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Melrose Place 2.0

Guest Nathan.

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^Or alternatively you can watch it on Demand Five.

Regarding last week’s episode I actually quite liked the stuff with Ella and Riley initially during the photo shoot. Ella was the last person I was expecting to pay Riley a compliment even though she is hot (and check out that abs). I have to be honest and say I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Ella over the last couple of episodes. For the most part she is portrayed as a person who acts out of self-interest and would do what ever it takes to further her career but when she defended Riley to Jo, that impressed me. The most recent episode she had the perfect opportunity to blackmail Lauren into faking a medical report when she discovered Lauren had been soliciting herself. Instead she decided to go for the damage limitation approach so obviously her friendship with Lauren meant more. Again I was impressed when she told her boss that Lauren wasn’t just a nurse and would make a great doctor and offered to be there as a friend later on. It’s funny when I see Ella with her boss because I remember those two were former lovers on Harper’s Island.

I really liked Jo’s guest appearance and really liked the chat with Riley including the references to her failed relationship with Jake (even though it would have been good to get some sort of reaction to Sydney’s death). I think Jo had a point though. I don’t think Jonah’s holding Riley back but I’m not sure if they’re right for each other. If she’s kissing someone else regardless of whether she was drunk there are problems.

I don’t usually condone violence but Oggie’s boss was an a**ehole so I wasn’t too bothered he knocked the stuffing out of him. It’s a shame he’s lost his job as he was obviously a good chef. I liked Violet sticking by him like that and the way she got her man. At this rate she’s going to be just like her mother although at least Sydney seemed mentally stable in comparison. Still, I think it’s all going to be in vain because I think Oggie’s into Riley so he’s going to wake up and regret what happened. If you think about it, he lost his job for Riley. And I don’t think the feeling’s one way either.

What happened to Sydney ’s sister? I got the impression they were brining her in to stir things up but she seems to have disappeared...

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I thought I would give Melrose Place a go and I am so glad I did, I love it!!

The only reason I'm watching is because I love Katie Cassidy so much :P I was a big fan of her in Harper's Island and its great to see her in a completely different role. I really do like her character Ella (did I see her kissing another girl? Or was I seeing things...) and I love the relationship shes got going with Jonah the cameraguy but I can't make out yet whether she fancies him or shes only doing it to windup his girlfriend(obviously depends on whethere shes a lesbian or not). I've only seen the first 2 episodes so I can't really say much on her character yet only that I love her attitude to life and how she wants to help out others. She may come across as a bit of a bitch but I think shes got a great heart as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing some more of her!

Another character I'm taking really well to is Violet. I really do like the mysteriousness surrounding her character, shes clearly a bit strange but I have yet to see anything too crazy from her yet. One of the best parts from her so far was definitely when she turned up at the restaurant looking for the job for the second time dressed to kill! I really enjoyed that scene.

and another thing - how hot is Auggie ???? Seriously I love everything about him, hes definitely a much sexier version of Tom Cruise and his character is oh so dark and mysterious which makes me love him so much more :P So yeah , all I think about him right now is love :wub:

I hope the guy whos taken over at Ella's work becomes a more permanent fixture because he seems like he could be good as well (I think he played Trish's ex boyfriend Hunter in Harper's Island as well actually!)

Not liking Lauren's prostituting herself so much either! I don't mind the character at all I really like her but its sad to see her degrading herself like this to stay in university! I know and understand the situation shes in as well though therefore I think she has to do whatever she has to do to afford her tuition payments because like she said she worked so much to get as far as she is and she isn't going to throw it all away now. Selling her body propably isn't the right way to go about it but hey desperate times call for desperate measures. I did like the guy she met at the hospital and thought that he was really sweet , I genuinely thought he liked her and was so shocked when he suggested she sleep with him for 5000 dollars. I really like the 2nd guy she went out with as well and I think there may be some unfinished business there.

Not much of a fan of David either although I've not seen much of him yet so he might grow on me yet!

Riley and Jonah are a really sweet couple but there a bit too sweet for my liking at the moment and I'm just waiting for something bad to happen to throw it all up in the air. The rivalry between Riley and Ella is fun to watch at the moment, I'm just wondering where its all going..

Anyway can't wait to watch some more episodes and catch up with the rest of the world :P

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I have to say over the last couple of episodes I've quite liked David. Firstly there was the way he was with his younger brother last week. When he first took him I thought it was some plan to get back at his dad but when I saw them at the fairground together I had doubts. After his younger brother injured himself and he was in hospital you could see how badly David felt. I did like the way Mancini came to see him afterwards and told him he appreciated David spending time with his younger brother. I also liked the stuff with Lauren in the most recent episode (even though I still can't warm to her). It's pretty obvious how David feels about her and I think Lauren likes him too but is reluctant to get involved in a relationship because of her prostitution.

I continue to get impressed by (and like) Ella more and perhaps I misjudged her. This episode showing loyalty to someone that had no qualms about sacking people. Also when Amanda got Ella to phone the school about Riley taking sick leave to do the photo-shoot and Ella refused.

I haven't minded them using some of the original cast of Melrose Place and I think it's been good so far. However I'm really not happy about them bringing Heather Locklear back. And Amanda firing Caleb means she's probably going to feature quite heavily (I hope I'm wrong). I just think it would have been better to just introduce a completely different character. I thought it was going to be Sydney's sister. I'm starting to wonder what the point of her was/is now.

I see Violet took advantage of Auggie's state of mind again and used his isolation as an excuse to sleep with him. In saying that I think it's the lesser of two evils. Better for him to have sex with her than to go back on the wagon.

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Loved yesterday's episode! The sting that Lauren and David pulled on Michael Mancini was brilliant! I'm liking David more and more, he seems much nicer these days.

I'm sure, however that Michael didn't kill Sydney, its way too obvious.

That brother/ boyfriend [Levi?] of Violet is such a mixed up kid, you can see why Violet is like she is. What a terrible childhood they must have had if it made them get together like that, eugh, poor kids.

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Oh no I so can't believe Auggie and Violet are now gone! :( Such a sad ending for both their characters whom I quite liked. I really enjoyed their last episode though.

and what a shocker that Sydney's killer was

Mancini's wife!!

althought it was a bit of a let down.

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Kevin, can you please put more spoilers in, we haven't caught up with Auggie and Violet yet. I think you're ahead of us.

Oh I didn't realise you guys were behind!!

I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to spoil it :( I thought it was common knowledge that Colin Egglesfield and Ashlee Simpson Wentz had been axed from the show anyway!

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