Aden have been best friends since high school...what will happen when one of them has a change of heart. Will Belle sacrifice her friendship with Aden? Does true love really exist?

Yes this fic is inspired by the song of “Art of Love”. Sorry I couldn’t help myself :P

Their young lips touched, Belle pulled back. “You didn’t kiss me, I kissed you”. She explained to a confused Aden. None of this dream had made any sense. Aden’s voice faded in and out, getting louder than a little softer. “If you’re falling for me you’re falling for me! Why do you feel so ashamed of your feelings?” Aden questioned me. Then I replied, “I let you kiss me didn’t I?”

Aden took her hand, Belle sighed, what was the use of fighting anymore. Aden was right, Belle had loved him.

His eyes were glued to her eyes, in a strong and serious tone, he made his demands, “Look me in the eyes and say this.....I have fallen in love with Aden Jefferies. Say it”

Belle sat up quickly, now she knew for certain that she was dreaming. They say dreams have a hidden message that lies within. Was her subconscious telling me that she was falling in love? He had been one of her good friends since high school. It wasn’t a possible.....or was it?

“Charlie, do you believe in love at first sight?” Angelo asked his love as they ate breakfast outside the Pier Diner.

“Don’t silly boy” Charlie wacked Angelo on the side of his arm powerfully. “Oi that hurt, you do remember you as girl posses an amazing ability of strength....hitting Angelo hurts” He said in a childish mode. “Aww baby...” Charlie showed more attentiveness to the newspaper she held in her hands. “You still didn’t answer my question” He bleated at Charlie. “It depends...I’m still learning the art of love sweetheart...”

“When you first set eyes on this irresistible and alluring super cop was it love at first sight” Angelo pestered her.

Charlie gave up, “To be honest I don’t remember. Why must you know and better yet why are you asking creeping love questions”

“It was love at first sight for me” A ray of happiness and satisfaction beamed across his face, in a form of a smile.

She exhaled noisily, “You’re such a dispiriting romantic”. “I’m only asking because I want to know if you felt the same way...I never believed there was a god. But now I am reconsidering my faith”, he provoked her innocuously, wanting reaction.

“Shut up” Charlie said acting as if she was defenceless.

“Belle” Aden ran up the beach promptly to reach Belle. “What” Belle asked as her head snapped back with trepidation. “Nothing, I just wanted to say hi that’s all” Aden laughed; he found it funny that he couldn’t say hello without a viable intention. “Oh hi” Belle was at fault. The dream she had experienced was all she could think about. What did it mean? Was she really falling for Aden Jefferies?

“Is everything alright....you’re acting a little strange....even for a girl...” Aden made harmless fun of his friend.

“Yeah....I’m cool” Her delivery of her response was in the “coolest” possible voice she could make, in every attempt to hide her shame.

Comments are treasured :wub:

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Steph's Back!!! oh yes she is... and she'd made an amazing start to an amazing new fic!

Even though I'm not much of a Changelo Fan, I found their bickering funny :lol:

And Belle's dream... wow :wub:

Aden is clueless... and a clueless Aden is a gorgeous Aden... :D although Aden is just pure gorgeous!!!

Update soon!

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Thanks for the quick response guys :P

All of a sudden Belle was beginning to see the beauty of him. “I’ll race ya” Aden pushed Belle to the side gently before taking off towards the wide open sea. “Hey....wait for me” Belle raced after him. Aden had made it to the water first, diving in, saturating himself in water. “You look like a drown rat” Belle stepped in the water, on her tippy toes.

“You’re such a girl Belle” Aden said noticing Belle’s slight hesitation to get fully soaked. “The water is cold, leave me alone...” Belle took her time, getting use to the water gradually. “You’re fully clothed you shouldn’t be cold”

“I haven’t got heaps of body fat to keep me warm like you mister!” Belle shivered in the water, holding herself in attempt to keep herself warm. “You’re hair isn’t even wet yet” Aden said looking at her dry hair. “Don’t you dare, I swear if you even” But before Belle could finish her sentence, Aden did the unthinkable...he pushed a wave of water towards her slashing her in the face.

“Ohhh... you are so dead!” Belle said as her face trembled, but she didn’t care. It was time for revenge. Belle chased him in the water, pushing as much water as she possibly could towards him, targeting his face. Aden found it hilarious, laughing and swimming away from her. “I’m still cold!!” Belle screamed stopping and standing still. Belle was shaking. “You can’t seriously be still cold after chasing me”

“I am” Belle moaned. “Come here then” Aden wrapped his arms around Belle, before she could even have a say in the matter – not that she cared. This is nice she thought to herself. He tightened his grip on Belle, neither of them felt awkward. Aden held Belle for several minutes. “Are you warm now?”

“Just a little” Belle smiled, she didn’t want to be released. “Alright then, we better get out of the water then” Aden removed his arms from Belle and glided back to shore. Belle stood still, Aden looked back “Are you coming gorgeous?” he yelled.

An unfamiliar sensation beamed throughout Belle’s body, her eyes lit up and she couldn’t help but smile at him, “Yeah”.

After Belle and Aden changed into dry clothes, hunger had struck them both. “Come on let’s go see what’s on the special’s menu for today” Aden’s stomach grumbled.

“Okay”. Irene was working today; Aden had already order two plates of fish and chips. Belle waited at the counter to be served as she was about to order some drinks. In the mean time Aden was in the bathroom. “Won’t be a moment, love” Irene smiled as Belle leaned against the bench. “Oh no, take your time. There’s no hurry”

“Oh perfect timing darl, I was just about to bring your iced chocolate to you” Irene giggled, passing the drink over to one handsome, young guy. “That’s alright. You’re busy. I don’t mind” He smiled at Irene and what a gorgeous smile it was. The young male looked at Belle, “Hi..”

Belle stopped leaning against the counter and straighten up, “Hi” She said nervously tucking her hair behind her left ear. “I’m Jacob...I’m fairly new here”

“Hi...” Belle said more confidently, she was so intoxicated by his beauty she forgot that he didn’t know her name. “Oh sorry...I’m Belle”

“Belle....a beautiful name.....for a beautiful girl” He smiled and at her. Just at that moment Aden had returned, he couldn’t help but notice the looks between Belle and Jacob. “Well...I better get going....this iced chocolate is just dying to be consumed”

Jacob left, Aden watched him until he sat down. “Who’s that?”

“Jacob” Belle replied, looking away from Aden. “Jacob who?”

“I don’t know I just met the guy....geez” Belle grumbled. “What’s with you?”

“Nothing...I’ve got to go.....I’ll see you later” Belle left. “Well that was strange...is everything alright between you two” Irene asked, she couldn’t help but notice the tension between them. “Yeah...I guess”

Comments :wub:

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