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  1. Is there anyone out there? 

  2. ^^ This is neither helpful or constructive. Rules of writing say that a first chapter should introduce us to the story. Stephen King, William Faulkner, Lewis Carroll, and Frank McCourt are just a few of the many authors who have written short chapters proving that great length doesn't necessarily mean good storytelling. QA is correct, however, in that conversations need to be laid out differently, so that would mean you'd have to write your story like this. "Hey love," Irene said happily as she walked into the house with the shopping. "Hey, Irene," Nate replied warmly ge
  3. I like your profile update... looks good! 

    1. pembie


      Thank you had help from a magical online fairly though That has just worked wonders

  4. This story will be finished. A new chapter will be up by the end of the week.
  5. I've only used my laptop and I have to re-enter the passwords all the time.
  6. Other stories? Like 'Remembrance of Time' which is the follow up to this one?
  7. No. This was set in the four year period that occurred between the stories 'The Darkness' and 'Remembrance of Time'. Lily was not born until 'Elliot's Return', the story after 'Remembrance of Time'.
  8. Apologies?? I thought I was going to have to write the chapter myself.... Steve you're up next ...
  9. Zetti assures me that there is an update coming... Like soonish... as in probably this year... Feel free to "encourage" her to get her writing on...
  10. Hey! It's you! ... How are you?

  11. The thing is... if Mark is caught or locked up (or Zetti deals with him) then that would be the end of the story... I'm sure you don't want it to end before you've even got to Chapter 20 do you? I mean I could have Mark caught tomorrow if that is the case....
  12. Story Title: In her Mind's Eye Type of story: Long Fic Main Characters: Roman and Ella, Mike and Danni, Aden & Belle, Nic & Geoff, Gabby & Brett, Toby and Amy-Belle, The children, BTTB rating: A Genre: Drama Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: Will warn at the beginning of each chapter if necessary Summary: Ella has been getting headaches lately. Put down to the stress of what has been happening to her family she ignores the warning signs. When she collapses it turns out that it was a lot more serious then anybody thought and soon she is fighting for her life. Bu
  13. So out of all your guesses which one didn't you mention?
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