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    A Home & Away fan (is that too obvious??!) and I like Neighbours too! Aussie soaps rule!<br /><br />Loves to watch DVDs (horror, mystery, drama etc), read books and is interested in photography and painting. <br /><br />Loves to write stories, so you probably will find me buried in the Fan Fic section! :-)

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope that wherever you are that you are ok and have a fab day! Love Tele x

  2. I know... I was really missing you... Even when you just lurk in the background... Don't leave again.. right... ok?? Tele xx

  3. Hi there...sorry I haven't been around a long time! Been busy with a lot of stuff in RL! It looks like I need to catch up a lot with some stories on here! arghhhh! lol

  4. Still totally missing you!! Where are you? Hope you are ok!



  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!

    Love Tele


    PS When am I going to spot you lurking again? I miss you!

  6. Awww...that was just a lovely scene between Ella & Roman! Great update!
  7. In a small way, I wish Ella was there to overhear what Roman said to Irene, only then I think she might begin to understand a little better about what Roman has been through. I mean, I can understand where Ella's coming from, being angry that Roman wasn't there for her and the family in the past year but at the same time, she has to see Roman's point of view and why he felt he had to do this. Both are not to be blamed for this and they need to stop blaming each other and work together to get through this. A great update, Tele, as always!
  8. Well, since I wasn't really here to begin with, I can't be banned, can I? Oh and I like lurking in this dark corner, the light out there is too bright for me! anyway, onto to your amazing [email protected] wow that was an intense conversation between Roman and Ella - I think they needed it! Loved the chess scene - made me smile!
  9. What...forcing me out of lurking?? But..but I wanted to stay in the lurk...*pouts* Seriously, although, I still love this, and will never stop reading even although I might be lurking and not leaving a comment that often! Great updates...I especially loved the chapters with the children. Awww, Ella's dad is coming home - for good! I wonder what he will say about Roman (or does he know already? : ) (now going back into lurking!)
  10. For some reason, I never got the updates delivered to my inbox... But I'm all caught up and wow..some awesome chapters! Oh, Marilyn is going crazy...I just hope that things will work out eventually and that Nicole will get her baby back!
  11. Grr..... Some people are all want want want....

  12. Well what is your choice? A happy ending or a sequel? ....??

  13. uh huh.. so it was someone else I saw reading was it? erm...

    I just hope you aren't expecting a happy ending!!

  14. Oi! I saw you lurking....

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