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I love this show. It's definitely one of my favourites, and it has been since it started.

I adore Stefan and Elena. Their just so great, and beautiful, and all that wonderful stuff put together makes them perfect to me.

I do like Damon, he's so mysterious and sexy. I just don't really like the romantic side of things with Elena. I enjoy the friendship they have, but that's all I love about them. I hated him at one point, when

he killed Lexie! I loved her.

I don't really understand how some people think Stefan's boring. Just because he doesn't kill people, and feed on people, they find him dull. He can be vicious, for example

when he had that major break down/got addicted to human blood again, and feed on that girl. All that lying and angriness he had in him was exciting. I don't see how that is boring.

I love Alaric, he is daring, protective and so, sexy. I adore the relationship he has with Jenna. And, Damon.

I can't wait for season 2 to start in less then a month :D

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I'm hooked... I really dont go much on Stefan... he seems to treat Elena like a piece of property half the time hehe! my heart is breaking for my Damon... getting rejected by both Katherine and Elena... :( i'm really hoping for some Delena love this season... preferably both sided... but even just one sided will do... the first episode of season two was AH-MA-ZING! no words could describe the amazing-ness of that episode

Episode two was great... but it was all about boring old Stefan being to total boring good guy he is <_< is it weird to kinda want Stefan/Caroline after seeing them in that episode? I still want Matt/Caroline though because they are cute! hmmmmmm Bonnie is just :unsure:

cant wait to see where it goes!

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