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  1. I love Jodi Picoult!! She's like my favourite author!

    We do seem to have a lot more in common than we thought :) xx

  2. Msn wont let me reply to your message :(

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    For everyone that watches at US pace I found this article online. Link to article *edit* The link should now work.
  4. Slade, the answer to your question about is answered here : I too love season 3.
  5. My day has been okay so far. Going out soon so hopefully that will begood. xx

  6. I cant send you a message on msn for some reason :(

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    I loved Mark Salling singing Only the good die young. I think he is definatly underused and should sing more songs solo or at least lead on more songs.
  8. Thank you for the birthday message Kevin, aww I would love Jensen in just a ribbon, the image will just have to do. xxxx

  9. Thank You for the Birthday message, have had a great day so far xx

  10. Chapter 42 I really loved this chapter. I love the scene with Angelo,Charlie and Shelly. I loved Charlies reactions to everything that Shelly was saying and Im glad that Angelo stopped Charlie from slapping Shelly even though she deserves it, least Ruby managed to get the slap in last time. I feel really sorry for Charlie at the moment, everything was finally looking up for them and then Shelly returns and with bad news. Everything just seems to be going wrong but I dont blame Charlie for throwing Angelo out. I loved that Ava and Ben were worried about Charlie and that Ava thought to phone Ruby to get her to help. That was so cute Ava and Ben working together to get the phone. I really loved the end with Ruby and Charlie. Chapter 43 I really loved this chapter.I loved everything that Ruby said to Charlie. I love that Ruby knows Charlie well enough to be able to talk to her like that and know how to get her to open up about what she is feeling and thinking. I loved the bit with Charlie putting High School Musical on as a way to try and get Ava to talk to her again. Ava was so cute when she asked to rewind it back. Ooh Morag didnt react too nicely to the news. Not that Im surprised about that but Charlie really doesnt need Morag yelling at her and telling her she is stupid. Chapter 44 I loved this chapter. Poor Ava being teased by everyone about a boyfriend that she doesnt have. I loved her telling Angelo that he told her she had to wait till she was 21. I loved that Angelo was trying to make an effort with Charlie even though she is not ready to talk yet. Ruby's surfing lesson was really good. I loved the way you wrote that. Seems Ruby might be a natural at it. I like that Jay is taking an interest in Ruby's family life and that Ruby was able to confide in him about what was happening at home. Im really intruiged about the text message, who's it from and what its about. Aww they kissed and Ruby was happy about it. I really like this pairing. Cant wait till your next update
  11. Cant believe I never commented on the last chapter before this one. Chapter 40 I really liked this chapter. I loved that Charlie was didnt really want to leave when it was time to go. I really liked the talk she had with Angelo about spending time together just the two of them. I thought it was great that Angelo and Charlie discussed where things went wrong and how it lead to him cheating. Glad Angelo and Charlie seemed to have agreed on spending a certain amount of time just the two of them during the week so they dont lose themselves again. I really love Ava, she is so in tune to everything around her. Nothing gets past her. I like the way you handled Charlie and Angelo telling the kids about what they had decided. Bless Ben asking if he could go play when asked if he understood. Chapter 41 You write Ruby and Charlie scenes so well. They really do come across as mother and daughter. I like that they always talk about whats on their mind and how Ruby doesnt hold back with Charlie. The little bit about Morag has me intriuged, where has she been disappearing of to and why. I feel as though a duh duh dunn needs to be added there are the end. Great cliffhanger Danni. I really liked this scene. I loved the way Charlie reacted to everything Shelly said but also the way she came to realise that what Shelly was saying were true about her never being able to fully trust him and how she will always be wondering. Cant wait till your next update
  12. Aww this chapter was perfect, it was so sweet. I loved that angelo had something special planned for her despite what happened and Im glad that Charlie agreed to go along with it. I really like that they are now having conversations between themselves which no longer seem strained. What a lovely gesture for angelo to have some non-alcoholic champagne and that he didnt drink anything alcoholic himself. Poor angelo still worrying about his closeness with Ava, im glad Charlie managed to reasure him a little bit about that situation. Oh wow Angelo set it up for them to have the same meal as their wedding day, that was really nice of him to do so. I liked that Charlie was surprised that he had remembered. I also really liked that Charlie reasured him that he would always be in the babies life no matter what. I love Angelo nicknaming the baby peanut it does seem appropriate. Cant wait till your next update
