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H&A Fantasy League

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Ok my suggestion is as follows:

Starting a H&A Fantasy League

At the beginning of next year we publish a list of characters and every one has to choose a list of ten people. For everything that happens to them over the next year they score points and whoever has the most points wins....

For example:

Pregnancy scare 15 points

New relationship 15 points

Love triangle 25 points.

Getting a stalker 15 points.

Getting "bashed" 25 points

Hospital stay 25 points

Getting arrested 15 points

Going on trial 25 points

Going to jail 50 points

Getting Engaged 15 points

Getting married 25 points

Something happening at the wedding 50 points

Having a baby 25 points

Leaving 50 points

(with bouns points depending on how they leave.)

Death 25 points

Going to the city 15 points

moving to stay with relatives 15 points


When new people come into the show you can buy the extra person for points. You can only do one purchase once a month.

If you character has left you will be able to choose a new character to add to your list, however you cannot add previous points that the character has amassed ie they start at zero when you select them.

You must also choose one longstanding character such as Alf, Colleen, Irene or Leah.

Well what do you think?


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