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Melrose Place 2.0

Guest Nathan.

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I'd have to agree, if only because we seem to have a certain destination in mind for season's end (a.k.a: who killed Sydney). I have a feeling they're trying to fool us with who the murderer is...

I don't think it's Augie, even if they did show him getting rid of bloody clothes

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Watched the first episode as I did quite enjoy the original Melrose place. I think it’s a bit early to make an informed judgment of some of the characters but I’m not happy Stephanie Jacobsen is in it. Wasn’t a fan of her character on Home and Away, hated her character on Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles and don’t particularly rate the actress.

Glad Kate Cassidy’s featuring though. I’m becoming quite a fan of hers. Liked both her characters in Supernatural and Harpers Island. Not sure if her character is meant to very likeable. First impressions were Sydney was brutally murdered and she didn’t seem to have one iota of sympathy for her but obviously we’re going to find out more about their relationship and why she seemed to dislike her so much.

I was surprised (and pleased) that Michael Mancini was in it. He was one of my favourite characters from the original Melrose place although he seems to have calmed down.

The more notable characters were the guy with the camera and his girlfriend now fiancé (can’t recall either of their names). I remember the actress as the cop who dated Ryan from the first season of 90210. I really hope they don’t turn out to be like Billie and Alison. Man they were cretins.

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I find I’m disliking Lauren more and more. I know the guy paid for her company and he was asking for trouble but I just hated the way she was so cold and dismissive. I’m really liking Ella’s character and think Kate Cassidy’s taken to the role quite well. Again the character isn’t very likeable although I do think she is quite fond of Jonah. I’m still unsure whether she likes him in that way though as the first episode seemed to indicate she preferred same sex relationships although she could be bi. There were at least three occasions in that episode where she tried to blackmail someone so she’s a person who’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. The difference between her and Lauren is that Ella’s openly being portrayed to be a b*tch whereas Lauren is just a b*tch but is made out to be the kind doctor struggling to pay for medical school.

It’s such a shame that Sydney was killed off (why couldn’t Lauren have been the one to go instead?) as I find I’m loving her character even though we’ve only seem her through flashbacks. I’ve really enjoyed the whole dynamic and the fact she is the main focal point. I’m hoping that we continue to get flashbacks throughout the duration of the series. Every episode we find out more and more about her and her relationship with all the other residents of Melrose place. That girl is her daughter I know she is. Sydney’s denial practically gave it away. Her daughter does seem slightly unhinged though.

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