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It was actually quite good to see Ella get blackmailed for a change and someone who actually followed through with it rather than just bluffing. Sidney’s sister looks like she could be quite an interesting character – The landlady from hell. I’m not sure about Ella now. The first episode suggested that she might be gay (even though I wasn’t so sure about that). After her one-night stand it looks as though she is attracted to guys as well. This leads me to wonder whether her interest in Jonah is entirely professional and whether Riley has a point being concerned about how much time Ella’s spending with her fiancée. I’m really not liking David, he’s a character that doesn’t particularly interest me and I feel he is quite clichéd. Still not warming to Lauren although it did annoy me the way the guy she met at the bar tricked her into having sex with him and refused to pay up. I feel a bit sorry for Violet the way everyone acts around her and when her Aunt double-crossed her. She is a bit odd but I do believe the story that she came to Los Angeles to find her mother and I think she just wants to fit in. At least Riley’s being nice to her.

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I think its funny the way Auggie looks like Tom Cruise and David looks like Brad Pitt [when they were younger]!

I can't believe Lauren did that. Even I know that if you're going to do something like that, get the money first!!

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Regarding last week’s episode I really like the way they are writing Violet i.e. in a slightly psychotic manner. She played Mancini perfectly - And to think all this over her dead mother Sydney who she only met several weeks prior to Sydney’s death. I just loved the way she was staring at Mancini obsessively in the bar before pouncing. TBH I think he kind of deserved the blackmailing simply because he has so little regard for his wife. It was unfortunate that David got beaten up but I didn’t feel one bit of sympathy because I just can’t warm to the character. That was a close shave with Lauren and she’s bound to get found out eventually, the question is who’s going to discover she’s been moonlighting as a prostitute.

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