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Bec, I've seen a lot people liking Stefan and Caroline so you are definitely not alone.

At the point that we are up to in NZ I'm definitely loving Damon and Elena. I've never liked couples that were there from the beginning and get no build up and for me that's SE. DE's chemistry is amazing and I get the vibe that something more is building up with them.

Other than them, I love Caroline and Matt&Caroline (even though I know where they've headed in the US).

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oh yay Im glad im not the only one!

OMG... has anyone else seen the newest ep of TVD... its TDF... seriously... Stefan/Katherine have some serious chemistry... and that Dream Stefan had of Delena was so... REAL :wub:

OMG is right Bec!!

I have fallen in love!! :wub:

Never in a million years did I expect to let alone like Stefan&Katherine but actually want them. I have always thought she was incapable of loving anyone but herself but its so nice seeing her love him so much after all these years, and to see how he loved her back then :o . I actually felt so sorry for Katherine :(

I am now officially shipping Stefan with Elena,Caroline AND Katherine! what is wrong with me ? :lol:

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It's no secret that a large contingent of very vocal "The Vampire Diaries" fans are rooting for Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) to finally get together.

While Damon has admitted his feelings for Elena, she's not exactly his biggest fan at the moment. After all, in the season premiere, he snapped her little brother's neck - which can be kind of a mood killer for a girl.

I was on the scene at New York Comic-Con to chat with executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson about the future of the duo that a veritable army of Twitter fans refer to as "Delena."

They definitely hear you guys. Plec loves reading fans' tweets, recaps, and reviews about each episode. "One of the greatest things about this experience is that our fan base is very vocal," she says. "The community runs very deep, and they're very very supportive, and that's good."

She admits that occasionally, she has to force herself to take a step away from the computer. "All these girls are like 'Damon and Elena forever! Delena! Ahh! Oh, nothing on the show is working except for Damon and Elena!' and then you take a step back and you're like wait, no, stay off Twitter. "

Williamson finds the Delena fascination intriguing. "It's so interesting. Why? Do they really want them together? Or do they just want to want them together?" he says.

The neck-snapping incident that drove a wedge between the two former friends was arguably the most shocking moment we've seen yet in a series that surprises me in every act. Plec says that she and Williamson were having lunch when he pitched her the idea, and she gasped out loud. "My jaw fell on the floor," she recalls. "That is the most messed up, twisted, ridiculous, horrible thing, that is awesome. And if I'm having a reaction, as someone who's heard everything, and I lose my mind over it - it blew my mind."

It blew Elena's, too, and Damon won't have an easy time redeeming himself.

"He screwed up," Williamson says bluntly. "I'm sorry, everyone loves Damon, but he's not worthy of her, yet, in my opinion. Yet. And that's why we have a show! We can go episode to episode and build toward all sorts of romance and love, and we've got a long way to go."

Largely due to Ian Somerhalder's inherent charm and Damon's sharp one-liners that add edge and intrigue to every script, the fans are willing to forgive his character almost anything. "This is such an unpopular opinion," Plec says cautiously, "but I really feel strongly about everybody's willingness to love Damon no matter what he does. I love Damon. Who doesn't love Damon? But if everybody loves him no matter what he does, then how does what he does have impact? How is there anything profound about your anti-hero or your villain?"

The strong reaction to the season premiere from Damon's fans was exactly what the writers were looking for. "So for him to do something that seriously hardcore, I knew people were going to be upset about it, and it's upsetting, but I felt like it was really important for Damon's character, when all was said and done."

Don't get discouraged, Delena 'shippers. Damon's road to redemption is going to be long and rocky and probably littered with death and bloodshed -- not to mention, there's that whole Stefan thing in the way -- but it'll only make the payoff all the more epic.

"That's the journey," Williamson says. "I don't just want to throw them together tomorrow. I'd be sad. I want to see the kiss, I want to see the sweaty palms, I want to see it all go down."

'The Vampire Diaries' Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec: Is Damon worthy of Elena?

I thought that this is interesting. DE will happen but they need time which I think will make them all the better when they do actually happen.

