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Home and Away: The Early Years

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(Friday, October 23, 2009) Channel Seven today unveiled its eagerly anticipated free-to-air digital channel 7TWO, a broad entertainment channel set to bolster Seven’s leadership in the Australian television market.

7TWO is more of what audiences love about Seven. More drama, more lifestyle, more reality, more comedy, more movies . . . more first class entertainment, free for everyone.

The new channel will launch on Sunday, November 1, 2009 at 12noon on Channel 72.

Channel Seven’s Director of Programming and Production Tim Worner said 7TWO was created as a natural extension of Seven’s successful primary channel and would only increase Seven’s strong audience appeal.

“I am pleased to announce that 7TWO will be the new home for premiere episodes of our international hits including J.J Abrams’ Lost, Ugly Betty, Heroes and 24,” said Worner.

“We’ve been strategic in putting together a program schedule for 7TWO that allows us to grow our audience between our two channels, without sacrificing one for the other. It is a complementary relationship that will go from strength to strength maximising the opportunities for our audience and clients.”

Iconic programs including mob hit The Sopranos, much loved drama Six Feet Under and groundbreaking comedy Murphy Brown will screen on the channel alongside new, primetime episodes of The Jay Leno Show, five nights a week.

7TWO will feature the very best of British television from traditional, tried and true favourites A Touch of Frost, Prime Suspect, Judge John Deed, Rosemary & Thyme and Minder to premiere episodes of motoring hit Fifth Gear, Heartbeat, Holby Blue, Benidorm, Gavin & Stacey and Britain’s Best Dish.

Additional themed nights of programming include Action & Adventure, Lifestyle and Movies with the latter featuring an extensive catalogue of family titles from Disney’s studios.

Handpicked cooking programs from the world’s top chefs including Jamie Oliver, Curtis Stone, Rick Stein, Ainsley Harriott and Gary Rhodes will also feature on Monday to Friday afternoons.

A broad mix of new and classic programs - including Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Shortland Street, The Martha Stewart Show, Home and Away: The Early Years, Sons and Daughters, Magnum PI and Moonlighting - complete the channel’s daytime schedule.

Channel Seven also announced popular television presenter Tom Williams as the face of 7TWO.

With Channel Seven since 2001, Williams has reported for The Great Outdoors, the Torino and Beijing Olympics and co-hosted Gladiators. In 2005, he was crowned Series 2 champion of Dancing with the Stars.

Williams says 7TWO will have “something for everyone” catering to a range of TV tastes “from the weekend rev-head to the aspiring chef.”

“What I love about 7TWO is the great mix of the new and classic. I’m a big Leno fan so it will be great to be able catch that on a daily basis. And I can’t wait to see how the last season of Lost unravels.

“It’s fair to say I’ll be booking in some extra time on the couch. I can’t wait for it all to kick off.”

7TWO is part of Australia’s Freeview digital television service. To watch 7TWO, tune into channel 72 on a high definition digital television or on an analogue or standard definition digital television connected to a high definition set top box.

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Awww, it takes the mick that Australia gets it but not us. I wish I was living in Australia at the moment, I'd record and archive all the episodes.

This is a great chance for you aussie viewers to record and keep the early years, don't waste such a fantastic opportunity!!!!!

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Hm... wonders how long it'll last..

Look what happened to us UK viewers...

We just get into it, then it was taken away from us.

That was my initial reaction, just going off past performance - they seem to do it with every show they repeat in the past - however, I do feel there is a greater chance they will continue as it is a 2nd digital only channel and seems to be made up of repeat shows or older classics! ABC 2 showed Something In the Air from start to finish at prime time, so there is hope!

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Will this site have "spoilers", well dont spoilers but a preview section to H&A: The Early Years storylines. ie like what we have for the new episodes eg. (Week 42 Spoiler)

Tuesday 3rd November Pilot Episode:

The story of the Fletcher family from the very beginning. Tom and Pippa Fletcher and their five foster children move to a run-down caravan park in Summer Bay.

Wednesday 4th November Episode 0001

Frank's clash with Fisher threatens to make school-life difficult for the Fletcher kids.

Thursday 5th November Episode 0002

Bobby and Fisher lock horns over her decision to re-enrol at school. Meanwhile, Martin bungles his attempts to impress Carly.

Friday 6th November Episode 0003

Things to not go smoothly for the Fletcher Kids on their first day at school. Meanwhile, Bobby and Carly's harmless revenge on Lance and Martin has disastrous consequences.

Even though I have seen these episodes when they aired back in 1999, at 11am (which I taped everyday and watched after school), I am a huge H&A fan, and will be recording them each day as I will not be home at 9:30am to watch them.

Probably a note to Channel 7 is you maybe should have chosen a 4:30pm timeslot for these episodes, because I don't think having them in competition with Seven's 4.30 would make to much difference and its giving people an alternative to 4:30 news on both seven and nine, kids stuff on abc and bold on ten. (Also 4:30pm was the Early Years timeslot in 2001)

But in the end it doesn't matter what time it is on for me, because i have a dual dvd hard drive recorder. LOL

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