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  1. Hi Trudi!! Happy Birthday! :D Hope you have an fantastic day!!!


  2. happy birthday trudi, hope you had an awesome day XD

  3. Hey!

    Happy Birthday!!

    Love Tele


  4. It's thundersnowing... google it, you'll understand!
  5. hey Trudi :)

    Just letting you know I've updated two sides :)

  6. Wow, some amazing chapters I had to catch up on there. Love it. This is getting good. Can't wait for more. All chapters have been extremely well written, you're conveying Belle's and Geoff's views really well. You are very talented. Keep up the good work And I was wondering the same thing Red Ranger
  7. Wow, they were some amazing chapters I needed to catch up on. LOVED THEM!!! This story is just getting better and better. And you, you are really coming into your own as a writer. You're so talented, you just know how to keep us gripped, you really deserve all these reviews, well done. I think you should give yourself a pat on the back for this story, congratulate your mind with something it likes for thinking up this brilliant little gem Can't wait for more
  8. Love it. Belle is like the queen of mood swings... and Geoff is the king of awkward conversations. Can't wait for more
  9. Awesome, glad she had a good first day at work, well til Nicole came along and blew everything up pretty much. Can't wait for more. Loving this
  10. Can't wait to see what happens next, you have offically got me hooked! This is awesome! I don't like Belle's own view of herself, but I understand where it comes from, so I feel for her. And I'm glad she seems to have (for this moment in time at least) found a new lust for life. But my guess is things aren't going to be as simple as she thinks they going to be. Being close to Aden for longer periods of time is just going to screw her up even more isn't it? Dammit! She should just shot Nicole, then she can have him to herself. (Just to point out I don't actually want Nicole to d
  11. Oooooh, it's getting interesting. And Belle and Geoff are heating up. I like it! Can't wait for more. It's awesome, I'm hooked!
  12. Wow, that was awesome. I really really liked it. Nicole really did sum it all up well, I like how it was left open ended though. But I liked it, I can just imagine Nicole rockclimbing in high heels, so that bit made me giggle. You are very talented, keep up the good work
  13. Hey Trudi,

    Thanks for the comment on my fic :D

    It was really sweet, and made my day.

    Georgia. xx

  14. Oooh, interesting idea. Can't wait to read more. Love it
  15. I love it. It's very emotionally difficult subject to write about, but you're doing it extremely well. Keep up the good work, can't wait to read more
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