  13. I really liked this chapter. Aww Poor charlie getting sick especially whilst having a meal with Angelo. It was really nice of Angelo having his meal taken away so that Charlie didnt get even sicker. I like that the tea that Angelo bought for Charlie is working. Aww it was really nice that Angelo said he would stay at home with the baby so that Charlie could return to work like she wants to. I really like that they seem to be able to have a casual conversation and I liked them discussing baby names. I like Angelos reasoning for wanting another boy and Ruby as his own. Looking forward to seeing what Angelo has planned. I really liked Ava and Ben questioning Jay about his family and his background and that he didnt seem to be put off by it. Im glad that Ruby has someone she can hang around with and Im really glad that he is understanding of her having a child and been very family orientated. Looking forward to seeing Ruby tackle a surfing lesson. Looking forward to your next update
  14. I really liked that first scene with Angelo and Charlie. I thought it was really sweet of Angelo to go out and get Charlie some peanut butter at 4am. Bless him not knowing which she liked so getting both kinds. I really liked that part where she started thinking of her baby, very nicely written. I really liked the scene with Ruby,Jay,Ava,Ben and Callum. Poor Ben for being on the naughty step. I really like Jay and I liked the way he was with the kids. I think he could be really good for Ruby. Poor Ben still wetting the bed and Charlie worrying something was wrong when she found out Ruby called. Poor Charlie not wanting anyone to see her burns and then thinking Angelo was only being nice to get in her good books again. Looking forward to your next update
  15. Aww I really liked this chapter. I really do like the relationship that you have created between Ruby and Charlie. I like that they talk to each other about everything and that they are always giving each other advice. I like that Ruby is often the voice of reason and often makes charlie see things from a different angle. Aww Ruby likes Jay but isnt ready for a relationship yet. I like that Charlie and Angelo have talked through some things and are looking to move past everything. I really liked what they said to each other during the conversation. Im glad Charlie is able to forgive him and I really hope he is able to gain her trust again. They still have a lot to work through but they have definatly made the first step. Looking forward to you next update
  16. Awww, I really loved this chapter. I really liked that Martha and Charlie talked. Everything Martha said was perfect, and I liked that it came from Martha even more. Im glad that she told Charlie about about Ava being upset and I liked that Charlie thought that the children blamed her and that Martha was able to prove that Ava didnt think that. I really liked the Jay/Ruby date.I liked that they were telling each other about their lives and how they came to the bay. Poor Ruby getting upset over Xavier and his killer not being found. Looking forward to you next update
  17. Aww I really liked this Chapter. Bless Ava pretending to be sick so she could get Charlie and Angelo talking. Like Charlie said she is pretty smart and her plan worked. Trust Angelo not to be able to tell she was faking it though. Aww at angelo sleeping on the couch, glad it didnt turn into an arguement though. Haha charlie is craving peanut butter. Im glad that they were able to have a normal conversation its a start. Bless Ben having a nightmare and then wetting the bed. I really liked your conversation between Angelo, Charlie and Ava, I really liked what they said to her and how they explained what was happening. Must be hard for her when she picks thing up all the time and not knowing whats fully going on. Im glad Charlie has agreed to go away with Angelo to talk more about whats going on looking forward to your next update
  18. Another great chapter. I loved the beginning with Ava not wanting to play with Sophie and Olivia any more and taking refuge under the bed crying. I thought the little bit with Martha and Ava under the ned was so cute. Poor Ava seeing her mum upset and not wanting to upset her even more by asking questions. Aww it was sweet of Angelo to get Charlie some ginger tea. Poor Ava knowing things are not right between her parents but not knowing everything and still clinging onto hope that they will all live together again. I really liked the arguement between Angelo and Charlie. Charlie was right he shouldnt have made her that promise knowing there was a good chance of it never happening again. Im glad that Charlie refused to talk to him and put the children first. Looking forward to your next update
  19. Yeah, I got msn, Have you?


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