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Dying For You To Notice Me (Georgia) - comments


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Can't wait to see what happens next, you have offically got me hooked!

This is awesome! :D

I don't like Belle's own view of herself, but I understand where it comes from, so I feel for her. And I'm glad she seems to have (for this moment in time at least) found a new lust for life. But my guess is things aren't going to be as simple as she thinks they going to be. Being close to Aden for longer periods of time is just going to screw her up even more isn't it? Dammit! She should just shot Nicole, then she can have him to herself. :D

(Just to point out I don't actually want Nicole to die! Because that would be mean!)

Can't wait for more, you are talented my dear, very much so.

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Awwwww Belle, that was really good G, I could feel Belle's pain. Poor girl. She just wants to be loved by Aden, she wants to be accepted. She's such a shy, lacking cofidence in this fic. I really feel for her.

I'm glad Aden at least made an effort to ask how Belle was, that was sweet. Although he didn't know who Belle was! Shame on you Aden lol.

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