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Saddest Death

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Saddest Death  

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Belle's first as she was my favourite...well Adelle was my ultimate favourite but I loved both Aden and Belle separately too!

Jack...2nd - his death was totally unexpected and nearly broke my heart!! I love Jack so much!!! He was the best good-guy cop ever!!

Dan...3rd - because I loved Dan too and Leah was so heartbroken after he died!

Flynn...4th because well its Flynn! Hw could you not have shed a tear when he died..?


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I hate polls like this !!

The voters are ALWAYS biased and it just annoys me . Like this poll is about "the saddest death" not "favourite character that died" poll <_< . People wil always vote for their favourites.

I voted for Jack's (not because he was my favourite character) because his death was just so unexpected. The aftermath of Jack's death was sooo realistic , I thought both Martha's and Tony's grief was written superbly.

My 2nd choice would have been Flynns definitely. I thought this storyline was amazing. Particularly because of Kates performances as Sally, in the lead up to Flynns death and the grieving widow , whoch she also played tremendously.

Noah's death would be next on my list , followed by Beth then Belle.

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Personally I was very upset when Noah died, and like wise when Jack died, but I didn't find the actual episodes all that sad.

Belle's death and Flynns were far sadder on screen. Belle's especially as there were so many other people involved and they all did so well. The episodes before and after her death were all very emotional and I will admit I cried a few times, and I didn't even like her that much.

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The saddest for me, was Belle's - not just because I really liked this character, but because it's had scenes that I still haven't watched straight through without stopping to pause at times, so that i didn't cry :P

Second would definitely be Jack's. The way Tony cradled his body, and was all "Jackie, Jackie" was just heartbreaking :(

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