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  1. I agree with this.I remember there was a scene just before Ruby went into rehab where she and Charlie were talking on the beach and hugged and I thought "If she's ever going to call her 'Mum', it should have been there." It's hard to tell what's been planned in advance and what only makes sense in retrospect but it seems like they spent most of 2009 semi-avoiding each other, getting on okay but not really dealing with the issue.The last few weeks of the year it did seem like Ruby in particular wanted to deal with the new situation and become a family so I'm hoping they'll continue that way next year and we'll see them reach the point where Ruby can call her "Mum".I hope that's what happens but I'm afraid there's just as much chance that they either won't bother or they'll turn what should be an important development into a meaningless throwaway remark that they don't need to follow up on. Rehab? When was this? Haven't been following much since the Joey/Charlie storyline.. Saw the Ruby/Charlie SL but after that I kinda fell behind
  2. In the movies; Transformers 3 On TV; Miss Undercover 2
  3. South of Nowhere! I've fallen head over heels in love with it! <3 Normally I watch I tv show while reading a fanfic or doing homework or something on the side... But I couldnt do it when watching SON.. I was too caught up in it
  4. Couples Retreat Kristen Bell and Malin Ã…kerman in the same movie
  5. Havent been outside my door since sunday night since I've been sick... But looking out the window I see a lot of snow.. So I guess it's cold outside. Been sleeping with sweatpants on last night, and that's something I normally don't do. So yeah, I would say it's cold outside
  6. Thanks Dan! Looking forward to it!
  7. Arizona Robbins <3 God I love this pairing! Gorgeous icons!
  8. okay so I wanted to write to Esther for an autograph.... anyone from Norway who has written and gotten a fancard who can tell me what I gotta do? ;P
  9. We don't know yet. But I hope she is real. She is a fresh addition to the cast.
  10. I love Rabbit! Have she isnt just a "ghost". Would like her to stay, coz she is awesome
  11. blue jeans, my paramore tshirt and a fleece jacket
  12. gorgeous update! avs 16,17 and 18, what episode is that? (:
  13. love the update. they're fresh. but at the same time a little less fresh ... I'm not sure what even I mean The point is, I love your update. Saved the Ruby one
  14. eeeeh... memory of a goldfish here! Okay, the last movie I remember watching is Fool's Gold... Kate Hudson Shirtless Todd in that one was a bonus.
  15. I'm in love with the Rachel, Harry and Tony avs! They're beautiful!
  16. I love #8 and #9... love how the towel stands out
  17. if we don't get to see a mother&daughter moment after the fire I'm gonna get mad... but I really hope we do...
  18. they're beautiful! Love the "dear diary" one
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