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I am like, a massive Stelena fan & I love them too much for them to break up or whatever.

But, oh my gosh, recently, I was thinking of Katherine & Stefan!

How amazing would they actually be together.

I must admit, I hated myself after that thought but I suppose they would be good together.

But I still prefer Stelena :wink:

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Felt sorry for Caroline. I know she knew about Mason and lied to Tyler but it was for his own good and she was there to support him when nobody else was so she didn't deserve that. I am a bit disappointed about Tyler now as I quite liked him and hope he does return at some point. So glad that Bonnie's had her powers taken away. I know she's on the side of good but personally I can't stand her. Interesting that Alaric sees Damon as a friend. Personally I wouldn't trust Damon as far as I could throw him. He still shows when things aren't going his way he's prepared to take it out on innocent people. Really not happy John's back. I haven't forgotten how he killed Anna. Still Damon's going to be after him now so it's good in that sense. Katherine's free. I have to say I really enjoyed that scene in the shower, the way Damon just paused before asking her how she escaped. Looking forward to seeing what havoc she causes...

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Just me, again. :P

O. M. F. G. Elena kissed Damon. :o

And, and, and Vicki's back! :D Wether it's just part of Jeremy's mind but Bonnie did something good for once. I find it funny that it took Jeremy such a long time to keep a girlfriend and now he's got 3. :lol:

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I must admit, I feel a lot better about having feelings for both Stefan & Damon, after Katherine has said: It's alright to love them both, I did.

It makes me realise that I am entitled to love them both :wink:

I am with you there, I am big Stelena fan, always have been but I do love the 'idea' of Delena. I don't know why.. :lol:

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