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Melrose Place 2.0

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OK I've just finished watching the first series!! The finale was very good, I am only desperately hoping the show will get a 2nd season but I really don't think it will :( and you don't know how annoyed and upset that makes me feel :( It really is a fantastic show which definitely deserves a chance!

From what I've read online it doesn't sound good for Melrose Place to continue :( :(

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Really, really enjoyed yesterday's episode. Definitely the best episode of the season so far for me. Well as per usual I had no idea who killed Sydney.

So Mancini knew all along. The person I feel sorry for the most is Noah. He now has to grow up without his mother.

I'm glad David followed his gut and did what his dad asked despite being partially responsible for Mancini being incarcerated after the last episode. I'm really liking David at the moment. Initially he was portrayed as playboy/spoilt brat/thief but now we are seeing a much more caring side to him. And again this was apparent with Lauren (even though I didn't really like him leaving his brother like that but I guess he felt he had no choice). I know Lauren even being involved in prostitution is just asking for trouble but it annoyed the hell out of me when that guy said he spiked her drink and didn't seem that sorry about it either.

I felt sorry for Violet, especially after seeing her flashback to when Sydney came to her apartment and told her she was sorry and wanted a relationship with her daughter.

As Vanessa pulled out a gun it was definitely self-defence but even if she hadn't pulled out a loaded weapon in the heat of the moment I still think Violet would have killed her anyway because she took her mother away. Shame as I would have liked to have seen more of Vanessa.

Jonah and Riley...hmmm, ok mixed feelings about the whole thing after last night. Initially I was over the moon when they split up. And I have to agree with Oggie. I don't think they were right for each other and I do feel that Riley didn't want to get married. I also feel they wanted different things and there was the fact that she and Oggie kissed several weeks ago. I was even happier with Jonah and Ella getting it on. I've wanted those two together for a while and think they would make a much better couple than Jonah and Riley. I KNEW Ella was really into him (and she was so faking it when she told Jonah she was sorry he and Riley split up) and this is supported by the fact she had two one-night stands (with the woman in the first episode and David) but didn't want to do that with Jonah because she appears to want a proper relationship. However I have a bad feeling Jonah's going to wake up and regret what happened, feel guilty, go back to Riley, give things another go and leave Ella in the lurch (I don't think he's cheated on Riley because as they split up, technically they are on a break) but I really hope I'm wrong and it is the end of Jonah and Riley but I don't think so.

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Gosh I just love this series. Things happen so fast each episode! At the start everything was more or less like last week, now two couples have split up, another murder, someone at death's door, someone drinking again. A whirlwind of action.

I felt sorry for Noah too, poor little boy. But I don't think Melrose Place is renowned for its realism somehow :lol: ....he'll probably never be seen again.

I like David too now, he was a blank space at the start of the series, now he seems to have a character at last!

Really lost respect for Jonah though, he seemed a decent chap but now has just jumped into bed with Ella :rolleyes:

I think Violet's flashback was her fantasy, I don't think that really happened :huh:

So, was that the last episode of series 1 then?

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So, was that the last episode of series 1 then?

Nope, there are still 5 episodes left :)

All I can say is that the next 5 episodes are a complete whirlwind and I enjoyed every second of it, as I did this entire series. So gutted the ratings are so bad and its almost a certainty its going to be cancelled :(

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At least Jonah came clean with his secret!

I'm glad Auggie and Violet

left driving into the sunset, I feared they were going to get hit by a bus or something. But how did he get his furniture out without Riley noticing LOL

Felt sorry for Ella today. Amanda was a bitch [nothing new there], Jonah deserted her, David has another girlfriend. Ella is alone :huh:

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It's been quite a while since a last posted here but I've still been watching and am still enjoying Melrose place. Not quite as good as 90210 but I'm still tuning in every week.

Firstly a word on Auggie and Violet. If felt a soon as Sydney's murder was solved for me it felt as though Violet's character had effectively run its course so it wasn't too much of a surprise her going. Auggie definitely made the right decision going with her. He was doing himself no favours pining over Riley and that was driving him to drink and revert back to alcoholism. Shame their driving of into the sunset had to be ruined by bad visual effects.

I'm glad Jonah came clean to Riley about what happened. Anyway I'm really liking Jonah and Ella as a couple at the moment and they're so much better than Jonah and boring Riley (although she is hot). I thought Jonah was an idiot tonight and Riley and Ella both had a point. How can Jonah get bent out of shape for Drew and Riley hitting it on when he jumped into bed with Ella the night he and Riley split up?

I felt really sorry for Ella. Amanda is such a b*tch. It's one thing shafting someone out of the job or for personal gain but another when your actions could send that person to jail - Especially when they are completely innocent. Well at least Sydney's sister did make another appearance. I was starting to wonder what the point of her was.

I surprisingly actually felt sorry quite for Lauren too, especially when she delivered the speech about how she was prostituting herself to help pay for medical school. You could tell that really hurt David. A lot more than he let on. I think Lauren was definitely being honest about being in love with him. And I think David loves her too which is why he reacted like that. I still think he could be in deep trouble especially steeling that ring to pay for his fancy restaurant and I'm sure this is going to catch up with him eventually.

Mancini may have come across as a complete a*sehole but I don't think he was deliberately blackmailing Lauren to hurt her. This was all about getting one over on David for fathering what he thought was his kid with Vanessa. I think Mancini was hoping to sleep with her so he could brag to his David about it afterwards.

I wonder what Drew's up to.

Anyway I'm gutted they've decided to cancel it. 90210 ends next week, Flash Forward's ending for good pretty soon and it looks as thought there are only two episodes of Melrose Place left. :( In the US they seem to be a lot more ruthless with shows that that don't perform as well as expected...

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I'm gutted they've canceled it, for a few mixed reasons... They resurrected a great show, only to dump it a year later... They toyed with the old characters and should have just left them how they be, they all now have these "different" endings... But, on the other hand, it was great to see what's been happening with the older characters... I didn't really take to the actual current cast, they weren't as interesting... I guess in the 90's these present storylines would have been "memorable" in the original show, but the fact that a lot of those stories have now been done to death over the last ten or so years, it all just seems predictable or cliche these days... It's a shame. On one hand, the CW toyed with a great classic show, but on the other, it was good to see the ongoing dramas at Melrose.

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