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  1. I know, only less then one month more till Season Two ! I really can't wait. There's all these previews out now too, for Season Two and lots of spoilers !!!
  2. Wow I love those icons, amazing colouring
  3. Wow I love those icons, amazing colouring
  4. Yes, that scene between Elena and Damon, was really amazing ! It's going to be sad when season one finishes, because I will have to wait months before the next season comes out .
  5. Wow I love all of them, I love the colouring
  6. They are both cute, the actors names are : Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley
  7. I know what you mean, every episode I have loved, and I can re watch them with out getting bored. I love how many twists and turns there are in the story, and something always suprises me in each episode !
  8. Thanks for joining Zetti ! Also if anyone wants to help me with my forum, please PM me here or on my forum. I would love some help to kept it updated !
  9. I second that, your work is amazing. You should totally write a tutorial !
  10. OMG, I loved the last episode of VD ! Also, I have made a fan site for this show. So please join ! http://z7.invisionfree.com/Mystic_Grill/index.php?act=idx It's still in the making, but please join.
  11. wow i love them all. i love the colouring i love the editing i love the 3rd icon fab work
  12. Wow I love the update ! I love the 3rd icon ! It's perfect ! The colouring and editing is great
  13. I love the Leah icon ! You can always resize the textures, to make them 120x120
  14. I might be really dumb, but what does TWIP stand for ?
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