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"Game on!" - It certainly is Katherine. I didn't think this was going to be back until after the new year but I have to say the first two episodes have been excellent. The very first episode although anti-climatic was very eventful. I really enjoyed the whole role Katherine played - the attempted manipulation of the Salvatore brothers, she and Bonnie's first meeting and as I first mentioned above killing Caroline. I'm not sure when Katherine's coming back but the thing I'm most looking forward to is her first meeting with Eleana and possibly an explanation as to why they are identical in appearance (If Katherine's a relative of Eleana then she must be a relative of Isobel). As evil as Katherine is I was glad about what she did to John. He killed Anna so I wanted him gone but presumably unless I missed something Katherine didn't want to kill him (if she did he would be dead).

What the hell's happened to Alaric? He was there during the season finale but I haven't seen him since and thought he was a very welcome addition. As I mentioned before I actually quite liked the double act with Damon.

I started off hating Damon at the beginning of the first season then as it progressed warmed to him but I'm back to hating him at the moment. Obviously because he was rejected by both Katherine and Eleana in favour of Stefan he couldn't handle it so decided to take it out on someone completely innocent. I don't care what they said I don't think he saw the ring Jeremy was wearing. He would have been too annoyed to have even thought about that. There was also the way he was prepared to kill Caroline again back to being cold-blooded but I guess I'm going to be constantly hot and cold with him. When Bonnie was about to burn him you could argue that he didn't deserve to die for Caroline being turned into a vampire but he did for what he did to Jeremy and trying to kill Caroline in the first place.

I absolutely loved the second episode in particular the way the emphasis was on Caroline and the transition to a vampire and how she gradually started to notice things were different and developed abilities i.e. compelling the nurse to keep quite after biting her and sucking the blood from her neck (how did she do that without killing her?). Loved the meeting with Damon and her "You suck" line. I felt really bad for her after she killed that guy and Damon told her he was going to kill her. I'm glad Stefan stopped him but we saw this with Vicki last season and it's not going to end well. I really hope she doesn't die (well I suppose she already is dead). Last season I thought she was a bit of a snob and looked down on people but you can see she is essentially a good person. I thought Stefan was really sweet with her and so gentle and I really enjoyed the interaction. I think it's a very interesting direction for the writers to take Caroline's character simply because her mother is so determined to hunt all the vampires down and protect the town you wonder if invariably she's going to be faced with a decision to kill her daughter.

It's also funny how the writers have switched roles with Stefan and Damon. They made Damon bad then he started to turn good. Stefan was good then they started to explore a darker side to his nature but now they switched them back again within a couple of episodes so Damon's bad and Stefan's darker side had vanished.

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I read today that there is going to be a death of a pretty big characetr later on in the season. And not just a 'die and become vampire' or a 'die and get brought by that fancy ring or whatever'. It's going to be a 'dead and your dead' death and that characters gone for good! No idea's as to who it will be yet though.

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I read today that there is going to be a death of a pretty big characetr later on in the season. And not just a 'die and become vampire' or a 'die and get brought by that fancy ring or whatever'. It's going to be a 'dead and your dead' death and that characters gone for good! No idea's as to who it will be yet though.

Yeah I read that earlier!!

I'm thinking most definitely either

Matt or Caroline

:( :(

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I was pretty certain that it could be Matt to start with, but now I am thinking Mason, he is only a guest star so far so I think he could be pretty high up on the list of people they could kill off, damon already wants to get rid of mason and I think he would want to now even more since he revealed their secret to the sheriff. I think that it could end up being Tyler being the one to kill him and by killing him he would trigger the curse.

Also after reading this today

Speaking of Matt, Mr. Clueless might get clued into the town's weirdness soon.

Williamson offers, "I think eventually he'll get highly suspicious of everything going on around him and it will be interesting to watch whether or not someone is going to come clean to him or not ... and it might not be who you expect."

Matt Donovan and Caroline Forbes' love might not be doomed.

This Mystic Falls couple is fresh off a bad breakup (she had to do it since she's a vamp and can't tell him) and now Matt's (Zach Roerig) nursing a broken, and confused, heart. But Williamson teases their connection is far from over yet.


I think he might be sticking around for quite a while yet, If he does find out about all the weird things going on I think it would give the writers even more opportunites for his character. I think Caroline is also safe for a little while longer.

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