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    home and away, anything australian. kate ritchie. nova 96.9.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a good day! Tele


  2. Bottle of pear cider, tobacco and a fruit salad from boots for my lunch
  3. Happy Birthday

    Hope you have a good day!



  4. OMG! Leah and Brad! When Rachel finds out it's sure going to be interesting Loved the Tachel stuff
  5. Ooo sounds good, can't wait! xD hope you had a good time in Ghana Kirsty!
  6. You aren't the only one! I keep watching it, but skipping past the Belle and Aden parts. Harry's just so cute and so were Tony and Rachel when they were cooing over Harry Love it!
  7. Harry has to be the cutest baby going round! Tachel were so cute when they were cooing over Harry
  8. I can't wait to see the episode! Baby Tachel! About time! lol!
  9. Loved the chapter Kirsty! I personally think that as Brad has come back, you should bring Sally back! Just a suggestion! Lol!
  10. Same here, Ive got 3 months to amuse myself! Its a tough job! xx

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