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Dying For You To Notice Me (Georgia) - comments


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Aww Nic is so mean in this fic :( Poor Belle :(

Please Aden just dump Nicole!

I really loved that chapter, it was great how you showed Belle's image of herself and her feelings. At least Aden is trying to be nice, unlike Nicole. Bad memories of high school flood back reading this, but I can really empathise with Belle, so I still love this fic.

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So I read the first chapter then I didnt come back..... :unsure:

So just read the last 4 chapters and......wow. They are amazingly written, you are such a talented writer. You write emotion's and everything so well.

Funny how Nicole kept getting Belle's name wrong and man she is such a meanie in this!

Hope you update soon. :)

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At least Belle's having the strength to resist.Nicole's princess behaviour sort of made me smile but unfortunately Belle took it to heart and was genuinely upset and blackmailing her over the job was very out of order.Not sure if she was getting her name wrong on purpose or if she just doesn't care.

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I thought Belle was making progress when she stood up to Nicole instead of cowering away like she usually does but then she had another setback with Aden and it pushed her right back.Definitely not looking too good at the moment.Liked the mini-flashbacks showing us how she got there.

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